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Murray, Donald, 19 Queen street; house, 41.5 St.
Vincent street.
Murray, Donald, flesher, 61 St. George's place ; ho.
252 Buchanan street.
Murray, Donald, teacher, 69 Montrose st. ; house, 20
Hopetoun place, Stirling's road.
Murray, Douglas (of D. Murray & Co), house, 7
Corunna street.
Murray, D., & Co., clothiers, hatters, and gentle-
men's outfitters, 102 Queen street.
Murra}', Duncan, pawnbroker, 124 Green St., Calton ;
house, 143 Great Hamilton street.
Murray, Edward LothianjTvriter (of Ambrose & Mur-
ray), 152 West George street.
Murray & Galbraith, iron and metal merchantSjClvde
terrace ; house, 41 Main street, Gorbals.
Murray, George, flesher, 187 Crown St.; ho. 193 do.
Murraj', Gow, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers,
27 Union street.
Murrays & Grosvenor, earthenware manufacturers,
Caledonian Pottery, Garngad hill.
Murray, Hugh, plasterer, 3 King street, Eutherglen ;
house, 10 Main street, Bridgeton.
Murray, Jas., brickmaker and brickbuilder ; works,
22 Chapel street, Eutherglen; house, 52A Can-
ning street, Calton.
Murraj', James, spirit merchant, 32 Crown st. ; ho.
4 Adelphi place.
Murray, James (of Monkland Iron and Steel Co.),
house, Cairnhill, Airdrie.
Murray, James (at James Muirhead & Sou's), ho.
140 West Graham street.
Murray, James, grocer and wine merchant, 140
South Portland St., and 1 Paxton terrace, South
Side park ; house, 2 do.
Murray, James, storekeeper, 71 Robertson street ;
house, 67 Waterloo street.
Murraj', James, boot and shoe maker, 7 Park place.
Paisley road.
Murray, James, wine and spirit merchant, 02 High
street ; house, 49 Gallowgate.
Murray, James, glazier and window cleaner ; house,
30 High street.
Murray, James, commission merchant, 02 Jamaica
street ; house, 5 Walmer crescent. Paisley ro:ul.
Murraj', James, tailor and clothier, 47 Oswald st.
Murray, James, tailor and clothier, 13 Ronald street.
Murraj', Jas. B., boot and shoe furnisher, 20 Princes
street ; house, 43 Lanark street.
Murray, John Bruce, cotton yarn mercht., 7 Cochran
street; house, Victoria terrace, Dowanbili.
Murray, John, soap, candle, and oil merchant, 60
Brunswick street ; house, 5 East Russell street.
Murray, John (of Kirkwood & Murray), hou.-e, 133
Hill street, Garnethill.
Murray, John, family grocer, 47 Rose street, Garnet-
Murray, John, contractor, Firhill, Springbank.
Murray, John, County buildings ; house, 71 Ab-
botsford place.
Murray, John, engineer, 6 Dalhousie street.
Murraj', John, iron merchant, 25, 27 Bucban street ;
house, 22 Nicholson street.
Murray, John, accountant (letters left at 80 Bath
street), house, 17 Oakfield terrace, Hilliiead.
Murray, John (of Binnie & Slurraj-), house, 1 Wal-
worth terrace.
Murray, Rev. John, minister, Calton Parish Church ;
house, Clayton vilki, Dennistoun,
Murray, John, wine and spirit merchant, 319 Dum-
barton road ; house, 7 Radnor terrace.
Murraj', John, spirit dealer, 1 Marlborough st. ; ho.
3 Ewing place, Parkhead.
Murraj', John, wine and spirit dealer, 89 Commerce
street ; house, 87 do.
Murray, Lawrence, sheriff and J. P. officer and con-
stahle and house factor, 81 Wilson street ; house,
4 Frederick lane.
Murraj', Rev. M., professor of theology, and minister
of Original Secession Church, 17 Mains street ;
house, 2 Carnarvon street.
Murraj- & Maclean, grocers and wine merchants, 140
South Portland street, and 18 and 20 Bedford st.
Jlurray, Peter (of G. P.O.), ho. 408 Farliam. road.
Murray, Peter, flesher, 1 Main street, Calton ; house,
4 Well street, do.
Murray, Robert, silk and woollen dyer, 176 Argyle
street, Bayfield Dye Works, and 263 Sauchiehall
street ; house, 2 Hayfield street.
Murray, Robert, grocer, 18 South Wellington street ;
house, 16 do.
Murraj', Robert, draper, 106 Canning street.
Murray, R. C, coppersmith, bellhanger, & gasStter,
36 Oxford street ; house, 18 So. Wellington street.
Murray, R. M., assistant-clerk to the income tax
commissioners for the city of Glasgow, 13 Queen
street and 52 Virginia street; house, 8 Hamilton
crescent, Partick.
Murraj', Thomas R., marine insurance broker. Royal
Exchange buildings; ho. 135 Mains street, Blyths-
wood square.
Murray, Thomas, & Son, printers, booksellers, and
stationers, 49 Buchanan street; printing-office,
241 Parliamentarj' road.
Murraj', Thomas, & Sons, printers and publishers,
239 and 243 Parliamentary road.
Murray, Thomas, & Sons, publishers of Murrays
Time Tables, 16 St. Enoch square.
JIurray, Thomas (of T. Murray & Son), bookseller
and stationer, 49 Buchanan street ; house, 24
Canning place.
Murraj', Thomas, family grocer, 47 Rose st; ho. 45 do.
Murray, Vi^alter, com. traveller, 167 Hospital street.
Murray, Walter, grocer and wine merchant, 30
George square and 1 West George street.
Murray, Walter, provision merchant, 17 King street,
city; house, 9 Canon street.
Murraj-, William, wine merchant and family grocer,
1 Great Western road ; house, 19 Windsor street.
Murray, Wiiliam, jun. (of Thomas Murray & Son),
house, 105 Douglas street.
Murray, William, warehouseman, 7 Hopetoun place,
iiurray, V/illiam, wine and spirit dealer, 289 High
street; house, 58 Weaver street.
Murray, William David (of Wallace & Murray), ho.
]83'B:ith street.
Murray, Wrn. S., spirit dealer, 26 Main St., Calton.
I\lnrray, Wiliiani, arlisc (at Bowman's), 65 Jamaica
street ; house, 9 Canon street.
Murray, 'Wiraum, dyer, Hayfield dyeworks. Little
Govan ; house, 2 Hayfield street.
JIurray, William, house factor and coal agent, 231
Main street, Bridgeton.
ilurray, William (of Murray & Grosvenor), house,
Hope lodge, 66 Garngadhill.
rilurray, William, artist, 37 Arlington street.
Murray, William (of Paterson, Sons, & Co ), house,
63 Abbotsford place.

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