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M'Lachlan, Peter, yarns and goods agent, Havelock
buildings, 75 E. Howard st. ; house, 94 West st.
M'Lachlan, Peter, tinplate worker and gasfitter, G2
Eglinton street.
M'Laughlin, Peter, pawnbroker, 77 Abercromby st.
M'Lauchlin, Philip, grocer and provision mer-
chant, 54 Clyde street, Anderston ; house, 25 St.
Vincent crescent.
M'Lachlan, Samuel, spirit merchant, 96 Canning St.;
house, 83 Hospital street.
M'Lachlan, Thomas, dairykeeper, 8 Lowgreen st.
M'Lachlin, Thomas, grocer, 48 Surrey lane, Pollok-
shaws road.
M'Lachlan, William, eating-house, 150 Main street,
Maclachlan, William, writer, 29 Bath street ; resid.
51 Chatsworth place, Whicevale.
M'Lauchlen, William, Glasgow Pottery; house, 80
New City road.
M'Lachlan, Mrs., 102 Bath street.
M'Lachlan, Mrs. A., 93 South Portland street.
M'Lachlan, Mrs. J., flesher, 64 Norfolk street;
house, 59 do.
M'Lachlan, Mrs., Crown tavern, 5 Anderston quay.
M'Lachlan, Mrs., lodgings, 163 Hospital street.
M'Lachlan's Free School, 107 Cathedral street ;
James Allan, teacher.
M'LAE, a. & J., rope makers, Butterbiggins road;
house, 350 Lillybank buildings, Eglinton street.
Maclae, Mrs. Ewing, of Cathkin. Letters left at
James Ewing & Co.'s, 6S George square.
M'LAGAN, William, librarian, and precentor Sea-
man's Chape! ; reading-room, 12 James Watt
street ; house, 93 Cadogan street.
M'LARDY, Alexander, boot and shoe maker, 17
Castle street; house, 15 do.
M'LAREN, Alexander (of Ferguson & M'Laren),
house, 4 Mansfield place, Blythswood square.
Maclaren, Alexander, glazier and glass merchant, 49
Renfield street ; house, 22 Garscadden street.
M'Laren, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 54 and
56 Maxwell street.
M'Laren, Alex, (of Arthur & Fraser), house, 21
Regent Park square.
M'Laren, Alexander (of Alex. M'Laren & Son's),
house, 5 Great Hamilton street.
M'Laren, Alexander. & Sons, wine and spirit mer-
chants, 11, 13 Candleriggs and 80 Cowcaddens.
M'Laren, Alex., sen., 107 King's Park pL, Greenhead.
M'Laren, Archibald, clerk, 13 Queen street; house,
69 Abbotsford place.
M'Laren, Archibald, wine and spirit merchant, 145
and 147 London street ; house, 143 do.
M'Laren & Co., merchants, and commission agents
in oil, lead, glass, chemicals, and rice, 32 Turner's
court, 87 Argyle St., and 24 St. James' sq., Edin.
M'Laren, Daniel, teacher, Wellington Place Academy;
house, 4 Adelphi place.
M'Laren, Daniel, wine and spirit merchant, 11
Adelphi street ; house, 4 do.
M'Laurin, Duncan, Clydesdale Bank; house, 142
Renfrew street.
M'Laren and Erskine, letterpress and steampower
printers, stereotypers, &c., Madeira court, 257
Argyle street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
M'Laren, George, pastry baker and confectioner, 75
Saltmarket ; house, 8 Steel street.
M'Laren, James (of Brown & M'Laren), 6 St. Enoch
square ; house, 4 Mains street.
M'Laurin, James, wholesale stationer, 76 Stockwell
street ; house, 8 Windsor place, Partick.
M'Laren, James D., M.D., physician. 16 Newton ter.
M'Laren, John, messenger, sheriff-officer, and house
factor, 6 Guildry court.
M'Laren, John (of William M'Laren, Sons, & Co.),
house, 35 Berkeley terrace.
Maclaren, John, writing and bookkeeping master,
Glasgow Academy ; house, 2 Carnarvon street.
M'Laren, John, grocer and provision merchant, 58
Gloucester street.
M'Laren, John, schoolmaster. Barony Parish School,
School wynd, Anderston.
M'Laren, John, provision dealer, 33 High street ;
house, 41 Blackfriars' street.
M'Laren, John Fisher, writer, 67 West Nile street;
house, 15 South Apsley place.
iI'Laren, John, & Co , shipping and commission
agents, 6 Dixon street.
M'Laren, John, brassfounder, gasfitter, and gasalier
maker, 38 Stockwell street ; house, 79 Abbotsford
M'Laren, John, tunic and polka warehouse, 44
Jamaica street ; house, 133 North street.
M'Laurin, Peter (of Smith & M'Laurin), house, Bal-
gray house, by Springburn.
M'Laren, Peter, victualler, 117 High street.
M'Laren, Peter, commission agent, 57 Miller street ;
house, Victoria place, Shawlands.
M'Laren, Peter, accountant, and collector of outstand-
ing debts, 11 West Nile street.
M'Laren, Peter, Glasgow Apothecaries' Co., 32 Vir-
ginia street ; house, 60 Fisher street.
MacLaren, Eobert, & Co., ironfounders, engineers,
and patent cast-iron pipe manufacturers, Eglinton
Iron Works, Canal street, Port-Eglinton.
Maclaren, Eobert (at Archd. Orr Ewing & Co.'s),
house, 21 Sandy ford place.
MacLaren, Robert (of R. MacLaren & Co.), house,
M'Laren, Thomas (of M'Laren & Co.), house. New-
stead, Govan road.
M'Laren, Walter (of Fleming, Bennet, & M'Laren),
house, 53 Cadogan street.
M'Laren, William, wine and spirit merchant, 169
Castle street, 361 Gallowgate, and 80 Canning
street; house, 10 Barony place.
M'Laren, William, Sons, & Co., warehousemen and
manufacturers, 5 South Hanover street.
Maclaurin, Mrs. J. C, 21 Sandyford place,
M'Laren, Mrs. James, 36 Bridgegate.
M'Laren, Mrs. John, 43 Buccleuch street.
M'Laren, Mrs. James, spirit merchant, 31 Park lane;
house, 39 do.
M'LARTY, Nicol, wine and spirit merchant, 5
Greenhill street ; house, 3 do.
M'LAWS, William, wholesale wine and spirit mer-
chant, 41 N. Frederick street, 5 Cobden street, 147
Garngad road, 1 Middleton place, and 194 Cow-
caddens ; house, Cloverbauk house, Garngadhill.
M'LAY, Archd., dairyman and provision merchant,
60, 62 Armour street; house, 60 do.
M'Lay, David T. (of Galbraith & M'Lay), house, 8
Sandyford place.
Maclay, Ebenezer (at Alex. Cree's), 27 Gordon st.
M'Lay, James, wine and spirit merchant, 32 South
Wellington street; house, 26 do.
M'Lay, James, boot and shoe maker, 57 Gallowgate;
house, 156 do.

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