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M'Kitiiay, Wm., wine & spirit siierchaut, 46 West st.
M^Kinliiy, William, wholesale wine and spirit mer-
chant, 105, 107, and 109 London street; house,
Campsie Junction.
MacKinlay, Wm., merchant, 54 Union street; ho.
30 Windsor terrace, St. George's road.
M'Kinlay, William, wine and spirit merchant, 184
North street.
M'Kinlay, William, spirit dealer, 14 Bishop street,
Mackinlay, Wm. (of J. & Yi. Mackinlay), residence,
Two-mile villa, Paisle\' road.
M'Kinlay, William, slater, 38 Spoutmouth, and 13
Chalmers street ; house, 194 Gallowgate.
M'Kinlay, Wm., smith, grinder, and manufacturer
of fenders, fire-irons, tinsmiths' mountings, hold-
fasts, beams, and stands, &c., 47 King street, city;
house, 19 Roseland terrace, Cumberland street.
Mackinlay, BIrs., Two-mile villa, Paisley road.
M'Kinlay, Miss Jane, 11 Park place, Paisley road.
M'KINNELL, Robert, shipmaster, 46 Dundas st,,
M'KINNEY, Charles, boot and shoe maker, 29 Ste-
venson street, Gallon ; house, 7 Abercromby st.
M'Kinney, John, fish merchant, 49 Main street,
Anderston ; house, 4 Church place.
M'KINNON, Archibald, victualler, 31 Anderston
quay ; house, 2 Whitehall street, Anderston.
M'Kinnon, Charles, wholesale and retail wine and
spirit merchant, 142 Stobcross street, 43 Main st.,
Anderston, 32 Anderston quay; ho. 1 Holland pi.
M'Kinnon, Daniel, clerk, 136 Nelson St., Tradestou;
house, 163 Eglinton street.
M'Kinnon, Rev. Donald, of Chalmers' Free Church,
^' Govan street ; ho. Victoria house, Crosshill.
M'Kinnon, D., & Co., house painters, &c., 31, 33
Hutcheson street ; house, 5 Nicholson street.
M'Kinnon & Fulton, ship chandlers, 136 Broomielaw.
Mackinnon, James M., house factor, 77 Carrick st. ;
house, 76 do.
M'Kinnon, John, spirit merchant, 30 -Broomielaw.
M'Kinnon, John, spirit merchant, 64 Broomielaw.
Mackinnon, John, staff clerk, pensioners' 1st division,
Barracks; house, 219 Duke street.
M'Kinnon, John, commission merchant and agent, 71
Queen street ; house, Primrose place, Paisley road.
M'Kinnon, John, confectioner, 50 Parliamentary rd.
M'Kinnon, John, mason, 32 Kirk street, Calton.
M'Kinnon, John, painter and paperhanger, 14 Her-
bertson street ; house, 153 Eglinton street.
M'Kinnon, Neil (of Leitch & M'Kinnon), house, 20
Thistle street.
M'Kinnon, Owen, furniture dealer, 5 Greendyke st. ;
house, 92 Bridgegate.
Mackinnon, Peter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer,
bookbinders' press and plow maker, 77 Carrick
street ; house, 76 do.
Mackinnon, Peter (of Gourock Sailwork Co.), house,
24 Royal crescent.
Mackinnon, Peter (at W. Mackinnon & Co.'s), 150
Hope street.
M'Kinnon, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 76
Bishop street, Anderston.
M'Kinnon, Samuel, eating-house keeper, 151 Eglin-
ton street; house, 153 do.
Mackinnon, William, & Co., East India merchants
and agents, 150 Hope street.
Mackinnon, Wm. (of W. Mackinnon & Co.), house,
8 Woodside ten'ace.
M'Kinnon, Wm., steamboat agent, 26 Robertson st.
Mackinnon, Wm. (of M'Clelland, Sons, & Co.), house,
14 Regent Park square, south side.
M'Kinnon, William, house factor, 12 Newhall ter.
Mackinnon, Mrs., lodgings, 92 South Portland street.
M'KIRDY, A. & J., power-loom cloth manufac-
turers, Ladeside Factory, Rothesay. Letters left
with John M'Master & Co., 24 Ann street.
Mackirdy, Charles Clark (of Peter Bogle & Co., 7 St.
Vincent place), house, 5 Blythswood square.
M'Kirdy, James, baker, 87 Govan street.
M'Kirdy, John, flesher, 78 Nelson street, Tradeston ;
house, 80 do.
M'Kirdy, Robert, timber, merchant, 14 Macfarlane
street ; house, 6 Monteith row.
Mackirdy, Mrs. John L., Albert ter., 183 Renfrew st.
M'KISSICK, Mrs. Robert, wine and spirit dealer, 10
Low Green street.
IiI'KITTRICK, Wm. L., Glasgow Saturday Post,
15 Turner's court, 87 Argjde street; house, 3-
Darnley terrace, Shawlands.
M'LACHLAN, Alex., tailor and clothier, 3 Pitt st.
M'Lachlan, Ales., bedding warehouse, 18 Union st. ;
house, 133 Eglinton street.
BI'Lachlan, Artt, portioner, 99 Great Clyde street.
M'Lachlan, A. B., wholesale wine and spirit mer-
chant, 100, 101 Great Clyde street; house, 35
Regent Park square.
M'Laughlin, Bernard, sherifc-officer, 21 Stoekwellpl.
M'Lachlan, Charles, shoemaker, 11 College street.
M'Lachlan, C, flesher, 193 Cowcaddens; ho. 187 do.
M'Lachlan, Daniel, spirit merchant, 70 Maitland st. ;
house, 167 Holm street.
M'Lachlan, Daniel (at J. & W. Steel's), house, 255
M'Lachlan, David, family wine and spirit merchant,
and proprietor of the celebrated toddy mixture, 25
and 27 Oxford st. ; house, 80 South Portland st.
M'Lachlan, Donald, grocer, 224 N. Dalmarnock rd.
M'Lachlan, Donald, detective officer, 16 Robertson
street; house, 108 Broomielaw.
JI'Lachlan, George, coal agent, 69 Centre street.
M'Lachlan, Hugh, spirit dealer, 55 Clyde St., Port-
Dundas; house, 57 do.
M'Lachlan, Hugh, fish merchant and curer. Fish
Market, Great Clyde st. ; house, 5 Guildrj' court.
M'Lachlan, James, & Co., provision merchants, 23
Findlay street; house, 19 do.
M'Lachlan, James, spirit merchant, 4 Clyde street,
Anderston ; house, 6 do.
M'Lachlan, James, grocer, 48 Surrey lane ; house,
Pollokshaws road.
M'Laughlin, James, firebrick and grinding works,
124 Port-Dundas road.
M'Laughlin, James, chemist and druggist, 145 Great
Hamilton street.
M'Laughlin, James, Roman cement manufacturer,
38 Kirk st, Gorbals; house, 110 Port-Dundas rd.
M'Lauchlan, J., teacher, 52 Bishop st., Anderston ;
house, 7 Steven street.
M'Lachlan, John, 124 North John street.
JiI'Lachlan, John, flesher, 411 Argyle street ; house,
5 Douglas street.
M'Lachlan, John, house factor and insurance agent,
297 Hope street.
M'Lachlan, John, spirit dealer, 45 Crown street.
M'Lauchlan, John (at C. R. Baird, Black, & Dill's),
house, 23 Gladstone place, Rosehall street.
JI'Lachlan & Lament, writers, 29 Bath street.,

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