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BOOG, John, saddler, loRenfield street; house, 95
Douglas street.
BOOKLASS, George, carver and gilder, Buchanan
court, 75 Argylo street ; ho. 26 Palerson street,
Bookless, J., Son, & Co., butter and provision agents,
46, 48 Ropework lane; ho. 57 Abbotsford place.
Booklass, Mrs., 44 Sauchiehall street.
BOOTH, John, Garrick hotel, SO Dunlop street.
Bordeaux Steam Packet Office ; agents, Hutcheson
& Brown, 14 Maxwell street.
Bordeaux Steam Packet Office ; Handyside & Hen-
derson, agents, 45 and 51 Union street.
BORLAND, Andrew (at Henry Little's), house, 1
North Ure place.
Borland Brothers, ham curers, butter and cheese
merchants, 12 and 14 Stockwell place.
Borland & Guthrie, tailors and clothiers, 192 Arg. st.
Borland, Hugh (of Guthrie & Borland), house, 17
Shamrock street.
Borland, Hugh, G.P.O. ; house, 12 Tarbert street.
Borland, James, grocer, 89 George street ; house,
150 Rottenrovv.
Borland, John (of Borland Bros.), ho. 1 N. Ure pi.
Borland, Rev. J. W., of Gillespie U.P. Church, Gt.
Hamilton street ; house, 5 Annfield place.
Borland, Robert (of Borland & Steven), house, 324
Duke street.
Borland & Steven, firebrick and Roman cement
grinding works, 26 East Market street.
Borland, Thomas (of Borland Brothers), ho. 1 North
Ure place.
Borland, William (at Moses M'Culloch & Co.'s,
Cumberland Foundry), ho. 116 S. Portland street.
Borland, William, commercial traveller ; house, 130
Great Hamilton street.
Borland, William, 69 St. George's place.
Borland, William, flesher. 111 Dumbarton road; ho.
123 Napier place, do.
Borland, W. & J., butchers, 212 Dumbarton road;
house, 7 Cleveland street.
BORRON, Charles F. B. (at Glasgow Glass Works),
13 Prince's square.
Borron & Co., glass and bottle manufacturers, Glas-
gow Glass Works, Anderston and Port-Dundas;
office, 13 Prince's square.
Borron, Wm. Geddes (of Borron & Co.), resid. 14
Blythswood sq., and Seafield tower, Ardrossan.
BORROWS, Jeremiah, jun., baker, 169 Gallowgate;
house, 173 do.
BORTHWICK, Adam, teacher of writing, arith-
metic, and bookkeeping, 24 Granville street, off
Sauchiehall street.
Borthwick, Alexander, wholesale smallv/are mercht.,
9 Gordon street ; house, 124 Douglas street.
Borthwick, Alexander, & Son, wholesale smallware
merchants, 91 Buchanan street.
Borthwick, A., smallware merchant, 307 Sauchiehall
street, and 94 Argyle street.
Borthwick, J. M., merchant and commission agent,
11 Madeira court; house, Garden place, 181 West
Regent street.
Borthwick, John B. (of A. Borthwick & Son), house,
^ 10 Annfield terrace, Partick.
Borthwick, Waller, tailor and clothier, 249 Argyle st.
BOSDET, Alfred P. (at Wm. Bryce & Co.'s), house,
71 St. George's road.
BOSS, J. E., Government navigation master, 140
Broomielaw ; house, 124 West Graham street.
BOST, A., & Co., metal brokers and commissiou
agents, 119 St. Vincent street.
Bost, T. (of A. Bost & Co.), house, 71 Moray place,
Queen's crescent.
BOSTON & Co., tea merchants, 19 St. Enoch sq.
Boston, Thomas, seal engraver, 12 Argyle arcade.
Boston, Thomas (of Boston & Co.), house, 38 St.
Vincent crescent.
Boston, Halifax, and New York Royal Mail Steam
Packet office, 30 Jamaica street.
BOTHWELL (C. W.), Land and Petroleum Co.
(Limited), 146 Buchanan street.
BOSWORTH, Mrs., 315 Eglinton street.
BOTSCH, Adolph (at Albert Carosus', 39 Hope St.),
house, 262 Bath street.
BOUCHER & Cousland, architects, 177 St. Vine, st.
Boucher, J., architect, 177 St. Vincent street; house,
BOUILLAT, Edward, consul de France, 119 St.
Vincent street.
BOUSPIELD,. Charles H. (of Fiulayson, Bousfield,
& Co.), 11 St. Enoch square.
BOUSTEAD & Dunbar, ship brokers, 13 Dixon st
BOW, Archibald, drugget manufacturer, 27 Wilson.^
street ; house, 39 South Apsle^' place.
Bow, A. & T., brick and tilemakers, builders, &c.,
Shields works, 230 West street, Tradeston.
Bow & Co., coal masters, smithy coal and coke,
Bank street, Port-^Dundas.
Bow, John, manufacturer and merchant, 11 Glass-
ford street ; residence, Bogton house, Cathcart.
Bow, J. A. (of Inglis & Bow), ho. Moss-side cottage,
Bow, Mrs. James (of A. & T. Bow), hguse, 6 Cecil
place. Paisley road.
Bow, Mrs., drusgist, 143 Garngad road.
BOWDIDGE, Thomas, officer of Inland revenue, 22
St. Andrew's lane ; house, 214 Crown street.
BOWER, John, engraver, 119 New City road.
Bower, Oliver, hardware, stationery, 30 Well street,
BowFiELD Bleachworks, 44 West George street.
BOWIE, Andrew (of Bowie and Frame); house, 7
Walworth terrace, Kent road.
Bowie, Archibald, wright and builder, 5 Thistle st. ;
house, 89 Alexandra place. Shields road.
Bowie, Campbell T., & Co., house painters, decora-
tors, and guilders, and dealers in paper-hangiugs,
28 Bothwell street.
Bowie, C. T. (of C. T. Bowie & Co.), house, 318 St. -
Vincent street.
Bowie, Duncan, cartwright, 233 Stirling's road.
Bowie & Frame, engineers and millwrights, Cheap-
side Engine works, Cheapside street.
Bowie, George W., jeweller, 88 Eglinton street.
Bowie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 220
Buchanan street; house, 222 do.
Bowie, James, spirit merchant, 263 High street.
Bowie, James (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s), ho.
8 Havelock terrace, Paisley road.
Bov.'ie, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 35 Clyde .
street, Atiderston ; house, 4 Shafte.sbury street.
Bowie, W. & J., d^'ers, 4 Main street, Bridgeton ;
93t| South Cumberland street ; 44 John street,
Bridgeton ; works, 37 Savoy street.
Bowie, Mrs. David, brush manufacturer, 56 Gallow-
gate ; house, 34 Dundas street.
Bowie, Miss, dairy keeper, 6 Eglinton lane.
Bowie, Misses, dressmakers, 401 St. Vincent street.

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