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Advertisements. 1 86
The Third Session begins on the 1st October, 184Y.
Visitii^ Committee.
Tbe Hon. the Loed Provost.
Ilev. James Botd, D.D.
Bailie Brodie.
Sir James Campbell.
Rev. James Ckaik, D.D.
Rev. Jajies Henderson, D.D.
Rev. David King, LL.D.
Rev. William Lindsay, D.D.
Rev. Peter Napier, D.D.
Robert Napier, Esq. of Lancefield
Rev. Nathaniel Paterson, D.D.
Professor Ramsat, Glasgow University.
Rev. J. S. Reid, D.D., Glasgow Uni-
The Right Rev. M. Russell, D.C.L.,
LL.D., Oxon., Bishop of Glasgow.
Rev. John Smyth, D.D.
John Strang, Esq., LL.D., City Cham-
Rev. James Taylor, D.D.
Rev. Alexander Thomson, A.M.
Rev. Michael Willis, D.D.
Clergymen of all Evangelical Denominations are at liberty to visit the Establishment.
Lady Superintendent.— MES. CHALLONER, from London.
Secretary— r. A. WOLSKI, of the High School,^
110 Peel Terrace, Hill Street, Garnet Hill.
branches. masters.
, _ T t T Ti;„*.„.,T c«,.;r^+„..o= 5 Mr. Challonee from London, and Mr.
1. English Language, History, Scriptures, | Hartley
^ _ , T A T-i„ +, S ^i"- Laski, late of the Merchiston
2. French Language and Literature, | Castle Academy, and Mr. Wolski.
3. Geography,.. Mr. Challoner.
i. Arithmetic, Messrs. Marshall and S. Robinson.
5. Writing,..., Do. do.
f Mr. Hutchison of the High School, Mr.
6. Drawing,.... ■) Thos. Johnson from London, and Mr.
C Wandesforde of theCollegiateSchool.
f Messrs. Galloway, Howden, A. C.
T. Piano- Forte, < Johnson, A.R.A.M., Maclure,
C Moore, Seligmann, and Webster.
8. Vocal Music...... Messrs. Lithgow, Maclure, & Watson.
9. Dancing,. Messrs. Lowe and A. TaoMsoN, Jun.
10. Plain and Fancy Needle-Work, ., Governesses.
Fee, payable in advance, for all the above Branches, Ten Guineas a Session of Three
Quarters: or Six Guineas a Quarter. For particulars, see the Prospectus.
Extra Classes and Lectures.
English Literature, <fcc., .....Mr. Challoner.
History ......Rev. Alex. D'Orset of the High School.
Fine Arts,. Mr. Hutchison of the High School
German, Mr. Koeener of the Andersonian University.
Italian, , Sig. Rabagliata of the Military Acad. Edinb.
Physical Science, Mr. S. Robinson.
Vocal Music, in Classes of Six Pupils, ...Mr. Lithgow.
Pino-Forte, Mr. Macfaelane.
Theory of Music, Mr. Seligmann.
Janitor, — John Macnaught, 65 Renfield Street.

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