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^4 dvertisements . 1 24
The plan of Mutual Assurance, as it becomes more generally understood, is being:
more extensively supported ; the following are extracts from the talented Journal of
Messrs. Chambers, the eminent publishers of Edinburgh ; — ." It has been found that,
by the plan of Mutual Assurance, all desirable security is afforded, while the profits
are divisible amongst the only parties who have any right to them, the Assured. The
Mutual System is the only one which the public at large are concerned to support."
THE ONLY SOCIETY IN EXISTENCE that recognises, throughout the
United Kingdom, the Mutual Principle in Fire Insurance, the right of the Assured
to the Whole Profits, is the
Established at Rochester, Kent, & 37 Moorgate Street Bank, London, in 1844,
With upwards of Sixty Provincial Agencies.
Treasurer — Thomas Hopkins, Esq.
Mr. Isaac Belsey. I Mr. Edward R. Coles.
James Munns, Esq. | R. H. Shrewsbury, Esq.
Bankers — Messrs. Day & Nicholson. | Solicitor — Mr. George Acworui.
Secretary — Mr. Thomas Burr.
This Society is enrolled under the Acts of Parliament passed 10 Geo. IV., c. 56,
and 4 apd 6 Will. IV., c. 40, as amended by 3 and 4 Victoria, c. 73, thereby secur-
ing many important advantages to Insurers, affording ample security at the least
possible cost ; and is Founded on the Experience and Successful Practice of a
local Society (confined to Two Counties) that has for upwards of Forty Years
realised an annual Profit of 15 per Cent., (after settlement of all claims for losses
and expenses,) 60 per Cent, of which has been returned to the Insured, and 25 per
Cent, laid aside to form a Reserve Fund.
To Landlords, Factors, Building Societies, and all others having property to
insure, the KENT MUTUAL offers many peculiar advantages.
Among the benefits to be derived are the folloiving : —
All the Profits belong to the Assured, divisible every three years, except a
portion retained to form a reserve fund.
No Personal liability to the Insured. All losses provided for by an ample
Guaranteed Capital secured by deed, in addition to the annual premiums, and accu-
mulating fund reserved for that purpose.
No legal expenses, as all disputes (if any) must, in compliance with the provisions
of the Acts, be settled by arbitration.
No farming Stock or Buildings connected therewith Insured; that species of Pro-
perty having proved to involve considerable extra risk.
Economical Management of the Society and its Funds, being vested in Directors
chosen by the Insured at Annual Meetings held for that purpose.
Rates, as reasonable as in other respectable offices; except in the case of Millers,
Brewers, Chemists, and some others, for which they are considerably less.
Common Risks, Is. 6d. to 2s. per Cent.; Hazardous, 2s. 6d. to 3s.; Doubly do., 4s. 6d. to 5s.
Special Bisks upon favourable terms.
The Subscriber will be happy to give Prospectuses, and every information as to
rates for Special Risks; and receive instructions for Policies, for which, in all
ordinary cases, he is authorised to grant Printed Cektifioates of insurance, (giving
immediate security,) upon payment of the estimated premiums, or a deposit to account.

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