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Open from 10 till 3 o'clock, and on Saturday shut at 12.
With the exception of those marked *, in which case the hours of Opening and
Shutting differ.
Royal Bank, Royal Exchange Square.
* ANDERSTON SAVINGS' BANK.— Office, Anderston Church Session-House,
Clyde Street. — Open every Saturday evening, from 7 till 9, for receiving deposits
of one shilling and upwards.
BANK OF SCOTLAND, 66 Ingram Street.— Bills given in for discount on
Monday and Thursday, and called for on Tuesday and Friday.— Charles Campbell
and Andrew Neilson, Managers. Draw on Coutts & Co., and Smith, Payne, &
Smiths, London; Bank of England and Branches; Manchester and Liverpool Dis-
trict Bank; Provincial Bank of Ireland; and Northumberland and Durham District
Banks. Grant Credits on Gore Bank, Hamilton, Upper Canada.
BRITISH LINEN COMPANY BANK, Corner of Queen Street and Ingram
Street. — James Robertson and Patrick Brodie, Agents. Draw on Smith, Payne, ;
& Smiths, London; on the Bank of England and Branches; on the Carlisle and
Cumberland Bank, Carlisle; on Samuel Smith & Co., Nottingham; on the Bank of
Ireland, and Branches; on Hunters & Co., Ayr, and Branches; on the Greenock
Bank and Branches; on Prime, Ward, & King, New York; on the Montreal Bank;
on the Bank of Upper Canada, Toronto; and effect payments on the Continent ot
Europe. Also, transact business with the Principal Towns of Great Britain and
CITY OF GLASGOW BANK, 24 Virginia Street.— Robert Sahnond, mana-
ger. Draw on Messrs Smith, Payne, & Smiths, London; and transact business,
with the Principal Towns in the United Kingdom. Branch Offices — Trongate
Branch, 31 Trongate; Calton Branch, 18 Canning Street; William Sneddon, Agent.
Ofen every forenoon except Satnrrlay, from 10 to 3 o'clock for receiving and pay-
ing deposits; and every Wednesday and Saturday evenings, from 7 to 9 o'clock for
receiving deposits only.
CLYDESDALE BANKING COMPANY, 13 Queen street.— Henry Brock,
manager. Draw on Barnett, Hoares, & Co., London; and transact business with the
Principal Towns in the United Kingdom. Branch — Piazza, Old Exchange.
COMMERCIAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, 66 Virginia Street— William John-
ston, Agent. Draw on Messrs. Jones, Lloyd, & Co., Bankers, London; and on all the
Principal Towns in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Also in America, on the Com-
mercial Bank of the Midland District, Kingston, Upper Canada, and its Branches;
and on A. Dennistoun & Co., New York, United States. Charles Lafitte, Blount,
& Co., Bankers, Paris; and Commercial Banking Company, Sydney, New South
EDINBURGH AND GLASGOW BANK, 3T St. Vincent Place.— John Ro-
bertson, manager. Draw on Williams, Deacon, & Co., London; and transact busi-
ness with the Principal Towns in the United Kingdom.
* GLASGOW PROVIDENT BANK, 86 Miller Street.— Open on Monday,
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 10 to 12, for receiving Deposits, and on
Mondays and Wednesdays for paying.
* GORBALS SAVINGS' BANK, 23 Nicholson Street, Laurieston.— Open
every Saturday night, from T till 9 o'clock, for receiving and paying Deposits.
NATIONAL BANK OF SCOTLAND, 13 Virginia Street.— John Hart, Agent.
Draw on Glyn & Co., and Union Bank of London, London.
* NATIONAL SECURITY SAVINGS' BANK, Merchants' House Buildings,
68 Hutcheson Street. — Open for receiving, on Mondays, from 12 till 3, on Wednes-
days, from 12 till 3, and from 6 till 9 evening; and on Saturdays, from 12 till 3,
and from 6 till 9 evening ; — and for Repaying, on Thursdays, from 1 1 till 3. Govern-
ment Annuity Business transacted on Tuesdays and Friday.? from 1 1 till 3 o'clos. i".

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