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River Dues.
Do. American, hogshead, 10 hundred
of 120 do.
Do. British, barrel, 10 hundred of
120, do.
Coals, Bricks, Tiles, and Slates, in bulk
and in cask, except when vessels oc-
cupy a Shed Berth, Herrings, Fishery
Salt and Tree, and everything requisite
at the outfit of Herring Bushes.
Provisions for Ship's Use, per Victual-
ling Bills.
Timber, Deals, Lathwood, and also Ma-
hogany and Staves in Cargoes.
Stones for Building and Paving, and
Grindstones and Marble, except when
vessels occupy a Shed Berth.
Grain, Metal, Potatoes.
All Goods not enumerated or described
in the above Table, to be charged either
1 \d. per ton, weight or measure, according
to the freight rate, or in proportion to
such articles in this Schedule as tliey
come nearest to.
XXVII. And be it further enacted.
That, for defraying the expense of exe-
cuting the Sheds, Cranes, and Weigh-
ing Machines before authorized, the said
Trustees shall be and are hereby autho-
rized and empowered to demand, exact,
and recover from all and every person
or persons importing or exporting goods
at the said quays, for the said Sheds,
Cranes, and Weighing Machines, the
rates and duties specified in Schedules
A, B, and C, hereto annexed; and the
surplus of the said duties, if any, to be
applied generally towards the purposes
of this Act.
XXVIII. Provided always, and be it
enacted, That, if the rates of Shed Du-
ties, specified in the said Schedule (A)
shall, upon an average of three years
from the date of the erection of the said
Sheds, exceed fifteen per centum upon
the capital sum expended in the con-
struction thereof, the said rates shall be
thereafter reduced in such proportions
as may afford an annual revenue to the
said amount, and no more in all time
coming, videlicet five per centum as the
legal interest of the capital expended in
the erection of the said Sheds, and ten
per centum to defray the expenses of re-
pairing and maintaining the same, and
gradually to pay off and discharge the
principal of the said debt.
Crane Duties at the Broomielaw.
Each hhd. of Sugar and Hoists, not
exceeding 12 cwt..
Each hhd. of Sugar and Hoists, from
12 to 15 cwt
Each hhd. of Sugar and Hoists, from
15 to 20 cwt..
Each ton of Hemp,
Do. Timber, . . . 6d.
Do. Marble, . . .Is.
Do. Machinery or other ar-
ticles, exceeding one ton, . . Is.
Taking out and putting in Machinery,
Ac, of Steamboats, from £2 2s. to £8
88., according to the number of Hoists
and trouble.
Weighing Duties at the Broomielaw.
Each Cart, Waggon, or other carriagt*
load or weight, not exceeding 12
cwt., Id.
Each Cart, Waggon, or other carriage
load or weight, exceeding 12 cwt., 2d.
Weighing Duties to be paid by the
Owners, Shippers, or Importers of Goods,
if required by the Tacksman or Collector
appointed by the Trustees for ascertain-
ing the River Tonnage, or other Duties
granted by this Act, provided the weight
alleged by the Skipper or Importer of the
goods be found less than the real weight,
but if equal to, or greater than the real
weight, the weighing duties to be paid by
the tacksman or Collector.
Weighing duties for Coals to be paid
ordy when weighed on the application of
the Owner or Skipper.
All articles, commodities, &c., except the undermentioned, pay Is. id. per ton.
Grain.Meal, Flour, and Potatoes Is. Od. per ton.
Bar, Sheet, Hoop, Rod, and Pig Iron, .... Td. do.
Coals, Bricks, Lime, Limestone, Freestone, Whinstone, Manure, ) 9d da
Pantiles, &c., i
Guano, dd. do.

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