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67 Porters^ Fares and Regulations,
To anyplace in district.
No. 1. No. 2. No. 3.
For a Cart-laod of Cork, Staves, <Sic., from Weigh-liouse, 16 14 18
For a Cart-load of Furniture, or similar articles that re-
quire long time to load and unload, for the first hour,
and so proportionally for each Cart, . . 10 10 10
And for every other hour, and so proportionally for each
Cart, . . . . . . 09090&
In carrying Grain, the Carters shall always find sufficient Bags, and carry the
whole of their load up one storey, or into a ground flat, ivithout any assistance
from the employer.
When the Cart-load is to be carried up more than one storey, the Carter shall re-
ceive 2d. per cart additional; but in this case the Carter may carry up half of
the load at his own expense, his employer being at the expense of carrying up the
other half.
The Carter, in all 'cases, shall assist in loading and unloading, but must always
remain by his Cart; and, when able to do so, he must load and unload the Cart
All such quantities of Goods as are to be considered as a single Cart-load, and
likewise all Rates and Fares, not before specially provided for, in case of any dis-
pute, shall be settled by the Sitting Magistrate.
III. The following Rules and Regulations shall be observed by the Carters, and
shall be strictly enforced in all time coming: —
1st. Every Carter shall enter his name and place of residence in a book to be
kept for that purpose, in the City Clerks' Chambers, and must find security for the
faithful and honest discharge of his duty, under a suitable penalty; and any Carter
plying in the streets, and neglecting to find such caution, shall forfeit a sum not
exceeding two poimds sterling for each oifenee.
2d. Every Carter shall be furnished with a badge, which will be numbered ac-
cording to the order in which his name is entered. These Badges must be worn
constantly by the Carters when at work; and they must immediately get the num-
ber which is on the badge painted on some conspicuous part of their carts, under
the penalty often shillings for each offence.
3d. Every Carter who shall refuse to work when not engaged, or who shaU de-
mand higher Fares then those specified in the foregoing Table, shall be liable to a
penalty often shillings for each oflFence. And every Carter who says he is engaged,
shall, upon being asked, specify the person by whom, and the hour at which he is
engaged; and he shall not refuse to be employed in the interval between the time
he is so asked, and the hour of his engagement, under a like penalty of ten shillings
for each offence.
4;th. Every Carter shall be furnished with, and shall always carry about with
him a copy of these Regulations and Fares, which he shall produce and show,
when required, to his employers, under a penalty of ten shillings for each offence.
Lastly. Every Carter is hereby enjoined, strictly to attend and conform to the
Regulations in the Act 12th, Geo. Ill, cap. 45, and also to the Regulations with
regard to the carriage of Timber, in the Act 33d, Geo. Ill, cap. 104, under the
several penalties therein mentioned.
Extracted from the Records of Council, by
By the Police Act, Section 103, no person is allowed to ply, or work on the
streets of the City or liberties, for hire, as a porter, without first entering his
name, and place of residence, in a book for the purpose, in the Town Clerks' Cham-
bers, and without giving bond for the faithful and honest discharge of his duty,
under such penalty as to the Magistrates shall seem proper, and without having a
badge or ticket containing his number.
Persons wishing to be admitted as Porters, must apply to the Magistrates, hj pe-
titions, stating their place of nativity, age, residence, and former employment, and

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