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31 Foreign Posts.
St. Lucia. See Indies, British West.
St. Jago de Cuba, payment obligatory, 1st and IStliday of each month, 2-15 a.m.,
via Southampton, 2s. 3d. under |- oz,; 4s. 6d. under 1 oz. Newspapers, 2d. each.
Sandomier, Government of. Sea Poland, Southern.
Sandwich Islands. No regular mails.. Letters sent by private Ships as opportu-
nities offer, 8d. under J oz. Newspapers, Id. each.
Santa Cruz. See Indies, Foreign West.
San Juan de Nicaragua, payment obligatory,. 16th of each month, 2-15 a.m., via
Southampton, 2s. 3d. under ^ oz.
Santa Martha. See New Grenada.
Sardinia, daily, payment obligatory, through France, lOd., Is. 3d., 2s. Id 2s. 6d.,
and 3s. 9d., under ^, J, |, 1, and l|oz..; or to destination, Is. Id., Is. 9d., 2s. lOd.,
3s. 6d., and 6s. under the same weights respectively. Newspapers, 2d. eaen-
Saxe Altenburg, Saxe Cobur«^ Gotha, Saxe Meiningen, and Saxe Weehae, See
German States, served through the Office of Tour and Taxis.
Saxony. Payment optional; prepaid letters are sent viaJSelgium and Prussia, un-
less otherwise addressed, Is. 3d., Is. 8d., 2s. lid., 3s. 4d., 5s. 5d., under ^, ^, |,
1, 1:^ oz., and if so addressed, via France, Hamburgh and Prussia, and Holland
and Prussia. Papers, Free. See also Northern States of Europe, served through,
the Post Office of Tour and Taxis.
Schaumberg, Lippe, Schwartzburg Rddolstadt, and Schwartzburg Sonderhausen,
See German States, served through the Office of Tour and Taxis.
Scutari, in Asia (Town.) See Turkey in Europe.
Siberia. See Russia.
Sicilies, The Two. Naples and Sicily. See Italy, Southern, unpaid or paid to
destination, if specially addressed by the French Packets from Marseilles, Is. 9d.,.
3s. Id., 4s. lOd., 6s. 2d., and 8s. 4d., under |, ^^ |, 1, and 1 J oz, respectively.
Newspapers, 2d. each.
Sierra Leone, no packets. See Africa.
Silesia. See Austrian Dominions.
Si. Martin's. See Indies, Foreign West,
Sr, ThomaSv See Indies, Foreign West.
St. Vincent. See Indies, British West,
Singapore, See India, East,
Smyrna, unpaid or paid to destination, by the French boats from Marseilles, Is. 3d.,
2s. Id., 3s. 4d., 4s. 2d,, and 5s. lOd., under |, J, |, 1, and IJ oz. respectively.
Papers, 2d. each. The postage on letters for places beyond Smyrna must be paid.
South Australia. See Australia,
Spain, payment obligatory, by Southampton, 6th, 16th, and 26th of caeh month,
2-15 a.m., and when any of these days fall upon a Saturday, the mails are made
Tip on the following morning, 2s. 2d. under ^ oz., 4s. 4d. under 1 oz., and so on; or
daily, by Calais, lOd., Is. 3d., 2s. Id., 2s. 6d., and 3s. 9d., under I, \, f, 1, and
1^ oz. All letters, except for Cadiz, Vigo, and Corunna, are sent via France, un-
less addressed " by Packet from Southampton." Newspapers, free via South-
ampton ; via France, one halfpenny.
Styria, See Austrian Dominions.
Sumatra. See Archipelago, Indian..
Swan River. See Australia.
Sweden and Norway, payment optional; prepaid letters are sent via Belgium and
Prussia, unless otherwise addressed. Is. lOd., 2s. lOd., 4s. 8d., 5s. 8d., and 8s. 4d.,
under J, ^, |, 1, and 1 J oz,; by the Hamburgh Packet and not intended to be sent
through Prussia, Is. lOd. under ^ oz,, 3s. 8d. under 1 oz.; or by Hamburgh and
Prussia, or by Holland and Prussia, and by France. For the latter route see
Northern States of Europe.
Switzerland, daily, unpaid or paid to destination, unless otherwise addressed; via
France, Hd., Is. 5d., 2s. 4d., 2s. lOd., and 4s. 2d., under ^, J, f, 1, and l^oz. re-
spectively. Newspapers, 2d. each. May also be sent through Belgium, Holland,
or Hamburgh, via Prussia, Is. 9d. under | oz. Newspapers Free,
Sydney, Government of. New South Wales, payment obligatory, by direct sailing
Packets, the day before the last day of each month, 1-15 p.m.; in the event of that
day falling upon a Saturday, the mail will be closed on the following day. Is.
under ^ oz., 2s. under 1 oz., 4s. under 2. oz., and so on. By Private Ships, the
Postage is 8d. under ^d oz., Is. 4d. under 1 oz., &c. If specially addressed via

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