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23 Foreign Posts.
With the Time of Despatch from Glasgow, Rates of Postage, and Routes of Mails.
Newspapers must he posted within 1 days of the date of publication, and the postage
in every instance prepaid.
FoTi- General Abstract of the Foreign Packet Stations see two previous pages.
A List of Cities and principal places throughout the World will be found at page 33.
Abyssinia, no regular mails. Letters should be sent to the care of an agent at
Malta or Aden.
Africa. To places not mentioned in this list there is no regular conveyance.
Letters and papers are forwarded as opportunities offer by private ships. Postage.
8d. under 4 oz , Is. 4d. under 1 oz., &c. Newspapers to British settlements Id.
each ; to other places, excepting Algeria, 2d. each.
Alabama, North and South States of. See America, United States of.
Algeria, postage same as to France, through which country letters are forwarded.
Alexandria, may be sent unpaid by the French Packets, which leave Marseilles
on the 1st, 4th, 11th, and 21st of each month, at 5 p.m.; and quit Alexandria
on the 6th, 11th, 16th, and 26th, at 4 p.m. ; or paid to destination, Is. 3d., 2s.
Id., 3s. 4d., 4s. 2d., and 6s. lOd., under |, 4, |, 1, and 1^ oz. respectively, and
so on ; or unpaid, by the British monthly closed mail, made up on the 6th and
23rd of each month 1-16 p.m., unless these days fall upon a Saturday, and in that
case the malls are made up on the following Sunday, or paid through by the same.
Is. 8d., 2s. Id., 3s, 9d., 4s. 2d., and 'Js. Id., under I, h, |, 1, and 1-| oz. respec-
tively, and so on. Letters are always sent by this route, unless otherwise di-
rected ; they may also be sent by Southampton, paid or unpaid, on the 2nd and
19th of each month 2-15 a.m., unless either of these days fall on a Saturday, and
in that ease they are despatched from Glasgow on the previous morning. Is. 6d,
under ^ oz , and so on. Papers by French Packet or Southampton, 2d.; and 3d.
by the closed mail.
Astrakhan. See Russia, Southern.
America, British North, payment optional, via Liverpool and Boston, 3rd and 18th
of each month 1-15 p.m., except Dec, Jan., Feb., and March, and then on the 3rd
only. Postage, Is. 2d. under | oz., 2s. 4d. under 1 oz., 4s. 8d. under 2 oz., and
so on. Bermuda, Newfoundland, Is. imder ^ oz., &c. Papers free to the
sender ; one half-penny will be charged on delivery in British America. Letters
for Western Canada, if specially addressed, " by the United States' mail," will
not be included in the closed mails for Montreal, but delivered up to the United
States' Post-office at Boston, and forwarded direct to their destination, postage
(prepayment obligatory) Is. under ^ oz., 2s. under 1 oz., &c. Papers free to the
sender. Letters are likewise forwarded, if so addressed, by private ships, at the
rate of 8d. under ^ oz.. Is. 4d under 1 oz. Papers, Id. each.
America, United States of, payment obligatory, via Liverpool and Boston on the
3rd and 18th of each month, 1-16 p.m., excepting Dec, Jan., Feb., and March,
and then on the 3rd only. Is. under 5 oz., 2s. under 1 oz., 4s. under 2 oz., &c.
Papers, 2d. each. By private ships, if so addressed, 8d. 5 oz., &c. Papers 2d. each.
Antigua. See Indies, British West.
Arabia. See India, East.
Arequipa. See Peru.
Archipelago, Grecian, must be paid either to Calais, 5d. ; or to Trieste, Is. 3d.,
2s. Id., 3s. 4d., 4s. 2d , 6s. lOd., under J, ^, |, 1, and 1^ oz. respectively; and
so on. See also Greece. Papers, free by Packet; Id. via France; 3d. by
closed Mail.
Do. (East Indian,) Sumatra, Borneo, the Molucca or Spice Islands, and Philip-
pines, no regular conveyance; sent by merchant vessels, 8d. under | oz., &c. ;
by the Indian mails, if so addressed, 2s. 2d. by Marseilles, and Is. 4d. by South-
ampton. Papers, 2d. by ship; 4d. by Southampton; and 6d. by Marseilles.
See Java,
Australia, South, payment obligatory. "By Sydney Packet," Is. under |- oz.,
2s. under 1 oz. Newspapers, free. "By Private Ship," 8d. under \ oz.. Is. 4d.
under 1 oz., and so on. Newspapers, Id. each. If specially addressed via India,
the postage is by Southampton on the 2nd and 19th, 2-16 a.m.. Is. 4d. under J oz. ;
and by Marseilles, on the 6th and 23rd, 1-15 p.m., 2s. 2d. under \ oz. Papers, 2d.
each by the former, and 5d. by the latter route. See Sydney, for the government
of N. S. Wales.

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