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Mails by Private Ships.
By Packets from Southampton.
o Lisbon, . .
Spain, .......
Greece and Egypt, (Alexandria excepted)]
Alexandria, .......
Panama, Chili, Peru, and Western Coast of America, .
Hayti and the Foreign West India Islands, (Cuba excepted)
Venezuela, ......
o Mexico, Cuba, and New Granada, . ,
Malta, ......
Ionian Islands, . . ' .
Hondui-as, .....
British West Indies, (Jamaica and Beibice excepted)
Kingston, Jamaica, ....
Aden, via Southampton, . . . .
Ceylon, via Southampton,
India, via Southampton, . . . .
Hong Kong, via Southampton,
Madeira, via Lisbon, ....
Do., by West Indian Packet,
Jamaica, (the Packet Port of Kingston excepted) \
By Packets from Falmouth.
Buenos Ayres,
By Packets from Liverpool.
United States, .... "J
Bermuda, .... f
Halifax, N. S., . . . . C '
Newfoundland, .... )
Canada, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia,
(Halifax excepted), ......
Skip Letters. — The single rate to places beyond sea, when conveyed by private
ship, is 8d. under half an ounce, Is. 4d. under an ounce, 2s. Sd. under two ounces,
and so on.
Letters for any Foreign Port or Country, to which there are Regular Packets,
wiE not be forwarded by Merchant Vessels, unless so directed; the Name of lh3
Vessel, and the Port from which she is expected to sail, must be included in th3
direction of the letter.
Letters to the following places are sent by Private Ships only, unless addressed by '
some other route: — Isle of Bourbon, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Coast Castle, Fern-
ando Po, Madagascar, Mauritius, River Gambia, Sierra Leone, St. Helena, and
Van Diemen's Land.
Owners, Consignees, or Charterers, (resident in the United Kingdom,) and the'
Owners, Consignees, and Shippers of Goods on board vessels inward bound, are '
entitled to receive their letters free from sea postage, to the extent of six ounces. '
In case of vessels from Ceylon, Mauritius, the East Indies, and the Cape of Good Hope, I
the privilege extends to twenty ounces in weight. The Owner, Charterer, or Con- !
signee, must be described as such in the address; and in case of Owners, Shippers,
or Consignees of Goods, it must appear by the ship's manifest, that they have goods
on boai'd.
A penalty of ten pounds is incurred by parties falsely superscribing a letter as
Owner, Shipper, Charterer, or Consignee.

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