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Post Office Begulations.
Parliamentary Petitions and Addresses to her Majesty.
Parliamentary Proceedings.
Letters and packets addressed to, or received from, places beyond sea.
Letters and packets to and from public departments, and to and from officers who
formerly franked by virtue of their office.
Deeds, if transmitted in covers open at the sides. These may, however, be tied
with string, and sealed, to prevent inspection of the contents, though they must ba
left opon at the sides, that it may be seen that they are entitled to the privilege.
The following Instructions have been addressed to all Postmasters, and are striclhj
acted upon: —
" General Post-Office. — On and after the 1st January, 1845, should any Letter
or Packet be tendered at your Office, which you may ascertain to contain, or which
you have every reason to believe, contains any of the following Articles, viz: — Any
Glass or Glass Bottle; any Razor, Scissors, Knife, Fork, or other Sharp or Pointed
Instrument; any Leeches, Game, Fish, Flesh, Fruit, Vegetables, or other perishable
substance; any Bladder or other Vessel containing Liquid; or any article, matter, or
thing whatsoever, which might, by pressure or otherivise, be rendered injurious either
to the Officers of the Post-Office, or to the contents of the Mail Bags, — you will
refuse to receive such Letter or Packet.
" In the event of any Letter or Packet being taken in by you, and you do not,
until afterwards, discover that it contains any Article as above described, or should
any such Letter or Packet be deposited in the Letter Box, you will not forward it
on to its destination, but you ivill detain it in your Office, and inform me, by the first
Post, of the circumstances, stating the precise Address of the Letter or Packet, and
its contents, or what you suppose them to be, when proper steps will be taken in
this Department in the case, and you will be instructed in what manner to dispose
of the Letter or Packet.
"Should any Letter or Packet, containing any Article as hefove mentioned, not
be discovered by the Postmaster at ivhose Office it may be Posted,, but be forwarded
on to its destination, the Receiving Postmaster, to whose Town it may be addressed »
upon discovering, or liavinj every reason to believe, that its contents are such as
those alluded to, will not send it out for delivery, but ivill detain it in his Office, re-
porting the circumstance by the first Post, and stating the nature of its contents,,
when he will be duly instructed in what manner to dispose of it.".
All Newspapers must be sent in covers, open at the sides, and no words or com-
munication may be printed or written on such papers or covers after the same shall
have been published, other than the name and address of the persons to whom they
are sent ; nor anything enclosed or concealed in either newspaper or cover. News-
venders only may print their names and addresses thereon. Newspapers may be
examined by the Officers of the Post-Office ; and if there be any breach of the above
regulations, the packet is ehai-geable with treble the amount of postage to which a
letter of the same weight would have been liable. Anj'' person contravening the
law, may, at the option of the Postmaster-General, be prosecuted as for a misde-
Clause of the Act of 1st Victwia, cap. 34, sec. 32.
"And be it fui-ther enacted, that in all ca«es in which a question shall arise
whether a printed paper is entitled to the privileges of a Newspaper or other pub-
lication hereby privileged, so far as respects the transmission thereof by the Post
under the Post-Office Acts, the question shall be referred to the detei-mination of
the Postmaster-General, whose decision, with the concurrence of the Lords of the
Treasury, shall be final."
are delivered free of Postage at any place within the British dominions. Thos&
for persons who have removed may be forwarded by Post, free of charge, provided
they have not been opened at the place to which they were orieinally addressed.

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