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M'Murtrie, W. & J., tea and spirit dealer,
Main street
M'Naughton, John, Mill-brae
M'Niven, Malcolm, grocer, King street
Mason, James, grocer and spirit dealer,
Main street
Mason, Robert, sen., grocer. King street
Mason, Robert, jun., flesher, Main street
Maxwell, Sir John, bart.. Pollock-house
Menzies, Walter, victualler and spirit
dealer, Macarthur street
Menzies, John, .surgeon, Macarthur street
Menzies, Walter, cooper, Main street
Moscrip, Rev. C, Kirk street
Muir, Alexander, confectioner, King st.
Muirhead, James, oil merchant, Main st.
Muirhead, James, Cart forge, Main st.
Mulree, David, boot and shoe maker.
Main street
Neill, James, Coustonholm
Neill, Thomas, Coustonholm
Nicol, James, clothier & draper. Main st.
Ogilvie, John, sheriff-officer. Maxwell st.
Orraund, James, hosier, Main street
Orr, John, spirit dealer, Pollock street
Park, James, joiner. King street
Ralston, Jno., insurance agt., Maxwell st
Reddoch, Allan, Shawlands
Reid, James, spirit dealer. Main street
Renfrew, Miss, School of Industry-
Ross, James, victualler and spirit dealer.
King street
Russell, John, wright, Main street
Shields, Mrs, grocer, King street
Smith, Rev. James, Cartcraigs street
Snodgrass, William, Nether Auld-house
Stamp and Tax Office, John Stewart,
collector and distributor, King sti-ect
Steel, James, grocer. Pollock street
Steel, John, surgeon, Herriet street
Stewart, Matthew, baker. King street
Stewart, John, writer,. King street, house
Stevenson, John, tailor, King street
Strang, John, baker, Main street
Strang, William, victualler and spirit
dealer, and Glasgow carrier, Main st.
Struthers, Mrs James, Maxwell Anus
inn. Main street
Struthers, Mrs, grocer. Pollock street
Tassie, James, manager. Western Bank
of Scotland, King street
Tassie, James, Couston-hill
Tassie, John
Thompson, Neal, Camp-hill
Todd, John, flesher and spirit dealer.
King street
Urquhart, Alex., spirit dealer. King st.
Watson, Rev. Alexender, M' Arthur st.
Watson, Duncan, genei'al grocer and
flesher, Main street
Watson, John, tinsmith, Main street
Western Bank of Scotland, King street.
J. Tassie, manager
Willo.K, John, provost, house Wheat-holm
Wilson, Alexander, draper. King stieet
Wilson, Alex., spirit dealer, Pollock st.
Wilson, Andrew,Glasgow carrier. Main st.
Wilson, Jno., grocer & victualler. Main st .
Wilson, L., Langsido House
Winning, Robert, spirit dealer. King st.
Willox, James, Shawlands
Young, James, bleacher, Auld-house-ficld
Young, William, manager, Weaving De-
partment, Auld-house-field
Aitken, George, spirit dealer, Ruther-
glen road
Allan, John, grocer and spirit dealer.
Main street
Arbuckle, George, grocer and spirit mer-
chant, Townhead
Baird, Archibald, spirit dealer, Westfield
Bowman, Wm., spirit merchant. Main st.
Boyd, Jas., boot and shoe maker, Main st.
Brakenridge, Tbos., spirit dealer. Main st,
Brisbane, John, tailor, Townhead
Brown, George, boot and shoe maker,
Main street
Brown, Jas, boot & shoe maker. Main st.
Brown, Jno., boot & shoe maker, Main st.
Brown, John, builder. Main street
Brown, Thomas, boot and shoe maker,
Brown, Wm., boot and shoe maker, Main
Buchanan, John, grocer and spirit deak r
Main street
Burt, James, grocer and spirit merchant.
Main street
Cabbell, John, commission merchant, ho.
Cameron, William, blacksmith. Main st.
Cooper, John, spirit dealer. Main street
Co-operative Society. James Cross, mn -
nager, groceries, wine, and spirit re-
tailer, Fleming's land. Main street
Corbet, John, spirit dealer and confec-
tioner. Main street
Craig, William, smith. Main street
Cross, Charles, Rutherglen Co-operative
Society purchaser, Main street
Cross, James, manager of Co-operative
Society. Groceries, wine, and spirit
retailer, Fleming's land. Main street
Cruickshank, Alex., of A. ^ J. Cruick-
sliank, house Govanbank, Little Govan
Davidson, Alex., spirit dealer, Townhead
Dick, John, grain merchant, Shawfield
Don, Charles, builder, Millwynd
Donaldson, Jas., surveyor of poors' rateai
& prison, Glasgow, ho. Elmfoot, Little

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