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Baird, Thomas, councillor
Stewart, Matthew, do.
Tassie, James, do.
T,eckie, Robert, do.
Hossie, James, do.
Wilkie, David, town-clerk
Livingston, James, treasurer
M'Intyre, Rev. Duncan, Eastwood
Watson, Alexander, Chapel-of-Ease
Henderson, Peter, Free church
M'Laren James, U. Presbyterian church
Moscrip, Clement, Original Secession
Henderson, James, do. do.
Anderson, John, manager, Titwood col-
Austin, John, Cowglen
Austin, William, miller, Main street
Baird, Thomas, grocer, ITerriet street
Baird, Thomas, & Co., dyers, Herriet st.
Barles, John, spirit dealer. Main street
Biggar, Matthew, warper. Main street
Bissett, Andrew, 1 Cross street
Bisset, Mrs John, grocer & spirit dealer,
Herriet street
Boyd, Mrs J., grocer, Main street
Broadfoot, Alexander, Hillhead
Brown, James, boot and shoe maker,
Pollock street
Brown, John, grocer and spirit dealer.
Main street
Brownlee, James, baker. King street
Buchanan, Duncan, grocer. Pollock street
Burnside, Thomas, spirit dealer, 5 Pollock
Burtin, James, grocer and post-master.
Main street
Campbell, James, spirit dealer. King st.
Campbell, R., slater. Main street
Campbell, Hugh, spirit dealer. Factory st.
Campbell, George, grocer & spirit dealer,
Main street
Cameron, Alex., victualler & spirit dealer.
Main street
Cameron, James, boot maker, Herriet st.
Chapel of Ease, King street
Cogan, John «fe Robert, cotton spinners,
. Hunter street
Colledge, William, factor to Sir John
Maxwell, bart.. House hill
Corbet, Dr Thomas, Main street
Cosgrove, Edward, pawnbroker. Main st.
Crawford, manager of J. ^ R. Co-
gan' s Weaving factory
Crum, John, Auldhouse
Cuthbertson, John, surgeon, Main street
Dick, Alexander, baker, Main street
Dick, James, baker, King street
Douglas, Donald, sheriff-officer. Main st.
Dow, James, flesher, M' Arthur street
Drummond, James, tailor and clothier,
Main street
Drysdale, William, grocer and victualler.
King street
Dunlop, William, grocer <fe spirit dealer,
and ( rlasgow coach-office, Herriet st.
Dunlop, James, Western bank of Scot-
land, King street
Faulds, James, grocer, Cross street
Faulds, James, farmer, Kinnes-head
Finlayson, John, & Son, grocer and vic-
tualler. King street, and Main street
Finlay, James, spirit dealer, Pollock st.
Fleming, J. &, B., bleachers, Newlands
Fleming, James, Newlands
Forrest, Peter, baker, King street
Gas Works, Factory street
Free Church, King street
Gilroy, James, Herriet street
Govan, William, grocer, Main street
Hector William, writer and procurator
fiscal, and sheriff-clerk depute for the
Eastern district of Renfrewshire, Main
street, house Shawlands
Henderson, James, linen and woollen dra-
per, Main street
Henderson, William, baker. Main street
Henderson, Rev. P., Auld-house Cottage
Hendry, James, smith, Cross street
Highlands, Alex., boot and shoe maker,
Main street
Hill, Thomas, Langside Cottage
Hosie, James, baker. Main street
Howat, John, smith, Cartcraigs
Johnston, George, Coustonholra
Johnston, Robert, spirit dealer, King st.
Kessen, Wm., spirit dealer, 37 King st.
King, Alexander, grocer. King street
King, John, cooper. Main street
Leckie, Robert, wright. Factory street
Litster, John, surgeon. Main street
Livingston, Mrs, grocer. Pollock street
Livingston, William, Langside Cottage
Livingston, Jas., inn-keeper. Maxwell st.
Livingston, Mrs, spirit dealer, Shawhill
Logan, Robert, tailor, Shawhill street
Lowden, George, Holburn quarry
M'Burney, Alexander, sheriff-officer and
jailor, Pleasance street
M'Ewan, Jnmes, teacher. Hunter street
M'Ewan, Thomas, Langside
M'Fadyen, Duncan, boot and shoe maker,
Ilerriot street
M'Intyre, Robert, teacher, Cartcraigs st.
M'Intyre, Rev. Duncan, Eastwood Manse
M'Kay, George, broker, Main street
M'Kenzie, John, manager of J. ^- 11.
Cogan's Spinning factory
M'Kenzie, John, civil engineer, Mill-brae
M'Kinlay, Hector, boot and shoe maker,
Main street
MacLaurin, Rev. Jas., Secession church,

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