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Reid, Peter, manager, Govan Dye-works
Reid, Mrs John, grocer, Water-row
Robertson, Robert, Whitefield
Robertson, Mrs, School of Industry
Smith & Roger, iron-ship builders
Steel, John, Suter's-croft
Steven, Moses, Bellahouston
Thomson, Alexander, farmer, Fairfield
Thomson Matthew, Murraypark
Turnbull, John, Elmpark, Govan road
Waddell, Moses, spirit dealer. Water-row
Waddell, Thos., Belize House, Govan rd.
Wallace, William, Govan park, Govan rd.
Walker, James, farmer, East end
White, James, chemist, Fairfield
Wilson, James, farmer. East end
Wishart, George, grocer and spirit dealer
Sweeney, James, & Co., tin-smiths and
Thomson, James, flesher
Walker, John, coal merchant
Walker, John, baker
Whitelaw, John, boot and shoe maker
Wilson, James, spirit dealer, Wyndford !
Alexander, John, clothier
Arbuckle, James, spirit dealer
Bain, E., furnishing shop
Blackwood, John, grocer and spirit dealer
Brown, James, spirit dealer
Bryan, David, saddler
Carragan,Mrs P., spirit dealer, Wyndford
Davis, William, &_.Co., nail manufacts.
Gow, Archibald, victualler and grocer
Horn, James, shoemaker, Wyndford
Jeffrey, Robert, manufacturer, do.
Johnston, David, surgeon
Keir, John, cattle dealer, Wyndford
Lennie, Thomas, gi'ocer and spirit dealer
Lennie, William, grocer and spirit dealer
Liddel, William, spirit dealer
Lyon, James, grocer, Wyndford
M'Donald, Donald, grocer
M'Dowall, William, grocer
M'Intyre, Malcolm, boot and shoe maker
M'Murrach, Mrs, grocer and spirit dealer
Martin, Mrs James, innkeeper, Bull inn
Meikle, James, tailor and clothier
Miller, Jas., blacksmith & ploughmaker,
Mitchell, Walter, wright, Wyndford
Morton, James, provision merchant
Niven, Hugh, manufacturer and calico-
printer. Beech-bank
Paterson, Dougald, baker
Paton, James, blacksmith
Paxton, James, grocer and spirit dealer
Pollock, Walter, spirit dealer, Wyndford
Renwiek, Andrew, farmer, Garbraid
Robertson, James, victualler & coal mer.
Russel, J., parochial teacher
Scott, James, contractor
Sim, James, grocer
Stewart, John, surgeon, Endrick place
Stewart, Mrs Donald, grocer & spirit deal.
Swan, David, ship builder, Kelvindock
saw mills
Adams, Andrew, spirit dealer, Westmuir
Aitken, Mrs, Crown-point House
Alexander, Claude, carter, Eurnbank
Algie, William, carter
Allen, Archibald, tea dealer, burgher
Anderson, Alexander, spirit dealer^
Arbuckle, James, carter
Auld, Rev. William
Barr, Mrs. grocer, Westmuir
Beveridge, William, wright
Black, Thomas, cattle dealer
Brodie, William, grocer
Brodie, William, shoemaker, Westmuir
Brown, Robert, cowfeeder, Camlachie
Brown, William, spirit dealer, do.
Buchanan, Thomas, spirit dealer, do.
Chalmers, James, farmer. New-bank
Colquhoun, John, carter, AVestmuir
Corbet, John, cooper, Camlachie
Craig, William, miller, Westthorn
Crichton, George, spirit dealer, Westmuir
Crichton, Robina, spirit dealer, do.
Crosbie, Robert, grocer
Davidson, Daniel, quarryman, Westmuir
Donaldson, Robert, manufacturer
Downie, Mrs, spirit dealer
Duncan, James, carter
Farie, Mrs, Westthorn
Farmer, Alexander, smith
Ferguson, James, grocer, Camlachie
Findlay, Andrew, carter, Westmuir
Findlay, Rev. James, Camlachie
Fleck, Hugh, spirit dealer, do.
Fleming, Archibald, grocer, do.
Fleming, David, farmer, Westthorn
Forsyth, James, druggist, Westmuir
Galbraith, William, wright & grocer, do.
Galloway, Wm., grocer & spirit dealer, do.
Gardner, Alexander, grocer, Camlachie
Gilchrist, Thomas, cooper
Gordon, John, nailer
Gosland, James, spirit dealer, Camlachie
Gray, Charles, farmer, Carntyne
Gray, James, builder, Westmuir
Gray, John, land-measurer
Gray, William, spirit dealer, Westmuir
Hart, John, carter, do.
Hart, William, carter, do.
Henderson, James, teacher
Henderson, Wm., grocer & spirit dealer,
Hodge, William, carter
Honeyman, Geo., wine and spirit mercht

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