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M'Donald, William, Welsh Rabbit, 19
Gallowgate street
M'Farlane, Peter, Thistle, STGlasstord st.
M'Fie, Eliz., Ayrshire, 3 Howard street
M'Gown, Robt., Abbotsford, 109 Argyll
street, and 9 Maxwell street
M'Intyre, Duncan, 35 Gallowgate st.
M'lntyre, Mrs Peter, 13 Brunswick pi.
M'Kay, Mrs, Claremont, 10 Stockwellst.
M'Kendrick, A., 47 Stoekwell street
M'Kendrick, A., Cossack, '6*1 Miller's pi.
M'Kenzie, Colin, Vine, 137 Argyll st.
M'Kinnon, A., Caledonian and Ayrshire,
228 Broomielaw street
M'Laren, Mrs John, Rob Roy, Reid's
court, 66 Trongate street
M'Neil, John, Glasgow Bridge, 20
Broomielaw street
M'Neil, R., Bank, 33 Trongate street
M'Pherson, Hugh, Tron, 114 Trongate st.
Manson, David, Perthshire, 37 Trongate
Melville, James, 29 Jamaica street
Menzies, Archibald, Ram's Hoi-n, 137
Candleriggs street
Menzies, Jas., Rainbow, 6 Bridge street,
and 3 Clyde place
Miller, Robert, Fingal, 65 High street
Miller, William, 47 Clyde place
Mitchell, William, Queen Mary's, 20 N.
London road
Morrison, Mrs Daniel, 110 Broomielaw st.
Muir, Hugh, 66 Trongate street
Paterson, Joseph, 38 Ingram street
Porter, George, Clyde-bank, Finnieston
Rigg, Alexander, Eagle, 49 Broomielaw
Robertson, Donald, 85 Trongate street
Robertson, John, Ftne, 220 & 222 High st.
Robertson, William, 40 Candleriggs st.
Robertson, William, Currier's Arms, 56
Trongate street
Robertson, Mrs John, Sir John Moore's,
7 George square
Robson, Mrs J., Liverpool and Dumfries,
136 Broomielaw street
Russell, Robert, 11 Kent street
Scott, Arthur, Turf, 203 Argyll street
Scott, John, Olive Branch, 49 Trongate st.
Scott, Mrs John, Scots' Grey, 18 Salt-
market street
Scott, William, Eagle, 62 Argyll street
Seaton, John, 43 Trongate street
Shearer, Geo., Caledonian, 192 Argyll st.
Sinclair, D., National, 179 Argyll street
Smith, H. J., 19 Saltmarket street
Smith, J. <fc W., Lord Byron, 8 Broomie-
law street
Smith, Robert, Ox, 148 Trongate street
Smith, Robt., & Co.,Bush,S(i Trongate st.
Smith, William, 23 Anderston quay
Smith, Mrs, 44 Trongate street
Stewart, William, 108 Broomielaw street
Stimpson, W., Globe, 41 & 45 George sq.
Thomson, Andw,, Globe, 18 Saltmarket st.
Thomson, James, 103 Hutcheson street
Thomson, Mrs J., Bazaar, 4 Wilson st.
Ui-e, John, Glasgow Arms, 10 King st.
Walker, Mrs, 66 Trongate street
Wallace, Richard, 8 Gibson street
Weir, Wm., Red Lion, 72 Gt. Clyde st.
Weymouth, Mrs, 106 Gallowgate street
Williamson, A., ^in^'s-ilrms, 66 Trongate
Young, A., M., 35 Gallowgate street
Young, Mrs William, 49 Trongate street
Yuile, Wm., Pope's Eye, Moodie's court,
31 Argyll street
Aitken, J. H., 48 George square
Brown, Alexander, 2 Havannah street
Currie, Joseph, Garnet Bank academy, 6
Thistle street
Kelso, Henry, 42 Port-Dundas road
Low, Fletcher Read, LL.D., High school'
M'Burney, Isaiah, B.A., Glasgow acad.
M'Kay, A. & D., 72 St. George's place
M'Kinlay, Peter, High school
Smith, Rev. D., A.M., 116 Renfrew st.
Thomson, Alexander, 280 George street
Bolton, A. M., Baronial hall. South
Portland street
Bolton, W., Assembly rooms, Ingram st.
Galloway, G. Marie, 144 West NUe st.
Lowe, Robert, 124 West Campbell street
Stark, Hugh, 286 George street
Thomson, A„ jun., 115 West Campbell
Thomson, James, 100 West Nile street
Beith, W., 117 West Campbell street
Bently, Mrs, 4 Wemyss place
Cameron, Mrs, 98 West Nile street
Crawford, John, Andersonian University,
George street
Fairbairn, Thomas, 171 West Regent st.
Hutcheson, J. A., High School
M'Manus, H. A. R. H. A., head master,
Glasgow School of Design
Wandesforde, Juan B., Collegiate School,
Clarence place, 141 Sauchiehall street
Aitken, J. H., 48 George square
Hartley, A. M., 95 South Portland st.
M'Donald, Alex, 17 Bedford street
Ritchie, John, 19 South Apsley place
Afleck, Thomas, 75 Thistle st., Hutcheson-
Aitken, D. T., 6 Rottenrow street
Aitken, J. H., St. John's, Macfarlane st.,
and 48 George square

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