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Christie, William, 84 Saltmarket street
Clark, Heni-y, 14 George st.. Mile-end
Clarke, Samuel, 235 High street
€]arke, W. E. C, 63 High John street
Clements, Kobert, VSO Gallowgale street
Ccats, Archibald, 9 Dundas st.. Kingston
Coats, John, M. D., 225 Argyll street
Connel, James, GO High street
Connar, Arthur, 48 Saltmarket street
Corbett, R. T., M D., 1 Abbotsford place
Couper, Dr J., M.D., 16 Moore pbee
Cowan, William, M.D.,32 Stirling's rd.
Craig, William, 238 High street
Crawford, John, M. D.,75 Bath street
Cruickshanks, J. S., 41 Bell street
Cunninghame, D., 23 Canning street
Cunningham, Dr T., I Norfolk street
Davidson,W. M.,M.D., 69 Hutcheson st.
a Dick, John, 2 London street
Dickson, John R., M.D., 134 Mains' st.,
corner of Sauchiehail street
Donald, James, 47 Kiik street Calton
Donaldson, Alexander, 121 High street
Dougan, J., 7 W. Milton st., Cowcaddens
DougLis H., Douglas's buildings, Main
street, Bridgeton
Douglas, James, M.D., 131 and 117
King street
Douglas, J. C, 107 George street
Drury, William, Lunatic asylum. Gam-
Eadie, James, 371 Gallowgate sti-eet
Easton, Dr, 49 Montrose street
a Easton, W., 10 Green street, Calton
Fergus, Andrew, 454 Argyll street, house
55 Sauchiehail street
Ferrie, William, M.D., 9 Gordon street,
house 8 Abercromby place
Findlay, Dr John, 43 Sauchiehail street,
house 13 Victoria place, W. Regent st.
Finlay, Dr William, 280 Argyll s'treet
Fisher, Dr A., 274 Geoi-ge street
Fleming, Dr J. G., 12 Abercromby place,
190 West George street
Fleming, J., 57 Main street, Anderston
Forbes, Alex , M.D., 85 S. Portland street
•Forman, A. M., 1 Kirk street, and 47
Gallowgate street
Forrester, John, 314 High street
Foulds, Matthew, at Dr M'Kenzie's, 33
George square
Fraser, James, 1 12 Broom ielaw street
Fulton, Henry, 16 Adelphi street
Gardner, Dr John, 141 George street
Garroway, R., 26 John street, Bridgeton
Gibb, W. R., M.D., 26 India street
Gibson, David, M.D., 134 Bath street
Gibson, M. H., 10 Adelphi street
Gillespie, Peter, 12 Clyde terrace
Glass, J., 33 Kent street, and 246 Gal-
lowgate street
Gowdie, J., 38 South Portland street
Grseme, John, 144 High street
Gi'ay, Thomas, V27 Gallowgate street
Greer, James, 62 Nelson street, and 102
South Portland street, and 11 Hutchi-
son street
Gribben, Henry, M.D., 133 Bridgegate st.
Hall, Alfred, M.D., 133 St. Vincent st.
Hall, William, 144 Stobcross street
Hannah & Shaw, 11 Saltmarket street
Harvey, James, 60 Renfrew street
Hatrick, John, 148 Gallowgate street
Hay, John Barras, 408 Argyll street
Hay, Robert, 14 Great Clyde street
Howatt, II. R., 158 Main street, Gorbals
Hunter, R., 4 Govan street
Hunter, Robert, M.D.,33 N. Hanover st.
Hunter, W., 249 Gallowgate street
Hutcheson, Dr AV., Royal Lunatic asy-
lum, Gartnavel
Tnglis, T., M.D., 178 George street
Jeffrey, James, M.D., College
Jeffrey, James, jun., M.D., College
Johnston, A., 195 Cowcaddens street
Kerr, Drs J. & W., 40 Cambridge street
King, Dr A., 37 Bath street
Kirk, James, 405 Gallowgate street
Lauder, John, 7 New street,- Calton
Lawrie, Dr, 15 Moore place
Leech, John, IM.D., 77 S. Portland st.
Leitch, John, 205 Gallowgate street
Lindsay, Alexauder, 08 Stockwell street
Lindsay, John, 23 Hutcheson street
Lo:rnin, AVilliam B., 2 Windsor place,
Sauchiehail street
Lyon, W., 92 Fife place, W. George st.
M'Allister, Alexander, 33 Abbotsford pL
M'Aslan, A., 106 Main street, Anderston
M'Carthy, Charles, 7 Findlav street
M'Donald, AVm., M.D , 359 Argyll st.
M'Donnell, Archibald, 174 Saltmarket
M'Donnell, Dr R. W., 174 Saltmarket st.
M'Dowall, Dr J., 11 Maxwell street
M'Dougall, John K., 271 Gallowgate st.
M'Ewan, Andrew, 13 Stobcross street
M'Ewan, George, and oculist, 87 Main
.street, Anderston
M'Ewan, James, 15 Gre.it Hamilton st.
M'Ewan, Dr John, 13 Pitt street
M'Farlane, Dr J., 142 St. A'^incent st.
M'Farlane, John, 175 Castle street
M'Gavin, John D., M.D. , Royal Lunatic
asylum, Gartnavel
M'Gregor, Robert, 48 West Nile street
M'Intyre, John, 68 Main st., Bridgeton
M'Kenzie, E., 70 Oxford street
Mackenzie, AVilliam, M.D., oculist to Her
Majesty, consulting-rooms 33 George
square, house 188 Buchanan street
Mackie, A., M.D., 71 South Portland st.
M'Kim, J., M.D., 109 Rottenrow street
M'Lachlan, Duncan, 7 Lawraoor place
M'Lagan, A., M.D., 108 AVcst Nile st.
Maclaine, J. D., 19 Clyde place

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