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Tnraer, Robert, 23 Blackfriars street
a Urquhart, Donald, 7 Douglas street
Walker, Thomas, 102 Sauchiehall street
a Wardlaw, W., 100 West George street
Way man, William, 42 Gordon street
Webster, John, 92 Glassford street '
Weir, Matthew, 229 Argyll street
White, John 26 Sauchiehall street
White, John, 60 Mitchell street
Wilson, David, i? Stockwell street
Wilson, Edward, 24 Hospital street
Wilson, Henry G., 17 Kirk street, Calton
Wishart, Thomas, 1 1 St. Andrew lane
a Wotherspoou, A., 478 Argyll street
Young, John, 222 Gallowgate street
Young, W. & R., 44 Trongate street
Cree, A. &, W., 77 Buchanan street
M'Crie, W., 42 Bath street
Wylie & Lochead, 28 Argyll street
See Painters.
Collins, Edward, & Son, 58 Brunswick
Duncan, A., <fe Sons, 81 Clyde street,
Anders ton
Ferguson, John, 45 Candleriggs and 16
Queen street
M'Arthur, James, & Co., 82 Glassford st.
Orr, Peter, glass and emery, 43 High st.
Stark, George, fmcy, 31 Argyll street
W^alkinshaw, J., & Co., Queen court, 62
Queen street
Weir, Robert, 44 Queen street
Bain, D., 23 South Frederick street, and
40 Cathedral street
Bain, Thomas, & Co., 221 George street
CuUen, John, fancy, 68 Glassford street
Ferguson, D., & Son, 68 Glassford street
Ferguson, John, fancy, 255 George street
Glasgow, /(xncy. Manufactory, 85 Mitchell
Houston, J. & A., fancy, 48 No. Fre-
derick street
Mitchell, Robert, 1 7 Virginia street
Provan, Miss J., 19 Brunswick place
Scott, J. & A., & Co., 85 Mitchell street
Stevenson, James, 10 Sydney court,
Argyll street
Weir, C, 65 George street
Cairns, Walter, 74 Glassford street
Craig, Thomas, 62 Argyll street
Franklin, William, 25 Dunlop street, and
Hoodie's court, Argyll street
M'Cormack, D., 24 Queen street
M'Kay, Mrs WiUiam, 181 Trongate
M'Lauchlin, William, 24 Wilson street
Crawford, Hugh, 55 High street
Ferguson, John, 45 Candleriggs st., and
16 Queen street
M'Crie, W., 42 Bath street
Stark, George, 31 Argyll street, woi-ks
Waterport buildings. Great Clyde st.
See also Stationers, and Booksellers and
Those marked (a) are also Rag Dealers,
a Bayne, Alexander, & Co., 19 Bell st.
a Bruce & Co., 172 and 174 Broomielaw
street, and 11 and 13 Delftfield lane
Cathcart, 10 and 12 Bell street
Dalmuir, 58 Brunswick street
Dalsholra, 83 Glassford street
Duncan, A., & Son, 81 Clyde street, An-
Ferguson, M., 14 King street
a Gouilay, James, 3 Little Dovehill
M'Arthur, James, & Co., 82 Glassford st.
M'Millan & Marshall, 71 Bell street
Wilson, John, 68 Broomielaw street
a Wilson, M., & Co., 22 Bell street
Wilson, Richard, 43 Candleriggs street
Those marked fa) ate only Pattern
a Barclay, Thomas, 5 1 New Bridge street
Bell, Robert, 62 Queen street
a Brown, Wm., Albion et., N. Albion st.
Buchanan, John, 24 Wilson street ;,
Chisholm, James, 16 Commei'ce street
Cook, William, 14 Garthland street
Davidson, A., 84 John street
Easton, James, 30 Cumberland street
a Ewing, James, 84 John street
Finlayson, John, 68 Glassford street
Glassford, William, 25 Gordon street
Hamilton, William, 49 Cadogan street
Innes, John, 24 Wilson street
Lauder, John, 95 Candleriggs street
Lewis, William, 38 Broomielaw street
Lubienski, C, 3 West Nile street
M'Laren, Archibald, 180 Hope street
Morrison, Archibald, 18 Hutcheson st.
Morison, John, & Son, 22 Pitt street
Murphy, J. & A., 17 Cambridge street
Murphy, James, jun., 50 North Hanover
a Murphy, Neil, 107 Buchanan street
Murphy, Thomas, jun., 120 S. Albion st.
Pritchard, James, 51 Bridge street
Ralston, Peter, 475 Gallowgate street
Speirs, William, at A. TurnbuU ^- Co-'s
Thomson, Alexander, Partick
Thomson, John, head of Finnieston road

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