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M'Cracken, Mrs Jas., 6 Baltnanno st.
M'Dermid, Peter, 73 John street
M' Donald, Mrs, 82 George street
M'Dowall, Mrs, 60 Garnet place
M'Fai'lane, Misses, 86 Bath street
M'Hattie, Miss, 116 Renfrew street
M'Intyre, Miss, 64 West Regent street
M'Kellar, Mrs D., 23 North Albion st.
M'Kenzie, Miss, 68 West Regent street
M'Kerrow, Mrs, 50 North Albion street
M'Kie, Mrs, 20 Main street
M'Kie, Mrs John, 292 Argyll street
M'Kinnon, Mrs, 50 North Hanover st.
M'Leary, Miss, 10 George street
M'Lellan, Mrs, 62 George street
M'Leod, Mrs, 285 Argyll street
M'Leod, Mrs, 180 Hope street
M'Nab, Miss, 40 North Frederick street
M'Nair, Mrs, 10 George street
M'Pherson, Mrs, SO North Albion street
Marks, Mrs, 198 Buchanan street
Marshall, Miss, 5 South Hanover street
Middleton, Mrs, 88 North Hanover st.
Miller, Mrs Adam, 55 Renfrew street
Milligan, Mi-s, 424~Argyll street
Milliken, Mrs, 180 West Regent street
Milne, Mrs George, 68 Bath street
Milroy, Mrs, 47 Renfrew street
Mitchell, Mrs, 21 College street
Mitchell, Mrs, 3 Bath street
Montgomerie, Mrs, 44 George street
Muir, Mrs, 63 John street
Nisbet, Mrs, 109 Argyll street
Paton, Miss, 79 Renfield street
Peebles, Mrs, 292 Argyll street
Phillips', 44 Hutcheson street
Power, Mrs, 82 George street
Rankin, Mrs, 94 North Frederick street
Rattray, Mrs James, 39 Crown street
Richmond, Miss, 29 Hutcheson street
Robertson, Mrs, 119 George street
Russell, Mrs, 51 West Regent street
Salmond, Mrs, 15 Renfrew street
Scott, Mrs, 56 Bath street
Sheridan, Mrs, 96 South Portland street
Shields, Mrs, 51 Union street
Smith, Mrs, 86 Bath street
Stewart, Miss, 51 West Regent street
Stewart, Mrs, 95 Crown street
Stewart, Mrs, 41 North Albion street
Strathern, Mrs, 27 Montrose street
Sutherland, Mrs, 71 George street
Sutherland, Mrs A., 48 N. Fredei'ick st.
Sutherland, Mrs John, 47 Norfolk street
Taylor, Mrs, 76 Hospital street
Templeton, Mrs T., 113 Rottenrow street
Turner, Mrs S., 327 Argyll street
Waddell, Mrs, 102 Blackfriars street
Walker, Mrs, 28 Eglinton street
Wallace, Richard, 11 George street
Whyte, Mrs J., 47 Adelpbi street
Wilkie, Mrs, 146 Sauehiehall street
Wilson, Mrs, 330 Argyll street;
Wilson, Mi's W., 40 Union street
Wood, Mrs, 40 Union street
Wylie, Mrs Alexander, 1 1 9 George st.
Young, James, 1 1 Nicholson street
Young, Mrs, 54 West Regent street
Young, Mrs Wm., 50 N. Hanover street
Angus's, 7 Argyll street
Beggs, Mrs, 72 Argyll street
Bell's, Mrs, 39 North Hanover street
Bowe, Peter, 1 Bridge street
Cameron, Duncan, 16 Anderston quay.
Broom ielaw street
Clark, Mrs, 23 Jamaica street
Darsie, 17 East George street
Diamond, John, 49 Broomielaw street
Dickson, James, 25 and S3 George sq.
Fleming's, 80 Broomielaw street
Gardner, Mrs, 5 Union street
Garrick's, 24 Stockwell street
Harvey, Mrs J., 5 Wood lane, Broom-
ielaw street
Lisenheim, Mrs Esther, 46 Dunlop st.
Livingston, Henry, 10 Anderston quay
M'Farlane, Peter, 37 Glassford street"
M'Intyre's, 59 Trongate street
Mein, Mi-s Peter, 69 Glassford street
Miller, Mrs, 38 Broomielaw street
Neilson's, 68 Glassford street
Powell's, Mrs, 72 Wilson street
Shearer's, Mrs, 37 Jamaica street
Smith's, 72 Broomielaw street
Sutherland, Mrs, 47 Norfolk street
Sutherland, Mrs A., 48 N. Frederick st.
Walker, Mrs, 66 Trongate street
Wood, William, 62 Great Clyde street
Wright, Mrs D., 72 Broomielaw street
Chisholm, D., <fc Son, Sauehiehall street
Finlay, J., 49 Buchanan street
Galletti, A., 24 Argyll arcade
Gerletti, C, 10 Candleriggs street
M'Call, James, 8 Sauehiehall street
Oppenheim, W. M., 1 1 Miller street
Riva, J. & M., 143 High street
Wilson, & Co., shop 117 Trongate street,
works Commerce street, Tradeston,
and Dobbie's loan, Port-Dundas.
Anderston Foundry Co., Cheapside street
Black & Bowie, 72i Main st. Anderston
Brown, J., Union place, Anderston
Campbell & Christie, 598 Gallowgate
Clark, John, jun., <fe Co., George street,
Collier, J., & Co., Deftfield lane
Cook, D., & Co., Commerce street

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