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Gray & Son, 67 Trongate st., and 107
Buclianan street
Kerr, James, 145 Argyll street
Lauder, John, 95 Candleriggs street
Mack & Smith, 110 Buchanan street
M' Donald, Daniel, 31 Argyll street
M'Laren, Alex., 20 Royal Exchange £q.
M'Lure, D., 99 Trongate street
M'Lure & M'Donald, 57 Buchanan st.
M'Pherson, Alexander, 19 Balmanno st.
M'Tear, A., 95 Argyll street
Miller & Buchanan, 21 Argyll street
Mitchell, J. & Co., 45 Argyll arcade
Middleton, James, 74 Argyll street
Morrison, Archibald, 18 Hutcheson st.
Munro, George, 59 Trongate street
Paterson, Thomas, 69 Hutcheson street,
house 124 Brunswick street
Pritty, Francis, 36 Argyll arcade
Rae & Macaulay, 120 Buchanan street
Ruaaell, William, 46 Gordon street
Swan, Joseph, 65 St. Vincent street
Wilson, H., 191 Trongate street
Young, John, 126 Ingram street
Bain, Dayid R., 83 Hope street, and
West George lane, Hope street
Boyle, John, 106 High street
Dewar, William, 5 and 7 W. George st.
Hendrie, John, 251 Argyll street
Henry, John, East George lane
Howarth, Samuel, 41 J West George st.
Lawson, H., & Son, 128 Queen street
M'Candlish, Robert, 134 West Campbell
I^isbet, J., jun., 22 Howard street
Pride, William, 67 St. Vincent street
Royal Hotel, livery stables, 5 N. Queen
Royal Victoria Horse Bazaar, J. Walker,
104 West Nile street
Scott, J. F., 62 North Havover street
Thorp, t., 41 Renfield street
, Walker, James, Tontine hotel
Walker, Jas., 102 and 104 West Nile st.
Wyiie & Lochead, 28 Argyll street
Clark, A. & L,, 50 and 52 Union street
Drew, William, 66 Wilson street
M'.Connal, Robt., 112 Port-Dundas road
Oliphant, Robert, 62 Old vennel
Paterson, William, & Son, 19 Ann street
Stobo, William, 42 Maitland street
Waddell, George, 5 Sauchiehall street,
works 16 Renfrew lane
Aitkenhead, Mrs, 201 Buchanan street
Anderson Miss, 118 George street
Ballantyne, James, 82 George street
Begg, Mrs William, 72 Argyll street
Bell, Mrs Robert, 138 Hope street
Bell, Mrs William, 24 Robertson street
Bertram, Mrs, 255 George street
Black, Mrs G., 63 John street
Black, Mrs, 66 North Hanover street
Brown, Archibald, 144 Queen street
Brown, Mrs James, 45 Crown street
Buchanan, Mrs, 36 Sauchiehall street
Buchanan, Mrs G., 4 Cambridge street
Buchanan, Mrs, 48 North Frederick st.
Buckie, Mrs, 28 North Portland street
Burton, Mrs, 45 Union street
Cadenhead, Mrs, 8 Douglas street
Campbell, Miss, 44 West Regent street
Campbell, Miss Agnes, 3 St. En;;ch sq.
Candlish, Miss, 95 George street
Colquhoun, Mrs William, 33 John street
Clark, Miss Mary, 22 Balmanno street
Corbett, Miss, 128 Union street
Cumming, Misses, 29 College street
Davidson, Mrs D., 47 Adelphi street
Duncan, Mrs, 100 George street
Dougall, Mrs James, 8 Cornwall place,
Stirling's road
Eadie, A., 45 John street
Evving, Mrs W., 55 Renfrew street
Finlay, Mrs, 190 Rottenrow street
Ferguson, Mrs William, 6 Ure place,
Montrose street
Finlayson, Mrs, 141 George street
Fleming, Mrs, 26 George street
Forrester, Mrs J., 37 Adelphi street
Fotheringham, Mrs James, 278 Argyll st.
France, Mrs William, 30 Hope street
Fyfe, Mrs, 50 North Albion street
Galloway, Miss, 47 Bath street
Gibson, Mrs, 81 John street
GilfiUan, Mrs, 9 Clyde place
Graham's, 20 Union street
Graham, Miss, 44 North Frederick st.
Graham, Misses, 255 George street
Gray, Mrs John, 77 West Nile street
Hagarfs, Mrs, 40 Weaver street
Hardie, Mrs, 23 George street
Harley, Mrs, 435 Argyll street
Harrison, Mrs, 63 High John street
Hay, Mrs Robert, 1 1 George street
Ilewit, Miss, 4 Wellington street
Johnstone, Mrs, 41 Clyde buildings
Johnston, Mrs, 52 Renfield street
Johnston, Miss, 52 Renfield street
Keir, Mrs, 96 Cambridge street
Kennedy, Mrs, 89 John street
King, Mrs, 33 John street
Lawson, Miss, 45 John street
Leslie, Mrs, 14 Shuttle street
Loudon, Mrs, 46 Clyde buildings
Love, Mrs H., 16 Hope street
M'Aulay, Miss, 121 Wellington street
M'Beth, Miss, 73 John street
M'Callum, A., 15 Renfrew street
M'Connell, Miss, 73 West Nile street

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