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Elgin, W., & Son, 18 Main st., Calton,
and 190 Argyll street
Fulton, William, 6 Merchants' lane,
Bridgegate street
Hardie, J. <fe A., T8 Spoutmouth
JoUie & Burt, 83 Kirk street, Calton
Laing, William, 23 St. Andrew street
M'Andrew, John, 130 Stockwell street,
and 71 Bridgegate street
M'Caul, Gilbert, & Sons, 10, 12, and U
Garthland street
M'Dougall, R., 11 St. Enoch wynd
M'Gregor, John, 10 Turner's court, and
15 Croy place
M'Intosh, Peter, 129 Stockwell' street
M'Kenzie, Donald, 259 Buchanan street
M'Leod, Alexander, 47 Glassford street
Mitchell, Alexander, 57 Stockwell street
Mitchell, William, 13 Dixon street
Morrison, J. & J., 61 Gt. Hamilton st.
Muirhead, Andrew, 13 Back wynd, and
18 Saltmarket sti-eet
Muii'head, J., 23 Old wynd--
Mushet J., 54: St Andrew square
Naismith, A., 5 St. Andrew square
Ross, Jas., & Son, 33 North Albion st.
Slaughter, W. H., 23 St. Andrew square
Steel. W., 151 Gallowgate street
Sword & Johnston, 45 Stockwell street
Watson, William, 15 Adelphi st., Hutche-
Welsh. Wra., <fc Co., 49 St. Andrew sq.,
15 Main street, Gorbals, and 22 Bridge
street, Tradeston
Whitehead, J., & Son, 23 St. Andrew sq.
Young, J., 73 Prince's street
Craig, John, geology and natural Mstery,
289 Parliamentary road^
Goyder. Rev. D'. G., phrenology, 25 North
Albion street
Rattray, Jas., botany, 168 Gallowgate st.
Annan, James, & Sons, 81 Mitchell st.,
and 300 Buchanan street
Annan, Wm., & Co., 390 Parliamentary
M'CuUoch, Moses, & Co., 168 Gallow-
gate street
Bannatyne. Robt., 30 Canning st., Calton
Bridgeton Public, 9 John st., Bridgeton
Calton Public, Mechanics' hall, Canning
Campbell, William, 324 Argyll street
Glasgow Public, 151 George street
Gorbals Church and Parish, Session ho.
Hicks, John, 122 and 124 Queen street
Hamilton, Wm., 139 and 141 Renfield st.
Laurie, Robt,, 52 Bridge st., Tradeston
U 2
iM'Leod, George, 30 Gordon street
Mechanics', 61 North Hanover street
Miller, Robert, 57 Gallowgate street
Morrison, John, 2 1 New Bridge street
Morrison, R., 186 Gallowgate street
Murchie, John, 93 Main st., Anderston
Niven, William W., Glasgow Library
North Quarter, 31 Drygate street
Procurators', 13 John street. H. Blair,
Rae, John, & Co., 249 High street
Rattray, Charles, 470 A.rgyll street
Rattray, Charles, 5 Normal place
Sime, William, 82 Garscube place
Stirling's, 52 Miller street
Strachan, William, 19 Oxford street
Struthers, John, 52 Miller street
Urie, John, 25 George street
Watson, George, 23 Nortli Albion street
(See Ady.ertisement)
Watson, F. W., 34 Stevenson street
West,. Charles, 179 Hi^h street
Dick, George, Port-Dundas
Donaldson, G., 9 Oswald street
Garnkirk Co., office Cleland Testimo«^J
M'Lintock, William, 27 Kirk st., Gorbaj(s
Marshall, Gavin, Langfauld work^, East
Kilpatrick. Letters left at WifliaKi
Dufl^'s, 12 Stockwell street
Marshall, John, Port-Eglinton
Mathieson, Daniel, Moore street, Gallow-
gate street
Mathieson, Kenneth, 26 Ohalmev's_street
Cruden, G., 185 Gallowgate street
Fleming, W. & J., & Co., 4 Stirling sq-.
M'Culloeh, Moses, & Co., 168 Gallow-
gate street
Alexander, Thomas, 120 Buchanan at.
/Ulan & Ferguson, Turner's court. 87
Ai-gyll street
Barr, John, 7 Argyll street
Brown, Robert M., and copperplaf'.; 2 Ik
Jamaica street
Campbell, Walter, 1 6 Queen street
Cook, WUliani, 14 Garthland street
Cun-ie, Mackie, & Ivirkwood, 94 Millei*
Dow, Jolui G., 56 Trongate st., ar.d 2S
Nelson street
Duncan, D. F., 2 Sydney court
Finlayson, John, 68 Glassford street
Gilchrist, William, 145 Argyll street
Gilmour & Dean, 86 Buchanan street, n!J
13 Exchange place
Gorman, William, & Co., 99 Trongijte st.

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