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Ramsay, William, Clifton street
Randolph, Elliot, & Co., 12 Centre st.
Robb, Charles, 9 South Apsley place
Robertson & Listen, 79 Mitchell street
Rowan & Co., East Milton street
Smith & Rodger, St. James's foundry,
Broomielaw street
Todd & MacGregor, Anderston quay
Turnbull, J., Canal-basin foundry
Wilson, William G., London Vulcan
Works, Port-Dundas
Wingate, T., & Co., Adelphi foundry,
and Springfield
Tule & Wilkie, 58 Port-Dundas road
Alexander, Thomas, and lithographer,
120 Buchanan street
Allan & Ferguson, and lithographers, 87
Argyll street
Barr, John, and lithographer, 7 Argyll st.
Boston, Thomas, seal, 190 Trongate st.
Brown, Robert, M., copperplate and litho-
grapher, 29 Jamaica street
Bruce, James, to calico-printers. Petti-
grew street
Campbell, Walter, and lithographer, 16
Queen street
Crawford, David, die, stamp, and seal, 22
Argyll street
Docherty, Stephen, & Fulton, to calico-
printers, 88 Duke street
Duncan, D. F., Sydney court
Fryer, T.T., to calico-printers, 40 John st.
Gilchrist, William, 1 45 Argyll street
Gilmour «fc Dean, 86 Buchanan street
Gorman, William, <fe Co., and lithogra-
phers, 99 Trongate
Gray & Son, 67 Trongate, and 107 Bu-
chanan street
Grocott, Thomas, 13 Wellington arcade
Hamilton, Robert, stamp, die, and seal,
190 Trongate
Hislop, Jenkins, & Co., to calico printers,
65 M' Alpine street
Kerr, James, 145 Argyll street
King, Matthew, 13 Argyll street
Leggat, James, stone, 57 Rutherglen loan
Lockett, Brothers, to calico printers, 40
John street
Mack & Smith, 110 Buchanan street
M'Donald, Daniel, copperplate and litho-
grapher, 31 Argyll street
M'Kenzie, P., stamp, die, and seal cutter,
31 Argyll street
M'Laren, Alexander, lithographer, 20
Royal Exchange square
M'Lure & M'Donald, to Her Majesty, 57
Buchanan street
M'Tear, Andrew, 95 Argyll street
Middleton, James, 74 Argyll street
Mitchell, James, & Co., and lithographer,
45 Argyll arcade
Munro, G., copperplate and lithographer,
59 Trongate street
Paterson, Arch., copperplate, 6 King st.
Pritty, Francis, 36 Argyll arcade
Scott, J., 10 Jamaica street
Swan, Joseph, 65 St. Vincent street
Urie, John, wood, 19 Gallowgate street
Wilson, H., 191 Trongate street
Young, James, to calico-printers, William
street, Anderston
Young, John, 120 Ingram street
See also Smiths and Farriers.
Downie, W., 1 4 East Campbell street
Frazer, James, 229 Argyll street
See Upholsterers.
Beattie, James, 17 St. Andrew street
Gunn & Co., 46 Jamaica street
Hethcrington, R. & M., 94 West street
Bannatyne, Ninian, 45 Jamaica street
Fulton, James, 91 Argyll street
M'Ewan, Colin, 52 Howard street
M'Intyre, M'Laren, <fc Co., 77 Maxwell
street, and 3 East Howard street
M'Laren, M. A., 109 Bridgegate street
M'Lay, William, 126 Stock well street
M'Lennan, Geo. & Simon, 23 East Ho-
ward street
Menzies, William, 16 Dixon street
Methuen, James, 30 Ann street. R.
Malcolm, agent
M'Leod, D., & Son, 43 Clyde buildings
Smith, William, 41 London street
Bentley, William, 8 Broomielaw
Dairon, John, 68 Queen street
DougaU, J. D., 52 Argyll arcade
Grierson, James, 21 Hutcheson street
Martin, Alexander, 18 Exchange square
Panton, George, 32 Stockwell street
Panton, Jas., <fc Co., 85 Buchanan street
Anderson, Thomas, 119 West George st.
Bailley, Mrs, 38 Renfield street
Ban', A,, 264 George street
Campbell, Mrs, 62 West Nile street
Kane, Thomas, 460 Argyll street
Lauder, John, 105 Fife (dace
M'Callum, Peter, 4 Wellington arcade
M'Fadyen, Daniel, 23 Mainst., Anderston

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