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M'Farlane, James, 67 Brunswick street
M'Farlane, Jas., & Co., TO Brunswick st.
M'Lean, William, 15 Cochran street
Miller, William, 135 Gallowgate street
Monteith, H., «fc Co., 11 George square,
and 132 Queen street
Morton, John, jun., 2 John street, house
14 Richmond street
Oswald, Stevenson, & Co., 33 Royal Ek-
change square
Paul, James, 62 Ingram street, house 5
Canning place
Rothesay VVarehouse, Virginia buildings
SiUars, Oxley, & Co., Virginia buildings
Sleigh, William, 84 Wilson street, house
10 St. James's street. Paisley road
Smith, Robert, 123 Brunswick street
Walker & Co., 105 Miller street
White & Busby, 74 Brunswick street
Whyte, R., <fe Co., 120 Brunswick street
Younnf, A., & Son, 73 Brunswick street
Renfrew & Sinclair, 5 Montrose street
Struthers, John, 91 Grteme street, and J 3
Washington street
Balbirnie, Arthur, 26 Stockwell street
Duff, Charles, 66 West Nile street
Murray, R., & Co., 189 Argyll street
Hilliard, W. B., to the Royal Infirmary,
34 Dundas street
See also Leather Merchants.
Alexander, J., 99- Glassford street, 65
Bridgegate, and 45 Little Dovehill
Anderson, James, 103 Grseme street
Bow, W., 48 Jjondon street
Dickson, James, 426 Argyll street
Eglin, W., & Son, 18 Main street, Calton
and 190 Argyll street
Fulton, William, 6 Merchant lane,
Laing, W., 23 St. Andrew street
M' Andrew, John, 13G Stockwell street,
and 71 Bridgegate street
M'Grigor, John, 10 Turner's court
M'Intosh, Peter, 129 Stockwell, street
Mitchell, A., 57 Stockwell street
Mitchell, Willia,m, 13 Dixon street
Morrison, J. & J., 51 Great Hamilton st.
Muirhead, Andrew, 13 Back wynd. and
18 Saltmarket street
Muirhead, J., 23 Old wynd
Mushet, J., 54 St. Andrew square, house
34 St. Andrew street
Pinkerton, J. & M., 9 Macfarlane street
Rome, Andrew, 15 South St. Mango st.
Russell, James, 1 1 3 Hpspital street
Steel, W., 151 Gallowgate street, liou.so
4 Sommerville place
Sword & Johnston, 45 Stockwell street
Welsh, W., & Co., 52 Main st., Gorbals,
49 St. Andrew square, and 22 Bridge
st , Tradeston
Elsworth, John, 168 Argyll street
Hadfield, George, 47 Argyll street
Hilliard & Chapman, to Her Majesiii, 5t>
' Buchanan street
Hilliard, W. B., 88 Buchanan .street
Kelley J. & A., 6 and 7 Argyll arcade
Landell, William, 106 Trongate street
Musgrove, B., 46 Trongate street, house
26 South Portland street
Parkin, George, 42 Howard street
Robertson, John, 33 Argyll aicade, work-
shop 28 St. Enoch wynd, hou^e 3 St.
Enoch square
Stirling, R., 12 London street
Webster, G., 15 Miller's place
Woolfield, Samuel, 28 Buchanan street
Devonshire <fe Herefordshire Store-s o.'S
Hope street
Dove, John, 53 Hope street
Aitken, John, 125 West Nile stieet
Aitken, William, 9 St Ninian street
Aitkenhead, James, 40 Stockwell street
Alston, Gavin, 50 Sauchiehall lane
Alston, James, 103 John street
Anderson, Wm., 15 Kirk st., Townliead*
Andei-son, Mrs, 161 Cowcaddens street
Barr, John, St. James's road
Bell, Neil, 7 Low Green street
Bisset, Thomas, 86 George street
Boyle, John, 106 High street
Boj'le, J., 48 Crown street
Boyle, W., 94 Centre, street
Buchanan, John, 67 Centre street
Buchanan, Walter, 283 Argyll street
Cadden, John, 10 Bath street
Clark, George, 51 North Frederick st.
Colquhoun, D., 77 Green street, Caitoj*
Davidson, Alex., 21 Dalmarnock road
Dixon, Peter, 8 East Market street
Donaldson, William, 107 John street
Dunlop, Andrew, Port-Dundas
Gardner, John, 239 Argyll street
Graham, John, 90 Castle street
Hamilton, James, 2 Brook street
Hamilton, Wm., 93 Parliamentary road
Herbert, George, South Woodlands road
Jackson, David, 12 Greenhill street
JoUie & Burt, 83 Kirk street, Caltosi
Keith, Archd., 75 King st., Tradeston
Kelly, John, 131 Main street, Gorbab
Lean, William, 86 Hayannah street
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