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Gray, Jolin, 38 Poi-tiig.il street
Haiiley, Patrick, 31 Great Clyde street
Henderson, Dr. James, Mansfield jilace.
Regent street
Houston, Robert, 33 Abbotsford place
In<Tram, George S., 10 South Portland st.
Jamieson, Robert, 16G Randolph terrace
Jeffrey, George, 3G Whitevale
Kelsh, Richard, 34 Great Clyde street
Kerr, David, 26 Richmond street
Kidston, Dr, 52 Claremont place
King, Dr. Andrew, 38 Hill street
King, D., LL.D., 45 North Hanover st.
Lillis, William, 64 Abereromby street
Lindsay, William, professor of theology,
33 IMonteith row
Lorimer, John G., 69 Sauchiehall street
MacBeth, James, IS Pollock street
M'Dougall, Archd., 162 Sauchiehall st.
M'Dougall, Hugh, 19 West Prince's st.
Macfarlan, Principal, College
M'Farlan, Dr John, 52 Great Clyde st.
M'Gill, Hamilton M., 96 Regent terrace
M'Gilvray, W., 1 Apsley place
M'Kinlay, J., 5 Annfield place, Duke st.
M'Kay, John, 62 Geoi-ge street
M'Lauchlnn, Robert, 69 Montrose st.
M'Lean, Alexander, 112 Castlemilk pi.
M'Lean, Allan, IS Great Hamilton st.
M'Leod, Dr N., 130 West Nile street
Meiklem, James, 117 West Campbell st.
Menzies, David, A.M., Iluntingdondale
Miles, C. P., 9 Queen's crescent
Miller, Samuel, 12 Albany place
Mitchell, David, 2 Monteith row
Muir, Dr J., 133 Hill street, Garnethill
Murdoch, Dr John, 34 Great Clyde st.
Murray, Matthew, 52 Rose street,Garnet-
Napier, Dr. Peter, 99 Bath street
Nisbett, Archibald, 29 College street
Noble, John, 144 Renfrew street
O'Keefe, Michael, 38 Portugal street
Patterson, A. S., 45 Abbotsford place
Paterson, James, 99 South Portland st.
Paterson, Dr. N., 19 Monteith row
Paton, Robert, 130 West Campbell street
Pollock, Robert, 93 S. Portland street
Ramage, William, 43 Cambridge street
Robson, Dr. John, 2 Queen's crescent
Rose, George, 1 Suffolk street
Ross, Robert, 430 Argyll street
Runciman, David, 13 Annfield place
Roxburgh, John, Provanside
Russell, David, 96 South Portland st.
Scott, William, 36 Dalhousic street
Smith, Charles, 33 Monteith vow
Smyth, Dr. John, 17 Elmbank place
Sommei'ville, A. N., 357 St. Vincent st.
Struthers, Dr. G., 140 Hill st., Garnethill
Stuart, John. 180 Springhill place
Symington, Dr. Wm., 15 Annfield pl.icc
â– Taylor, James S., 8 Apsley place
Taylor, James, D.D., 4 Canning place
Wardlaw, Dr. Ralph, residence Mount
Harriet, parish of Calder
Watson, Archibald, 10 Frankland place
AVillis, Dr. Michael, 5 Greenvale place
Wilson, Alex., 9 William street, Caltoii
Robertson, Andrew, 85 Candleriggs st.
Thomson, William, 14 North Albion st.
Alexander, William, 359 Gallowgate
Broadfoot. James, 46 Bridgegate
Broadly, James, 37 Clyde street
Burns, Joseph, 15 Rutherglen loan
Burns, Robert, 355 Gallowgate
Clark, John, 8 Piccadilly street
Collins, Philip, 5 Milton street
Crawford, John, 318 High street
Divine, C, Ann sti-eet, Port-Dundas
Feran, Daniel, 118 Saltmarket
Jack, Mrs John, 285 High street
Kennedy, Robert, 15 North street
Lisenheim, M. H., 40 Prince's street
M'Colgan, Michael, 273 Buchanan street
M'Cormick, John, 11 Bridgegate street
Moore, Richard, 8 Miller's place
Park, James, 21 Green street, Calton
Phillips, Mrs, 1 Renfrew street
Williamson, A., 130 Bridgegate
Brydon, Mrs William, 32 G. Clyde st.
Buchanan, J., & Co., 64 Union street
Cameron, Mrs Alex., 65 Greendyke st
Craig, Thomas, 19 King st., Tradeston
Dallas, Alexander, 18 Dunlop street
Henderson, J., & Co., 191 Buchanan st.
M'Conechy, M'Killop, & Co., 21 Wel-
lington street
M'Lellan, A., & Son, 81 Miller street
Thomas <fe Shanks, 33 John street
Walker, James, East Regent street
Craig, Thomas, 121 London street
Lawson, H., <fc Son, 128 Queen street
M'Candlish, Robt., 134 W. Campbell st.
Mein, Andrew, & Co., 84 Trongate
Pride, W., 67 St. Vincent street
Spiers, Robert, 21 King street, Tradeston
Thorp, Thomas, 41 Renfield street
Walker, James, Tontine hotel
Wylie & Lochead, 28 Argyll street
Leitch, Achibald, & Co., 28 Dunlop street.
Wylie & Lochead, 28 Argyll street
Aitken, John, 125 West Nile street
Allan, William, 417 Gallowgate

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