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Nairne, Daniel, & Co., 74 North Frederick
Paterson <fe Co., 406 Debbie's loan
Penney, Charles, 486 Gallowgate street
Poynter, J., Low Green street
Smith, G., Port-Dundas
Smith, Richard, & Co., 88 West street
Smith, Robert, 119 East Milton street
Tennent, C, & Co., 49 Cochran street,
and St. Rollox
Turnbull & Co., 276 George street
White, J. & J., Shawfield, office 31 Union
Black, Henry, 70 Stockwell street
Black, Thomas, 59 Saltmarket street
Campbell, Jas., and slate)-, 14 Alston st.
M'Lean, D., 27 Stockwell street
Taylor, J., 86 Eastfield row. North st.
Anderson, John, 107 Argyll street
Anderson, J. & M., 35 Candleriggs street
Baxter, John, 57 Jamaica street, and 23
King street
Coverly, William, 85 Stockwell street
Coyle, Bernard, 72 New wynd
Deakin, Ralph, 124 Cowcaddens street
Donachy, Hugh, 9 Park place, and 62
Howard street
Eaton, David, 7 Kent street
Laurie, M., 23 King street
M'Feat, John, 57 King street
M'Feat, W., & Co., 25 Jamaica street,
and 152 Trongate street
M'Kenna, F., 18 Kirk street, Calton
Mason, J., 142 Gallowgate, and 31
Candleriggs street
Pringle, John, 144 Argyle street
Rigg, Isaac, & Son, 55 Buchanan street
Robertson &, M'Dougall, Jail square
Stuart, Samuel M'Douall, 31 Buchanan
Wilson, John, 68 Broomielaw
Winchester & M'Gibbon, 69, 71, and 75
Argyll street
Bartholomew, Hugh, City and Suburban
Gas Co., 42 Miller street
Clime, Robert, 36 Argyll arcade
Corsar, James, 48 Queen street
Dodds, Isaac, 172 Buchanan street
Gale, Joseph N., 68 St. Vincent street
Gale, William, 1 72 Buchanan street
Gordon, L., <fe L. HiU, ']an., and mechani-^
cal, 141 Buchanan street
Grieve, Mansfield, mining, 108 West
George street
Henderson, Thomas, 1 46 St. A''incent st.
Hill, Laurence, jun., 141 Buchanan st.
Johnston, R., 32 St. Enoch square
Johnston, Wm., Railway office, Bridge
Johnston, William, 5 Drury street
Kerr, Stewart, 125 Buchanan street
Kirkland, Alex., 1 Royal Exchange ct.
Laughlen, Andrew, 58 St. Vincent st.
Mackain, D., 23 Miller street
Martin, George, 100 St. Vincent strcej;'
Moffat, John, 112 Fife place
Neilson, J. B., Glasgow Gas-works
Robson, Neil, and mining, 99 St. Vincent
Shanks, James, 23 Garscube place
Simpson, George, and mining, 3 Wo.^it.
Nile street
Smith, David, 33 Virginia street
Smith, William, 52 Brunswick street
Snodgrass, Neil, 105 South Portland st.
"Watt, John, 109 Hope street
Craig, P., 20 Jackson street
Drew, John, 31 Argyll street
Almond, George, 194 Renfrew street
Anderson, J. R., 27 Abbotsford place
Anderson, William, 80 South Portland st.
Arnot, William, 27 Elmbank place
Barr, James, D.D., 54 Claremont place
Bates, Stewart, 26 Campbell .street
Beattie, Alexander O., M.D., D.D., 103
Hill street, Garnethill
Black, Dr. William, Villafield house
Borland, John W., 37 Monteith row
Boyd, James, 6 Richmond street
Brash, William, 38 Monteith row
Bremner, Robert, A.M., 8 Maxwelton pi.
Brown, David, 25 Monteith row
Buchanan, Dr R 11 Sandyford place
Burgess, W., A.M., 33 Waterloo place
Chisholm, Archibald, 25 G. Hamilton st.
Clark, John, 10 Sommerville place
Cornforth, W. H., 93 Green st., Caltoii
Condon, M., 64 Abercromby place
Craik, James, 5 Sandyford place
Currie, Peter, 28 Abbotsford place
Duncan, Alex,, 77 North Frederick st.
D'Orsey, Alexander J. D., Dalbeth Ho,
Duncan, W., 84 North Hanover street
Eadie, John, 43 Cambridge street
Edwards, John, 37 Monteith row
Forbes, Dr J., 100 West Regent street
Forbes, P., 64 Abercromby street
Eraser, Alexander, 27 Richmond street
Gallagher, Daniel, 34 Great Clyde street
Gibson, James, 29 Kingston place
Gillan, Robert, 621 Gallowgate street ,
Gordon, J. F. S., 122 South Portland st.
Gordon, William, 34 Great Clyde street
Goyder, D. G., 25 North Albion street
Graham, John, 101 Stirling's road
Gray, George, D. D., College

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