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Port-Eglinton Carpet Factory, Port-
Sharp & Gilchrist, 34 College street
Templeton, Jas., & Co., 60 St. George's
Currie, William, 138 Main st., Anderston
Faulds, Robert, jun., 6 Parson street
Granger, R., 33 King street, Tradeston
M'Dougall, A., Delftfield lane
M'Dougall, Angus, 24 Howard street
Mitchell, Robert, 26 Carrick street
Nimmo, William, 157 London street
Rowand, Daniel, 35 Bishop street
Stewart, Peter, 55 Dalmarnock road
Stirrat, D., 122 Renfield street
Struthers, Alexander, 43 Commerce st.
Anderson, James, 16 Broom ielaw
Anderson, Matthew, 39 Jamaica street
Aitken, Wm., 79 Main street, Gorbals
Brodie, Robert, 88 High John street
Fisher, Archd., & Co., 28 Robertson st.
Hayraan, Thomas, 52 Ingram street
Kay, George, 1 3 Wood lane
Kerr, James, 107 Hospital street
Lang, Robert, 8 Frederick lane
M'Corlde, Archd., Clyde st„ Port-Dundas
Soramerville, William, 55 Turner's court
Riddel, W., head of Deanside lane
Walker, James, 91 Garscube road
White, Robert, 98 Union street
Booklass, G., 249 Argyll street
Brodie, Archibald, 60 Buchanan street
Chisholm, D., & Son, Sauchiehall street
Findlay & Fisher, 6 West Nile street
Finlay, J., 49 Buchanan street
Forbes, George, 203 .Argyll street
Galloway, James, 5 Miller street
Gibson, Robert, 9 South Portland street
Grant, Alexander, 112 Sauchiehall street
Houston, A. & W., 11 Dale st., Tradeston
Kay, T., 40 Fox street
M' Arthur, Thomas, 42 Gordon street
M'Call, James, 8 Sauchiehall street
M'Clure, J., & Son, 6 Royal Bank place
Martin, James, 61 Union street
Martin, William, 71 St. Vincent street
Murray, William, 14 Jamaica street
Nisbet, William, 10 Mitchell street
Peacock, Thomas, 30 Garscube place
Riva, J. & M., 143 High street
Ross & Sim, 120 West Nile street
Russell, James, 6 Nicholson street
Smith, Andrew, 156 Hope street
White, John, 26 Sauchiehall street
Willis, J., 13 Royal Excha,nge square
Ferguson, J., 60 North Albion street
Mather, John, 5 Thistle street
Murphy, James, 39 Govan street
Neilson, William, Craig's quarry, Town-
mill road
Angus & Hunter, M'Pherson street
Burett, R. & T., Muse lane
Dick, A., land-surveying, 1 05 Stockwell st.
M' Alpine, Colin, cable, 9 Brown street
M'Gillivi-ay, W., cable, 5 Delftfield lane
M' Vicar, A., cable, 17 Robertson street,
and Hydepark
Russell, H., 13 Bridge street
Telfer, William, 12 Carrick street
Thom, A., 53 Maxwell street
Young, William, 39 Stockwell street
See also Provision Merchants.
Black, J., 71 Candleriggs street
Dick, W., Bazaai', and 88 Candleriggs st.
Jaffrey & Gunion, 87 Candleriggs street
Naismith, Thos., & Son, 7 Wilson street,
and Bazaar
Osborne, Robert, 90 Candleriggs street
Snodgrass, Mrs, 3 South Albion street
Stevenson, J., 11 Wilson street
Griffin, Richard, & Co., 40 Buchanan st.
Anderson, A. & J., 36 Surrey street
Anderson, George, & Co., Hydepark st.
Craig, J., & Co., 4 Rottenrovv street
Duncanson, James, & Co., Greenvale,
Duke street
Dyer & Brown, Broad street. Mile-end
Frazer, Mitchell, & Co., 37 Main street,
Garroway, R., & J., & Co., 69 Queen st.
Hope, Alexander, 18 Hutcheson street
Hurlet & Campsie Alum Co., 77 Union st,
Irvine & Bryce, 128 Bisliop street. Port-.
King, D., & Co., Camlachie. Lettei's left
at 649 Gallowgate street
liiston, Alex., & Co., 48 Buchanan street
Lug'hran, J., <fc Co., North st., Anderston
M-Donald, D., & Co., 206 Duke street
M'Geachy & M'Farlane, 80 Port-Duudas
M'Intosh, George, & Co., Duke sti'eet
M'Laren, James, Kerr street
M'Lintock, William, 27 Kirk st., Gorbals
Miller & Caldwell, 12 Croy place
Miller, G., & Co., Runiford street
Montgomery, J., & Co., 61 Oswald stn-et,
and Port-Dundas

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