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Anderson, Thomas, 57 Ingram street
See Paper and Band-Box Makers.
BANKS. — See Appendix.
See also Brushmalcers
Alexander, James, 12 Candleriggs street
Cameron, George, 26 Charlotte lane
Dove, Donald, 24 Charlotte lane
Ferguson, John, 17 Candleriggs street
Ingleton, W., 49 St. Vincent street
Jack, Mrs Peter, 326 Argyll street
Jeandin, F., 29 Stirling street
Jeffrey, Miss, 216 Argyll street
M'Garrie, Robert, 79 Stoekwell street
M'Ncil, John, 48 St. Andrew's square
Paterson, Mrs James, 188 Argyll street
Robertson, John, 39 and 40 Arcade
Robertson & M'Dougall, Jail square
Ruddach, Mrs J., 5 and 9 Candleriggs st.
Sutherland, D., 29 Queen street
White, H., 13 Candleriggs street
Carrick, John, 10 New Bridge street
Lindsay, J., 23 Hutcheson street
Allan, James, Free St. James's, 46 St.
Andrew's square
Bennie, James, St. James's, 46 Great
Hamilton street
Bryce, William, 4 Tarbet street
Campbell, John, 61 Great Hamilton st.
Christie, John, to Dr Kidston, 34 East
Campbell street
Clyde, John, 37 West Russell street
Cunningham, Charles, St. David's, 16
Sauchiehall street
Dawson, James, Grey friars' cliurch, 38
North Albion street
Don, J., St. Paul's, 23 Drygate lane
Donald, J., 31 North street
Duncanson, A., 402 Parliamentary road
Gardiner, David, 6 Oxford lane
Gardner, J., College church,!^ George st.
Gibson, John, of Wellington-street church,
41 Waterloo street
Gillespie, Campbell, 12 Drury street
Gillespie, John, 28 Well street
Gillespie, John, 82 George street
Graham, J., St. John's, 46 Gneme street
Jack, David, 16 Castle street
Keir, John,Z>r Taylor's, 45Blackfriar3.st.
Kelly, Robert, 37 Cathedral street
Kennedy, James T., 10 Duke street
Lawson, J. G., Barony, 3 Martyr street
Lee, Thomas, 57 Oswald street
Leitch, Walter, Tron, 49 Gallowgate st.
Lindsay, Gavin, 4 London road, Calton
M'Aulay, John, St. Andrew's, 28 St. An-
drew street
M' Donald, J., 54 South Coburg lane
M'Dougall, A., St. George's, 8 West
George street
M'Gregor, Wra., 7 Struthcrs street
M'Kenzie, John, 27 Renfrew street
M'Lean, Malcolm, St. Columha church,
56 Gordon street
M'Morran, James, 40 Shamrock street
M' Williams, Richard, 74. North Frederick-
Mann, John, 140 Holme street
Miller, Thomas, 65 Norfolk street
Nicoll, Alexander, 5 Greenhill street
Paterson, W., 255 George street
Pettigrew, Moses, 15 Crown street
Picken, Richmond, Gem^ge-street-chapel,
8 West George street
Reid, Henry, 9 John street, Bridgeton
Scouler, J., Kirk close, Anderston
Stewart A., 17 Hospital street
Thomson, John, 57 Oswald street
Thomson, John, 52 Wellington lane
Thomson, William, 196 Rottenrow street
Walker, John, Cathedral lodge
Walker, R., 97 Great Hamilton street
Watt, James, 9 Canon street
Wilkie, J., St. Enoch's, 11 Turner's court
Adams, C. & R., 181 Trongate
Crichton & Eadie, 44 and 46 London st.
Herriot, Arthur, 16 East Campbell st.
Malloch, James, 24 Jackson street
Paterson, Wm., <& Son, 19 Ann street
Todd, J., & Son, 52 Sauchiehall street
Wood & Sons, 14 and 18 Stoekwell st.
Caldwell, George, 7 Reid street
Christie, William, 14 Abercromby street
Vallance, Alexander, 14 Stevenson .street
Burges, David, Gorbals Brass foundry,
47 Portugal street
See Smiths and Bell-hangers
Sweet, Thomas, 15 Charlotte lane
Beith, James, 32 Nelson st., Tradeston
Blackwood, George, 72 Nelson street
Cunningham, F., 28 Marlborough street
Gall, George, 114 Trongate
M'Dougall, Neil, 17 Charlotte street
Reevic, John, 52 Thistle street

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