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William Street.
3 Snedden, William, banker
5 Salmon, John, manufacturer
Wilson, Rev. Alexander,
Milroy, Samuel
11 M'Calium, George, mill manager
Lourie, Miss
18 Thomson, John, builder
10 Dykes, John, wriglit
8 Gourley, George, slater
Smyth, William
Camming, John, agent
6 Cooper, Thomas, spirit dealer
2 Templeton, James, wood merchant
Gilmour, William, sheriff-officer
William Stbekt — Cowcaddens
19 Patrick, Robert, spirit dealer
31 Lamb, John, wright
William Stkekt — llile-end.
10 Kyle, William, turner
William Stkeet-— Tradeston.
Mackay, A.
Ross, Hugh
Colley, M,
Wilson Street.
7 Naismith, Thomas, & Son, cheese
and butter merchants
9 Burnside, M., warehousemen
11 Stevenson, Mrs J., cheese dealer
15 Lithgow, Peter, warehoii,'=i'man
17 Legate, Francis, warehoii:^eraau
19 Gibb & Clark, ham-cuiLns, and
wholesale provision mercluuits
21 Dunn, James, spirit merchant
:27 Cameron, A. L., & Ca., muslin
Melvin, Brothers, hat <fe cap manufs.
Barrett, James, manufacturer
Steven, Ebenezer, <fc Co., manufacts.
29 ifc 31 Forsaith, J. & M., wholesale
fruit merchants
33 Bulloch, James, spirit merchant
1 Menzies, Alexander, distillers' agent
and spirit merchant
Myers, A., commission agent
.53 Findlay, James, mill furnisher, and
commission agent
55 Bryson, Robert, merchant and cot-
ton broker
63 Cook, William, Albert tavern
67 Tennent, A., & Co., cotton-brokers
69 Barton, Carmichael, & Co., mer-
chants and cotton-brokers
Yl Grieve, R. & T., wholesale tea mers.
73 Laird, William, & Co.
81 Niven, John, & Son
Wylie, Hugh, shawl-friuger
Gilmour, AUan, tlesher
85 M'C'all, James, & Son, wine merchts.
8ft M'Kenzie & Morrison, calico [irinters
84 Sleigh, Wm., cotton-yarn warehouse
Russell, William, writer
Russell, John, accountant
76 Warden, M'Pherson, cl; Co., sugar
72 Walker & Stewart, writers
M' Briar, R. M., commission agent
Williamson, John, slater
Powell, Mrs
66 Drew, William, tin-plate worker
62 Johnston & Farie, cotton-yarn mers.
56 Freeland, J., & Co., cotton s[)inner3
Freeland, R., <fc Co., merchants
County Buildings
Alison, A., sheriff of Lanarkshire
Allan, John, bar-officer, sheriff court
Hart, William, writer and procura-
tor fiscal
Nish, A., writer and messenger
Young, P. T., writer
Salmond, George, writer & procur-
ator fiscal
Skene, George, sheriff substitute
Bell, Henry G., sheriff substitute
Winks, G., sheriff-clerk deputa
M'Hardy, J., sheriff-clerk depute
Gordon, J. W., sheriff-clerk's office
Balfour, A., sheriff- clerk's office
Hardie, David, keeper of County
Lang, John, jun., P. P., Justice of
Peace court
3i Grant & Co., merchants
Grant, Charles, <fc Co., cotton anJ
worsted yarn merchants »
26 M'Phail, D., cotton-spinner
2-1 Trail, John, clothier
Cooke &Porter, patent muslin gasserst
Baird, R., commission agent
Wylie, William, calico print-cutter
Baird, Misses A. & E., milliners
Crichton, David, merchant
Innes, John, pattern-drawer an<J
Lindsay, Miss, dressmaker
M'Lachlan, William, paper-ruler
Buchanan, J., black-borderer
22 Smith, W. C, brush manufacturer
20 Clark & Co., agents
16 Buchanan & Cairns, hara-curers
14 Taylor, M., gold thread manufiict-
Allen, Miss E.
12 Roberts, John, ham-curer
8 Salmon, John, cotton thread manu-
facturer and heddle maker
Rattray, David, sacking and pack-
sheet warehouse
4 Tho.iison, Mrs John, Baxaar tavern
WisDsoR TEaRACB— Ss. George' i Bdad
14 Watson, Jamea
16 Header^iou, George

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