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66 Graham, William, & Co.
71 Robertson, W., & Co., manufacturers
81 Watson, Thomas, warper
91 Dunlop, J., & Sons, cotton spinners
Carati, C, & Co.
93 , Oddfellows' Lodge Room
Gatheral, James M., manufacturer
Shackelton, Jonathan, & Sons
106 Union Bank of Scotland
109 Bald, Peter, & Son, drysalters
Gaul, George, spirit dealer
M' Gavin & Thomson, merchants
Camduff, Robert, merchant
117 Mitchell, Patrick, calico-printer
Gemmel, John, shawl manufacturer
Fraser & Turner, manufacturers
Gibson, Service, & Co., manufactrs.
106 Kelly & Co., cotton merchants
104 Hall & Crawford, printers
Brown, A., & Co., manufacturers
Brown, Hugh, & Co., manufacturers
Martin, Wm., & Co., manufacturers
102 Stevenson, William, «Si Sons, cotton-
100 Laing, J., drysalter
Duncan, Archibald, & Son, calico-
Liddell, Mrs
Blair, David, bookbinder
Gemmil, John, warper
82 Roy, Archibald, calenderer
76 Jack, Robert, commission agent
Kettle, Robert, cotton yam mercht.
Mitchell, W. G., & Co., merchants
72 Inglis, Charles, commission mercht.
66 Commercial Bank of Scotland
58 Smith, John & Co., tea merchants
Cairns, John, & Co., merchants
Williamson, Stephen, & Co., agents
Kitchen, John, manufacturer
Neil, Gabriel, agent
Assessed and Property Tax Office
LiddeU, John, commission agent
Home, John, coal-master
48 Clark & Drummond, yarn merchts.
42 Gas-Light Company's Office. Jas.
Ritchie, secretary
34 Glasgow Apothecaries' Co. Alex.
Mitchell, and H. Hart, managers
24 City of Glasgow Bank. John Low,
secretary and accountant. John
Todd, porter
14 Mitchell & Menzies
8 Hutcheson & Dixon, auctioneers
Wallace Street.
3 Mitchell, John, & Co,, cork-cutters
5 Peterson, Peter
.59 Maitland, William, spirit dealer
60 Montgomerie, John, spirit dealer
68 Malcolm, Alexander, fleshcr
64 M'Neil, Mrs, cowfeeder
46 & 48 Chisholm, John, cooper
Waeroch Street.
1 Inglis, A. & J., engineers
Gray's Malt Barns
Houldsworth's Lead-pipe Works
3 Dodds, William, cooper
18 M'Laren, John, spirit dealer
6 Anderston Police Office
4. Newlands, Andrew, contractor
Warwick Street.
I Forsyth, C, cabinet maker
3 Walker, James, cabinet maker
9 Keven, Peter, letter-carrier
Lambie, Robert, tailor
19 Ronald, Alexander, baker
21 Ross, Thomas
Leckie, James,
Cochran, Miss
Stewart, Mrs
23 Willoughby, Miss
Brown, William
25 Hendry, John
Robertson, Alexander
Cochran, John
Robertson, David
Willoughby, James
Gray, William,
Pater son, Mi's
Woodside, Robert
27 Lachlane, Thomas, cowfeeder
33 Darley, George, of Chronicle Office
Williamson, Mrs
Guthrie, Mrs
Glen, Jamea
Gilmour, James
Wallace, John
Blair, Andrew
35 M'Nicol, R.
Walker, Mi's
M'Farlane, Mrs William
Hamilton, Robert
Campbell, William
Auld, James
39 Wilson, James, portrait-painter
Sim, John, writer
M'Kendrick, John
Cochran, John
Somerville, Mrs
Niven, Miss
Smith, Miss
Christie, Miss
41 Drysdale, Mrs
40 Nichol, Mrs H.
Buchanan, John, writer
Paterson, Thomas
Marshall, Hugh
Holmes, Robert
Thomson, Mrs
Brown, Hugh, cabinetmaker
Dewar, Henry
Mann, William
38 M' Asian, M. A., victualler
36 SommerviJle, James, manufacturct'

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