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32 Glasgow and Liverpool Royal Steam-
Packet Company
Robertson & Eddie, coal-masters
Young, Charles D., iron merchant
Forrester, G. N., com. merchant
M'Kechnie, W. S., com. merchant
Dunlop, James, com. merchant
Johnston, R., civil engineer
30 Caiman, Brothers, & Co., merchants
Rutherford, James, accountant
Glentore Coal Office
Dreghorn, David, accountant
28 Mossend Iron Co.
Potter, Lewis, ship agent
M'Kay, D., & Co., tailors & clothiers
26 Bunten, Robert, iron merchant
24 Livingston, Archibald, writer
Savpers, George, commis. merchant
22 Hedderwick, Jas., <fe Son, printers
M'Fie, Graham, & Co., merchants
Cameron & Caldwell, merchants
20 Widderspoon, -John, agent
M'Kean & Lamont, steam-packet
18 Shotts Iron Co.
16 Murray & Co., bookseller
14 Murray, William, cai-ver and gilder
10 M'Kenzie, D., spirit dealer
8 M'Naughton, J., spirit dealer
4 Orr, William, & Co.
St. Enoch Wtxd.
6 Fraser, William, tavern keeper
1 1 M'Dougall, R., leather merchant
60 Wilson, Robert, wright
St. George's Road.
] Sloane, James, merchant
Murray, Mrs Patrick
Peebles, Mrs William
Sword, James, yr., wine merchant
M'Cleland, James, accountant
Bell, Henry Glassford, sheriff-sub-
Neilson, William, builder
Dick, George, builder
Greig, George, professor of rhetoric
Greig, W. N., teacher
1 47 Muirhead, James, writer
149 Pollock, S., writer
166 M'Nee, Walter, manufacturer
163 Galbraith, Archibald
207 Lane, David
202 Galbraith, William, marble cutter
192 MacMeekin, John, gardener
190 Simpson, Rev. John
186 Miller, Stephen
184 Ferguson, F. J.
180 Jackson. Henry
Duff, John, founder
Proudfoot, Miss
Somerville, Alexander
Whytlaw, Mrs John
180 Mault, Alfred
Stewart, Rev. John
Pagan, John
176 Baird, Frank
172 Smith, Robert, grocer
168 Watson, Charles
Readman, George
Ferguson, John
160 M'Adam, Mrs, of Easter House
158 Lockhart, Robert
152 Russell, John, accountant
44 Bartholomew, Alexander, merchant
38 Martin, Bryce
30 Chalmers, John
22 Cree, John, ship-broker
20 Aiken, William, manufacturer
18 Bell, Robert, Royal bank
Bell, Thomas, Royal bank
Falkland Place
16 M'CulIoch, Mrs
Loudon, Miss
14 Spears, Mrs
Brown, Mrs Dr.
Galbraith, Archibald, merchant
10 Watson, Rev. Archibald
8 Denniston, Thomas, merchant
Allan, Bryce
Behrens, E., merchant
M'Gregor, J. W., merchant
6 Bulley, John, banker
4 Cross, R., commission agent
Ritchie, James, writer
Birkmyre, Mrs Henry
2 Lindsay, Robert, wright & builder
St. James's Road.
29 .Vdie, Andrew
Adie, William, spirit dealer
53 Donald, Walter, nail manufacturer
63 Sloan, Mrs, grocer
75 Miller, James, teacher
95 Carswell, William, sen., builder
80 M'Whirter, John, writer
Galbraith, Robert, letter carrier
72 Barr, John, coal agent
66 M'CulIoch, John, spirit dealer
52 Blackie, W. G., & Co., printers
48 Salmond, Andrew
St. James's Street — East Kingston
15 M' Donald, Malcolm
4 Wardle, G. S.
Adam, James
Cook, Robert
2 M'Coll, John, merchant
Sanders, G., accountant
Wiseman, Alex., spirit merchant
M'Lennan, Donald
Dickie, John, grocer
Aitken, James
St. James's Steekt — Paisley Road
2 Spears, James

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