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77 Leadbetter, M'Call, & Co., merchts.
Leadbetter, Jn., & Co., merchants
Fyfe, Alex., <fe Co., manufacturers
Thomson, Jas., <fc Son, manufacts.
79 M'Lean, Duncan, spirit merchant
SI Gray, D., & Son, clothiers
83 Forbes, A. W., sharebroker
85 Royal Exclianqe Court
Gordon & Meek, writers
Frame, Colin, bookbinder
Kirkland, Alexander, civil engineer
Meikle, R. C, share-broker
Dron & Co., manufacturers
Gillespie, George, merchant
Buchan, W. R., writer
Johnston, -John, manufacturer
Wilson, James, & Kay, merchants
Auchterlonie, Alexander, commission
Mitchell, R. <fe A., manufacturers
Robertson, John, & Son, manufiicts.
Walker, A. & J., cotton-spinners
M'Cubbin & Reid
Cochrane, Martin, & Co., manufacts.
Williamson, J. & R., wine merchts.
Barley, S. C, silk printers
Monteith, Hugh, merchant
87 Greenshields, A. & Co., clothiers
89 Kerr, Malcolm, stationer
145 Wilson, Stow, & Co., carpet manufs.
Port-Eglinton Spinning Co.'s Office
Bryson, Wm., & Co., manufiicturers
Pattison, J. G., & Co.
147 Hamilton, Charles, wine merchant
iSl Wilson, William, bootmaker
153 Liddell, Brownlie, & Co. manufacts.
Knox, Dick, & Co., commission
M'Kenzie, R. H., & Co., iron mers.
Robertson, D., commission mercht.
Buchan, Brothers, & Co., merchts.
Urquhart, Brothers, merchants
Wallace, Sharp, & Co., manufacts.
Waddell, Michael, writer
Hinshaw, Wm., & Co., manufacts.
Dick, Alexander, writer
Harvie, Andrew, accountant
155 Smith, John, confectioner
157 Brownlie, Thomas, builder
Brownlie, A., & Co., bootmakers
146 Greig & Co., tobacconists
144 Young, Geo., & Co., calico-printers
Brown, Archibald, lodgings
Reus's lodgings
Mather & Gregory, share-brokers
Brown & Carrick, architects
142 Robertson. Miss, furrier & milliner
140 Whyte, Jas., & Son, cabinetmakers
and upholsterers
138 M'Intyre, D., spirit dealer
136 Stii'ling, William, spirit dealer
132 Muir, John J., manufacturer
130 Auld, Thomas, baker
128 Lawson, Henry, & Son, coach-hirers
126 M'Farlane, Brothers, carpet nianufs.
Crawford, John, manufacturer
122 Hicks, John, bookseller
British Linen Co. Bank
108 Moore, John, perfumer
Toung, G. K,, & Co., merchants
Anderson & Wilson, manufacturers
Lean, John, & Son, silk mercers
Field, Alex., & Co., manufacturers
Mair, John, & Co., manufacturers
Broom, Jas., & Co., manufacturers
Barr, William, manufacturer
Houston, Wm., shawl manufacturer
Park & Thomson, manufacturers
1 06 Mackie, John, bookseller
102 Oatts, John, stationer
100 West Ingrain Court
98 Nicol, Maitland, confectioner
96 Cockfield, John, bootmaker
94 Carswell, Allan, sen., builder
92 Shaw, James, stationer
78 Canada Court
M'Donald, D. & J., & Co., manufs.
Boyd & Forret, commission merchs.
Stamp Office. J. J. Lockhart, dis-
76 Robertson, Reid, & Co., raerchant.s
72 Tennent, Walter, perfumer
70 Brand & Mollison, dyers
68 Donaldson, Alexander, saddler
66 Clow, Henry, tailor and clothier
64 Davies, John, clothier
62 Queen Court
Walker, Hugh, manufacturer
Anderson, James, merchant
Dfllziel, John, merchant
Fyfe, Henry, & Son, manufacturers
Jamieson & Dewar, merchants
Gray, Thomas, & Co., silk manufs.
Kaye & Findlay, warehousemen
Edgley, Emmerson, & Co., manufs.
Mason, Thomas, & Co., manufacts.
Black, Andrew, merchant
Bell, Robert, print-cutter
Findlayson, J. & Co., flax-spinners
Stiven, Blair, & Co., manufacturers
Walkinshaw, James, &, Co., paper-
Vallance, A. & I., & Co., manufacts.
Collins, W. M., merchant
Buchanan & Anderson, manufactrs.
60 Brown, Daniel, confectioner
58 Daron, James, gun-maker
56 Gibson, Thomas S., stationer
54 Paul, George, clothier
52 Pagan <fe Gass, clothiers
48 Galbraith, James F., W. S.
Cullen, T. W., writer
Esplin, George, accountant
Corsar, James, civil engineer and
Downie, Alex. <fe John, merchants

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