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Jane Steeii^t.
.(Oakfield Place to No. 13 J
1 Binnie, William
Galloway, J., merchant
7 Dubruc, Mons. & Madame, teachers |
of French
9 Hamilton, Miss
Oswald, Mrs Anne S.
Christie, Thomas C.
Christie, James
1 1 Rennie, Mrs Dr.
13 Falconer, Mrs Patrick
4 Kidston, William, jun.
M'Ruer, Mrs John
John Street.
7 Black, J. & D., & Co., wai-ehousemen
9 Morrison, James, commission agent
Morrison, Wra. commission agent
Smith, John, manufactm-er of power-
loom cloth
1 1 Ferguson & Watson, silk merchants
and throwsters
13 Procurators' Library
Pettigrew & Co., commission agent
Blair, Horatius, writer
Mudie, George, & Co., com. agents
Dixon & Whiting
Todd, J. & P.
Western Friendly Society Ofice
Pickford & Co., general carriers
Brown, William, writer
Anderson, William, accountant
Cunningham, William, writer
Wright, Robert, writer
Hastie, Robert, & Co., merchants
15 Strathern, J., wire & metal wai'eho
17 Paton, J. <fe D., woollen manufactrs.
Tennent, Charles, & Co., chemists
Ijiddell, James, & Co., Scotch ware-
19 Young, Brothers, & Co., merchants
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
31 Leek, William, baker
33 Woodmas, Jas., packing-box maker
Colquhoun, William, lodgings
King, Mrs, lodgings
Speirs, John, japaner
Allison, B. W., milliner and straw-
hat maker
Gibson, J., fringer
35 M'Neil, William, baker
37 Logan, Mrs, milliner
39 Graham, Robert, dj'er
43 Tulloch, Thomas, spirit dealer
45 Lawson, Miss, lodgings
Houston, John, lappet-wheel maker
Thomson, James, bookbinder
Edie, A.
Coulter, William, tailor
51 M'Auslan & Jamieson, Misses, mil-
53 Anderson, R. & J., bootmakers
Rowan <fe Co., bakers
Clark, W. E. C, surgeon
Glover, Robert, merchant
Harrison, Mrs, lodgings
Gentle, J. S., baker
Lockhart, Robert
Forsyth, William
Gartly, James, teacher
Lockhart, John
Muir, Mrs, lodgings
Black, Mrs, G., lodgings
Craig, Mrs James, lodgings
Forsyth, Miss, lodgings
M'Diarmid, Peter, lodgings
Johnston, James, tailor
Wardrop, Thomas
Thomson, William, singer
Campbell, Alexander, sharebroker
M'Beth, Miss, lodgings
M'Nab, Alexander, baker
Gibson, G. H.
Davidson, John, slater
Brown, Thomas
Gibson, Mrs E,, lodgings
Maltman, Michael
Fraser, Thomas, teacher
Hardisty, James, tailor
Wray, Thomas, chair maker
Reid, Alexander
Watson, G. H., soda water manufac.
Gunn, John, coal agent
Leslie, D.
Gunn, John, letter earner, P. O.
Gunn, George, coal merchant
Kennedy, Mrs, lodgings
May, Andrew, tailor
Alston, James, cowfeeder
Crawford, Robert, wright
Donaldson, William, cowfeeder
Henderson, Francis
M'Kay, Lauchlin
Mason, Thomas
Stevenson, Alexander
Bell, AVilliam
Lennox, Alexander
Keay, Thomas
Thomson, J.
Kelly, James
Balfour, John
Hewetson, Misses, miUinei'S
Baptist Church
St. David's Parish School
Dawson, Miss, teacher
Dunn's Foundry
Dunn's Machine-works
Erskine, John, manager
M'lIaflSe, John, clerk
Brodie, Robert, coal agent
Bain, Thomas, joiner
Waddell, Miss, teacher
Love & Keith, Misses, dressmakers
M'Kinlay, Adam, tailor
Renfrew, Robert, smith

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