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ToOng, James, lodgings, 11 Nicholson street
Young, James, merchant, 19 John Street, house 12 Woodside crescent
Young, James, leather merchant, and agent for Scott's universal medicine, 73
Prince's street, house 95 Upper Crown street
Young, James, at Henry Monteith ^ Co.'s, house T^ Hill street, Garnethill
Young, James, 91 Eglinton street, Laurieston
Young, James, house-factor, 206 Gallowgate street
Young James, letter-carrier, P. 0., house 14 Shuttle street
Young, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 2 Cambridge street
Young James, Dundee sacking, sheeting, and sail-cloth warehouse, 94 Union street,
house 33 Cadogan street
Young, John, lithographer, engraver, stationer, and account-book manufacturer, 126
Ingram street
Young, John, general wire-worker and riddle maker, 24 High street
Young, John, 1 Blythswood square
Young, John, of Andreiv Young ^ Son, house 23 Dixon street
Young, John, jun., of G. K. Young ^ Co., house 18 Brandon place
Young, John, potato dealer, 89 Rottenrovv street
Young, John, painter and paper-hanger, 222 Gallowgate street
Young, John, at James Muirhead's, jeweller, house 36, Hill street, Gt^rnethill,
Young, John, spirit dealer, 35 and 37 Kent street
Young, John, Phoenix Iron-works
Young, John & Robert, commission merchants, ship and insurance brokers, 107
Buchanan street
Young, John, of J. ^ R. Young, house 1 1 Buccleuch street
Young, John, slater, 47 Stockwell street
Young, Peter T., writer, auditor of Sheriff's court, office County buildings, Wilson
street, house Albert place, 84 Buccleuch street
Young, Peter, & Co., wholesale Dundee warehouse, 104 and 106 Hutchcson street,
house Pollock street
Young, Peter, of Peter Young ^ Co., house Pollock street
Young, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 20 Hospital street
Young, R. & T., ironmongers, and iron and steel merchants, 19 & 27 Gallowgate st.
Young, Robert, of R. §/• T. Young, house 6 Monteith row
Young, Robert, baker, 61 Eglinton street, house 73 do.
Young, Robert, musician, 7 Graeme street
Young, Robert, of J. ^ R. Young, house 121 North Montrose street
Young, Thomas Charles, writer, 72 Wilson st., house Morris place, Monteith row
Young, Thomas, 162 Main street, Gorbals
Young, Thomas, general fish agent, 19 and 24 Saltmarket street
Young, William, 83 Crown street
Young, William, spirit dealer, 27 Sydney street
Young, William, plumber, 419 Argyll street, house 44 South Portland street
Young, William, M.D., 9 James street, Calton
Young, William, cowfeeder, 38 Rose street, Hutchesontown
Young, William, saddle-tree, hame, and chain maker, 39 Stockwell street
Young, William, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 15 St. Andrew's square
Young, W. & R., glaziers, house and sign painters, 44 Trongate
Young, Miss, London stay warehouse, 214 Argyll street
Young, Miss Janet, green grocer, 51 South Portland street
Young, Mrs, boot seller, 32 Maxwell street
Young, Mrs John, Glasgow and Liverpool tavern, 10 Anderston quay
Young, Mrs William, lodgings, 60 North Hanover street
Young, Mrs William, London tavern, 49 Trongate street
Young, Mrs, South Eldon place, Paterson street, Kingston
Young, Mrs, 64 Renfrew street
Young, Mrs, lodgings, 64 West Regent street
YOUNGER, George, 276 Parliamentary road
Younger, Jas., joiner <fc cabinetmaker. Union court, 172 Argyll st., ho. 6 Union st.
Younger, John, plumber and gas-fitter, 28 Norfolk lane, house 45 Hospital street
Younger, William, & Co., brewers, Edinburgh. John Baird, agent, 83 Jamaica st.
YUILLE, A. B., of Strang, Yuille, ^ Keyden, house 10 Abercromby place
Yuille, A. N., Free Warehouse Grain stores, 24 Ann street, and 14 Oswald street

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