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Wilson, Matthew, teacher of English, writing, arithmetic, geography, and mathema-
tics, St. John's Pai-ish school, house 563 Gallowgate street
Wilson, Newal, slater, 93 High street
Wilson & Niven, brokers and commission merchants, 19 StockweU place
Wilson, R., wholesale stationer, Clarkston paper-mill warehouse, 43 Candleriggs st.
Wilson, Robert, of R. Wilson ^ Co., house 328 Sauchiehall street
Wilson, Robert, M., merchant 21 West street, Tradeston
Wilson, Robert, wright and plate-chest maker, 60 St. Enoch wynd
Wilson, Robert, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 420 Parliamentary road
Wilson, Robert, at J. ^ J. Dalglish's, house 35 Hospital street
Wilson, Robert, clerk, M.0.0. Post-office, house 24 Adelphi street,
Wilson, Robert, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 95 Candleriggs street
Wilson, Robert, of J ^ R. Wilson, house 57 Abbotsfor^^ place
Wilson, R., & Co., saddlers and harness-makers, 9 Hope street
Wilson, Samuel, umbrella, parasol, bi'ace, and cap manuffict., «fc wholesale elotliier,
warehouse 64 Candleriggs street, retail shop, 69 do., and 1 Wilson street
Wilson, Samuel, & Sons, sugar refiners, 71 Alston street
Wilson, Samuel, of James Sloane §• Co., house 43 Buccleucb street
Wilson, Samuel, & Co., wireworkers, and wire-cloth manufacturers, 49 Trongate st.
Wilson, Stow, & Co., merchants, 145 Queen street
Wilson, T. & D., muslin manufacturers, 145 Ingram street
Wilson, Thomas R., mathematical master, Glasgow Academy, house and boarding
establishment, North Woodside House
Wilson, Thomas, of Mitchell §■ Wilson, house 64 King street
Wilson, Thomas, baker, 66 Stockwell street
Wilson, Thomas, jun., baker, 116 High street
Wilson, Thomas, grocer, 126 Bridgegate street
Wilson, Thomas, rag merchant, 13 Wallace court, house 8 Tarbet street
Wilson, Thomas, at James Whyte ^ Sons', 140 Queen street, house 108 Argyll at.
Wilson, Thomas, victualler, 82 Di'ygate street
Wilson, Thomas, at R. ^ T. Young's, 27 Gallowgate street
Wilson, Thomas, clerk, Post-office, lodgings, 10 Drygate street '£,
Wilson, Walter, wholesale grocer and tea dealer, 43 and 45 King street, house 50
Union street
Wilson, William, jun., of Wilson ^ Co., 149 Argyll street
Wilson, William G-, of Wilson ^ Chrystie, house 432 Parliamentary road ,
Wilson, William G., engineer, of London Vulcan works, Port-Dundas, house Graf-
ton square
Wilson, William, wholesale shoe warehouse, 151 Queen street, house 149 Hill street,
Wilson, William, patent brick and tile maker, builder, and potter, 706 Gallowgate
street, and Cavendish street, Laurieston, house Campbellfield
Wilson, William, of Nethercroy, 1 1 West Nile street
Wilson, William, merchant, 58 St. Vincent street, house 6 Crescent place
Wilson, William, horse dealer, 261 Buchanan street
Wilson, William, at J. ^ J. Dalglish's, house 98 Castlemilk place
Wilson, William, & Sons, London and Paris boot and shoe warehouse, 93 St. Vin-
cent street
Wilson, William, 4 Sandyford place
Wilson, William, blacking manufacturer, 67 Trongate street
Wilson, William, slater, and eating-house, 73 Candleriggs street
Wilson, William, victualler, 88 Main street, Bridgeton, 79 Kirk street, and 23
Littte street, Calton, 468 Gallowgate street
Wilson, William, ship-owner and agent, 13 Exchange pi., ho. 154 St. George's road
Wilson, William, spirit dealer, 89 Commerce street
Wilson, William, baker, 16 Maitland street
Wilson, William, flesher, 84 South Portland street
Wilson, William, jun., ai M^t'te'am Wifeo?!'^, Campbellfield
Wilson, William, of Wilson, Slow, ^ Co., house 205 St. Vincent street
Wilson & Wylie, ham-curers and provision merchants, 6 and 8 Stockwell place
Wilson, Miss Bethea, dresser and mangier, 20 Crown street
Wilson, Miss M., dressmaker, 56 York street
Wilson, Miss, straw-hat maker, 64 King street

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