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Sommervill, William, carter, 55 Turner's court
Sommerville, Mrs, broker, 149 Main street, Gorbals
Somervill, Mrs James, baker, 88 Broomielaw
SORLEY, Joseph, accountant, stock and share broker, 71 Queen street, house lOG
Montrose street
Southern Academy,. 68 Abbotsford place. W. Anderson, head master
SOWDEN, M., mattress manufacturer and waste dealer, 211 Gallowgate
SPALDING, Robert, commission merchant, 15 Smith's court, Candleriggs street,
house 47 Oswald sti-eet
Spanish Vice-Consul. Robert Wardi'op, 62 Buchanan street
SPARKS, William, of Edward Clarke ^ Co., house 3 India street
SPEID, John, at H. Wilson's, house 123 Walmer place
SPEIRS, Alexander, of Alexander Speirs §/• Co., house 76 Buccleuch street
Spiers, Alexander, & Co., harness muslin manufacturers, 19 South Hanover street,
and 132 Queen street
Spiers, James, of Aitken ^ Spiers, 2 St. James's street, Greenlaw place
Spiers, John, at Alex. Kay's, Royal Exchange buildings
Spiers, John, japanner, 90 Argyll street, house 33 John street
Speirs, John, general merchant, 83 King street, Calton
Speirs, John,* ship and insurance broker, 42 Broomielaw street
Speirs, Robert, grocer and spirit dealer, 24 Clyde street, Anderston
Speirs, Robert, of Glasgow §/■ Paisley Railway, 14 Bridge street, ho. 63 George tt.
Speirs, Robert, minibus proprietor, office 2 1 King street, Tradeston
Speirs, William, pattern-drawer, at A. Turnbull ^ Co.'s
Speirs, William, of Railton ^ Speirs, house Murray place
Speirs, Mrs J., spirit dealer and grocer, 181 Eglinton street
Spears, Mrs, 12 St. George's road
SPENCE, Henry, & Co., tobacco and snuff manufacturers, 33 St. Andrew's sq.,
retail shops 3 Park place, and 92 Trongate, house 1 1 Monteith row
Spence, James, of Daly, Spence,^ Buchanan, house 96 Trongate street
Spence, James, mason and builder, 75 St. Vincent street
Spence, John, smith and machine-maker, 21 Reid street, Bridgeton
Spence, William, architect, 141 Buchanan street, house 60 Oswald street
Spence, William, jun., ironmonger, 91 Trongate, house 128 Hospital street
Spence & Veitch, fleshers, 155 Gallowgate, and 59 Bell street
SPENSER, J. L., & Co., warehousemen, 15 Candleriggs street
Spenser, J. L., of J. L. Spenser ^ Co., house Green Lodge, 12 Greenhead
Spencer, John, hardware merchant, 16 Saltmarket street
Spencer, William, ironmonger and saddlers' ironmonger, 54 Trongate street
Spencer, Miss, 39 Drygate street
SPENS, William, manager of the Scottish Amicable Life Assurance office, and
actuary, 141 Buchanan street, house 8 Woodside place
Spittal Colliery Office, 33 Union street
SPOWART, Andrew, baker, 11 New street, Calton
Springhill Coal Office, 89 St. Vincent street; depot St. Rollox
SPROT, Mark, of Garnkirk. Letters left at T. Murray's, 8 Argyll street
SPREULL, James, 84 Buccleuch street
Sproul, Robert, spirit dealer, 255 Buchanan street
Spreull, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 123 Gallowgate
SpreuU, Misses, 84 Buccleuch street
SPRY, Heniy, collector's clerk. Excise office, house 59 Abercromby street
STALKER, John, drysalter and commission merchant, 17 Exchange square
Stalker, Mrs Peter, spirit dealei% 14 Main street, Anderston
Stamp Office, 78 Queen street, and 81 Miller street, open from 10 to 4 o'clock, and
shuts at 12 on Saturday. J. J. Lockhart, distributor
Standard Life Assurance Co., 35 St. Vincent place. Wm. Hunter, resident sec.
Standrigg Smithy Coal Office, 87 Union street
Star Hotel, 80 George square. Peter M'Donald
STARK, I)., of Williatnson ^ Stark, house 48 London street
Stark, George, manufacturer of marble and fancy coloured paper, 31 Argyll street,
works, Waterport buildings. Great Clyde street, house 25 Dunlop street
Starke, Hugh, teacher of dancing, 280 George street, house 80 St. James's road
Stark, James, hosier and draper, 56 Eglinton street

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