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ORR, Alexander, wine and spirit raerchant, 82 Broomielaw
Orr, Colvil, <fe Co., sliipbrokers and commission merchants, 9 Gordon street
Orr, Andrew, hairdresser, 176 Saltmarket street
Orr, Andrew, oj Francis Orr ^ Sons, 129 St. Vincent street
Orr, David, and Robert, & Co., merchants, 42 Bedford street
Orr, Francis, at J. and J. W/iyte's, house 57 Oswald street
Orr, Francis, & Sons, wholesale stationers and publishers, 63 Brunswick street
Orr, Hugh, spirit dealer, 164 Stobcross street
Orr, James, of Francis Orr ^ Sons', house Williamwood, Cathcart
Orr, James, victualler, spirit dealer, and agent, 17 Clyde street, Calton
Orr, James, wine and spirit dealer, 35 Clyde place, and 2 Centre street
Orr, John, wine and spirit dealer, 5 Green street, 47 Millroad street, 443 Gallow-
gate, and 5 Tobago street, house 67 Bellgrove place
Orr, John, hosier and glover, 167 Ingi'am street
Orr, John, of R.,F., ^ J. Alexander §• Co., house 9 Victoria place. West Regent st.
Orr, John, of Orr, Colvil, §/■ Co., house Glasgow street, Hillhead
Orr, John, at M. M-Farlane §f Co.'s distillery, Port-Dundas, house Kippech
Orr, John, jun., commission merclit., 97 Union st., ho. 20 Great George st., Hillhead
Orr, John, grocer and provision mei-chant, 1 Green street, 39 Bell street, and 4 2
Stevenson street, Calton
Orr, J., & Co., merchants, 57 Miller street
Orr, Peter, glass and emery-paper manufacturer, 43 High street
Orr, Robert Vallance, merchant, 42 Bedfoi-d street
Orr, Service, «fc Co., Hayfield dyeworks, M'Neil street
Orr, Thomas, & Co., merchants, 48 Renfrew street : ,
Orr, Thomas C, commission merchant, 20 Union street
Orr, William, merchant, 72 St. George's place, house 7 Newton place
Orr, William, 121 Hospital street
Orr, William, hosier, 160 Ai-gyll street
Orr, W., calenderer, hot pressor, and packer, 51 Cochran st., house 270 George st.
Orr, AYilliam, of Francis Orr ^ -Sons, house 129 St. Vincent street
Orr, William & Co., wholesale cloth warehouseman, 4 St. Enoch square
Orr, Mrs David, baker and spirit dealer, 3 and 29 Anderston quay
Orr, Mrs J., dressmaker, 285 Argyll street
Orr, Mrs, French stay and corset maker, 48 Brougham place
Orr, Misses, milliners, 74 George street
OSBORNE, Alexander, at Robert Osborne's, 90 Candlcriggs street
Osborne, George, & Co., bakers, 78 South Portland street
O.sborne, R., ham curer, cheese, and butter merchant, 90 Candleriggs street
Osbourne, Robert, baker, 170 Coweaddens street
OSWALD, Andrew, 39 Abbotsford place
Oswald, James, M.P., of Oswald, Stevenson, ^ Co., 14 Arlington street, London
Oswald, Stevenson, & Co., cotton-yarn agents, 23 Royal Exchange square
Oswald, Mrs Ann S., 9 Oakfield place, Jane street
OULTON, Mrs, Villafield place, 77 Taylor street
OUTCH, Stephen, jun., window glazier, 12 Havannah street
OUTRAM, D. E., accountant and stock-broker, 27 Gordon street
Outram, George, & Co., Heraldofjice, 182 Trongate street
Outram, George, of George Outram ^ Co., house 10 Newton place
Outram, Joseph, commission merchant, 87 Union street, house 95 Douglas sti'ect
OVINGTON, Thomas, 65 Sauchiehall street
OXLEY, Walter, of Oxley, Sillers, ^ Co., house West Balgray House
PAE, David, barley store, 44 Hope street. James Ferguson, agent
PAGAN, Dr, professor of midwifery, University, house 83 West Regent street
Pagan & Gass, clothiers, 52 Queen street
Pagan, James, manager for John Aitchison & Co., house 2 Coburg street
Pagan, James, reporter, of Herald office, house 184 Victoria place. Crown street
Pagan, John, of Pagan ^ Gass, house 180 St. George's road
PAGE, Mrs H., milliner, 66 Robertson street
PAISLEY, Gavin, & Co., coopers and hoop merchants, 37 Oswald street
Paisley, Gavin, of G. Paisley ^ Co., house 00 Oswald street

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