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Murray, Mrs. Angus, painter and paper-hanger, 23 Maxwell street
Murray, Mrs. John, baker, 83 Nelson street, Tradeston
Mun'ay, Mrs. John, spirit dealer, 103 Dale street, Tradeston
Murray, Mrs. Patrick, 1 St. George's road
Murray, Mi's., druggist, 390 Gallowgate
Murray, Mrs., matron of St. John's School of Industry, 23 Chalmers street
MURRIE, Andrew, flesher, 333 Argyll street, house above
Murie, Andrew, wright, cabinetmaker, and upholsterer, 1 Little Hamilton street
Murty, Peter, wi-ight and builder, 98 London street
MUS GROVE, Benjamin, cutler, gun, saw, and tool maker, 46 Trongate, house
26 South Portland street
MUSHET, John, tanner, currier, and leather merchant, 54 St. Andrew's square,
house 34 St. Andrew street
Mushet, John, spii-it dealer, 461 Gallowgate
Mushat, Richard, at Charles Tennent §• Go's, 49 Cochran street
Mushet, William, boot and shoe maker, 21 James street, Calton
MUTER, John D., surgeon, 12 Ashburton place. Rose street
Muter, Thomas, writer, 129 Ingram street
Mutter, W. & J., distillers, 38 Dunlop street
Mutter, William, of W. 8/- J. Mutter, house Grovepark
Muter, Mrs. Dr., Broompark, Duke street
MUTRIES &, Co., fancy silk manufacturers and silk printers, 48 Buchanan street
Mutrie, James, of Mutries ^ Co., house 136 St. Vincent street
Mutrie, William, of Mutries ^ Co., house 136 St. Vincent street
Mutton Market, 86 King street
MYERS, Alexander, Alloa ale agent, 51 Wilson street, house 1 Stanhope street
NAIRN, Andi'ew, of Fleming, Watson, ^- Nairn, house 2 South Apsley place
Nairn, Archd., wright, 20 Buccleuch street
Nairne, David, & Co., manufacturing chemists, 74 North Hanover street
Nairn, John, joiner, trunk and packing-box maker, 16 Cochran street, lio. 18 do.
Nairn, Peter, & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, 33 Dale street, Bridgeton
Nairn, William, 2 M'Neil street
NAISMITII, Alex., hide and leather factor, 5 St. Andrew squai'o
Naismitb, Andrew, druggist, 5 Eglinton street
Naismith, Campbell, 65 West Regent street
Nesmith, James, marble -cuttei', 23 Wellington street
Naismith, John, jun., plumber, 12 Robertson street
Naismith, J. C, secy., Glasgow Commercial Exchange Co., ho. 65 W. R«gent st.
Naismith Matthew, teacher. Burgh school, 50 Tobago street
Naismith, Thomas, & Son, cheese and batter dealers, 7 Wilson street, and Bazaar
Naismith, William, broker, 38 Kirk street, Townhead
Naismith, • , surgeon-dentist, 108 Fife place
Naismith, Misses, milliners and dressmakers, 284 High street
NAPIER, Alexander, agent, 19 Brunswick place
Napier, D., engineer and founder, Camlachie, house 27 Whitevale
Napier, David, iron merchant and manufacturer and furnisher of scrap-iron goods,
Parkhead forge, house 27 Whitevale
Napier, George, cotton-band maker, 212 Duke street
Napier, James, master of the Duke of Cornwall, 43 Washington street
Napier, James, 47 Garnethill street
Napier, John, grocer and provision mercliant, 7 Cambridge street
Napier, Rev. Peter, D.D., of Black friars' parish, house 99 Bath street
Napier, Robert, engineer and sliip builder, Vulcan foundry, 40 Washington street,
and Lancefield foundry, 37 Anderston quay, and ship-building yard, Govan, house
Napier, William, sen., engineer, 30 Washington street, house Finnieston house,
Stobcross street
Napier, William, professor of music, 147 West Regent street
Napier, Miss, teacher of the piano- forte and singing, 147 West Regent street
Napier, Mrs., 6 Crescent place
National Bank of Scotland, 13 Virginia street. John Hart, agent
National Exchange Co., 72 George square. John H. Barlow, manager

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