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M'PHAIL, A. & A., manufacturers by power, 62 Queen street, works South Wood-
side, house 4 Lansdowne crescent. Great Western road
M'Phail, Donald, & Co., cotton spinners, Greenhead
M'Phail, Dugald, & Co., cotton-spinners & power-loom cloth manufacts., Greenliead
M'Phail, Dugald, of Dugald M'Phail ^ Co , house 2 Greenhead
M'Phail, Dugald, tailor and clothier, 25 Balmanno street
M'Phail, Duncan, of I). M'Phail ^ Co., house 1 Greenhead
M'Phail, H., sheriff-officer and house factor, 14 Maitland street
M'Phail, Neil, slater, 103 Duke street
M'Phail, Robert, spirit dealer. 111 Great Hamilton street
M'Phail, William, tailor and clothier, 74 Crown street, house 28 do
M'Phail, Mrs. Alexander, innkeeper and stabler, King's Head inn, 20 Stirling st.
M'PHEELT, Patrick, provision, wine, and spirit dealer, 16 Warwick street
M'PHEE, Angus, flesher, 10 Govan street
M'Phee, Archibald, spirit dealer, 48 Stewart street
M'Phie, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 8 Andereton quay
M'Phee, Neil, victualler, 52 King street, Calton
M'PHERSON, Alexander, at J. Richmond ^ Co.'s, hou'^c OS North Frederick st.
M'Pherson, Alexander, spirit merchant, 12^ Clieapside street
M'Pherson, Alexander, lithographer, 19 Balmanno street
M'Pherson, Alexander, builder, 12 Rose sti-eet, Garnethill
M'Pherson, Charles, tailor and clothier, 193 Argyll street
M'Pherson, Duncan, measurer, 28 Jamaica street
M'Pherson, Gilbert, cowfeeder, 29 Cumberland street
M'Pherson, Hugh, clothier, 165 Buchanan street, ho. 94 West Regent street
M'Pherson, Hugh, at R. ^ J. Macintyre's, house Salisbury street
M'Pherson, Hugh, Tron inn and chop-house, 114 Trongate
M'Pherson, Hugh, dairyman, 3 M'Pherson street
M'Pherson, Hugh, of Campbdl ^ MDougaV, house 74 Eglinton street
M'Pherson, James, of MPherson ^ Nisbet, 69 St. George's place
M'Pherson, James, & Co., plumbers and lead merchants, 5 Gordon street
M'Pherson, Captain John, 68 Brown street
M'Pherson, John, commission merchant. Royal Exchange area
M'Pherson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 27 Adelphi street
M'Pherson, John, tea and fmit dealer, 4 Bridge street
M'Pherson, John, portrait painter, 35 Russell street, west
M'Pherson, Malcolm, grain dealer, 30 Hope street. Letters left at 1 Trongate
M'Pherson, Malcolm, shoe furnisher, 58 Prince's street
M'Pherson, Neil, chimney-sweeper and soot merchant, 118 High street
M'Pherson & Nisbet, surgeon-dentists, 69 St. George's place
M'Pherson, Peter, of Warden, MPherson, ^ Co., house 98 Bath street
M'Pherson, Misses J. & E., hosiers and glovers, and agents for P. Hay, silk dyer,
50 Cambridge street
M'Pherson, Miss E., dressmaker, 79 George street
M'Pherson, Isabella, milliner and dressmaker, 22 Nelson street
M'Pherson, Mra., lodgings, 50 North Albion street
M'Pherson, Mrs., small-ware dealer, 35 Adelphi street
M'Pherson, Mrs., grocer, 60 Renfield street, house 58 do
M'Pherson, Mrs., confectionery warehouse, 15 Argyll arcade
M'PHUN, W. L., of Gemmill, Brothers, ^ Co., house Oxgang
M'Pliun, Wm., fishmonger and ice merchant, 107 West George st.& Sauchiehal! st.
M'Phun, W. R., bookseller, stationer, and newsman, 84 Argyll street, house 145
North Wellington street
MACQUAKER, William, & Co., Lat manufacturers, 68 Trongate
MACQUARRIE, Charles, at J. Lamb, jun.'s, house 56 Milton street
MacQuarie, L., & Co., Hamilton lace manufacturers, 13 Prince's square
M'Quarrie, Neil, spirit dealer, 6 Salisbury place
M'Q,UEEN, Alexander, baker and spirit dealer, 85 Saltmarket street
M'Queen, Andrew & Co., iron and tin-plate merchants, Mel vile pL, 132 Trongate
M'Queen, Andrew, of A. AI'Queen §/■ Co., house 135 Mains' street
M'Queen & M'Aulay, calico-printers, Shawfieldbank. Letters and parcels left at'
Stewart, M'Aulay, & Co.'s, 29 Stirling street
M'REATH, Charles, victualler, 400 Gallowgate street -

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