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M'Keand, James, baker, 3 Muslin street, Bridgeton
M'Keand, James, of A. Sf J. M'Keand, house l7 Carlton place
M'Keand, James, 73 Buccleucli street
M'Kean, John, letter-carrier, P.O., house 92 Great Hamilton street
M'Kean, J. & R., bakers, 11 King street, Mile-end
M'Kean & Lament, ship agents, 20 St. Enoch square
M'Kean & M'Kinlay, provision merchants, 39 Candleriggs street
M'Kain, Robert, at Buchanan S/- Lockhart's
M'Keand, Thomas, storekeeper, 310 Argyll street
M'Keand, Thomas, Y3 Buccleuch street. Letters left at 16 Turner's court
M'KECHNIE, C, & Co., Glasgow Reed-works, 34 Stirling street
M'Kechnie, Daniel, adjuster of averages, 1 North gallery. Royal Exchange
M'Kechnie, David, chemist and druggist, 142 Garscube road
M'Kechnie, Hugh, spirit dealer, ^6 Parliamentary road
M'Kechnie, John, confectioner, 180 Saltmarket street
M'Kechnie, John, manager. East Woodside factory, house 115 Garscube road
M'Kechnie, John, accountant and stockbroker, 48 Buchanan st., ho. 121 Montrose st.
M'Kechnie, John, furnishings, 109 Main st., Bridgeton
M'Kechnie, John, sen., 70 Abbotsford place
M'Kechnie, S. & Thomas, engravers to calico printers, 295 Buchanan street
MacKechnie, W. S., ship and insurance broker, and commission merchant, 32 St.
Enoch square, house Walmer place
M'Kechnie, Mrs Archibald, 52 Rose street, Garnethill
M'Kechnie, Mrs James, grocer, 163 Bridgegate street
M'Kechnie, Mi's William, 107 George street
M'KEEFRY, James, spirit dealer, 107 Bridgegate street
M'KEIGH, David, spirit dealer, 11 Candleriggs street
M'KELL, John, peruke maker, haircutter, and perfumer, 76 West George street
M'KELLAR, Alexander, & Son, Caledonian rope and twine work Stobcross street,
office 78 Broomielaw, house 361 St. Vincent street
M'Kellar, Duncan, Toward Castle steamer, 12 Anderston quay
M'Kellar, James, & Co., silk manufacturers and printers, 77 Glassford street
M'Kellar, M. R., commission agent, 12 Royal Exchange square
M'Kellar, Peter, piano-forte maker and tuner, IS North Portland street
M'Kellar, Mrs D., lodgings, 25 North Albion street
M'Kellar, Miss, furnishings, 22 Sauchiehall street
M'KELVIE, Hugh, clothier, 134 Saltmarket street
M'Kelvie, Neil, pilot, 9 Clyde place
M'Kelvie, Miss E., dressmaker, 162 Main street, Gorbals
M'KEMMIE, George, miller, Camlachie grain mills, 772 Gallowgate street
M'KENDRICK, Allan, fish merchant, 34 Saltmarket, house 23 St. Andrew's square
M'Kendrick, Andrew, inn -keeper, 47 Stockwell street
M'Kendrick, Archibald, Cossack inn, 37 Miller's place
M'Kendrick, David, commission agent, 23 Stockwell place
M'Kendrick, John, bookbinder, 75 Argyll street
M'KENNA, Francis, china and stoneware dealer, 18 Kirk street, Calton
M'Kenna, James, insurance agent, 5 Drury street
M'Kenna, John, spirit dealer, 295 High street
M'Kenna, John, tailor, 98 Havannah street
M'KENZIE, Alexander, old vinegar and barm store, 7 Back wynd, ho. 7 Park place
M'Kenzie, Alexander, letter-carrier, P. O., lodgings 33 John street
M'Kenzie, Alexander, of M'Kenzie ^ Crawford, house 31 North Fi-ederick street
MacKenzie, Alexander C, of MacKenzie ^ Morrison
M'Kenzie, Angus, grocer, 32 Dundas street
M'Kenzie, Charles, of Acrehill, merchant, 44 George square
M'Kenzie, Colin, Vine tavern, 137 Argyll street
M'Kenzie & Crawford, general house-furnishers, upholsterers, cabinetmakers, veni-
tian-blind makers, and paper-hangers, 89 Buchanan street ; works 15 Greenbill
street, Anderston
M'Kenzie, Daniel, jun., merchant, 23 South Hanover st., house 122 Wellington st.
M'Kenzie, David, corn-factor, at William Brown's, house 6 Pollock street
M'Kenzie, David, merchant, 8 Windsor jjlace
M'Kenzie, David, spirit dealer, 85 Old yennel

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