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M'Gill, Rev. Hamilton M., 96 Regent terrace
M'Gill, James, provision merchant, 114 Trongate, and 14 Hutcheson street
M'Gill, James, gingham and pullicate mauufiacturer, 19 Montrose street
M'Gill, William, poulterer, 26 Oxford street
M'Gill, Miss, 15 Hill street, Garnethill
M'GILLIVRAY, Alex., at J. ^ W. Campbell S^ Co.'s, house 12 Norfollc street
M'GUvray, Charles, New London chop-house, 39 George square
M'Gillivray, Walter, smith, machine -maker, and chain and anchor manufacturer, 5
Delftfield lane
M'Gillivray, William, accountant, commission agent, and factor, 276 George street.
house 119 New City road
M'Gilvray, Rev. Walter, of Hope st. Free Gaelic church, house T Apsley place
M'GILP, Mrs, of Blackhill, letters left at 144 George street
M'GINLAY, James, flesher, 140 Bridgegate street
M'GLASHAN, Duncan, book-keeper, Gorbals distillery, ho. 110 Thistle street
M'Glashan, James, victualler, 74 Oarrick street, and 29 Oxford street
M'Glashan, John, teacher of English, 33 Bedford street, house 54 South Coburg
M'GONEGAL, John, at T. Arnoit's, 62 St. Vincent street
M'GOUGH, Owen, spirit dealer, coach hirer, and- funeral undertaker, 6 Steel st.
M'GOUN, Duncan, merchant, 65 Bath street
M'Goun, Grant, & Co., merchants, 107 Hope street
M'Goun, George, boot and shoe maker, 69 Trongate
M'GouD, James, flesher, 105 Main street, Bridgeton
M'Goun, James, manufacturer, 30 Drygate street
MacGowan, M., accountant, 106 Renfrew street
M'Gowan, Quinten, wright, 71 Cowcaddens street
M'Gown, Robert, tavern-keeper, 109 Argyll street, and 9 Maxwell street
M'Goun, Robert R., of Kerr §■ M'Goun, house 94 West Regent street
M'Gowan, Thomas, sheriff-officer and constable, 7 Abercromby street
M'Gown, Thomas, rag and bone merchant, 78 Main street, Gorbals
M'Gown, William, letter- can-ier, P. O., house 20 Candleriggs street
M'Gowan, William, teacher of English, 45 St. Andrew's square
M'Gown, Wm., & Co., joiners and packing-box makers, 25 North Albion street
M'Gowan, William, provision merchant, 104 Main street, Anderston
M'Goun, Mrs, 94 West Regent street
M'Graddie, David, spirit dealer, 60 Saltmarket street
M'Graddie, Hugh, spirit dealer, 90 Saltmarket street
M'Graddie, Thomas, spirit merchant, 27 Saltmarket street'
M'GRIGOR, Alex., writer, 62 Geoi-ge square, house 19 Woodside terrace
M'Gregor, A. & A., cotton spinners & merchants, 28 South St. Mungo street, cart
entry, 178 Gallowgate
M'Gregor, Alexander, commission merchant, 57 Miller street
M'Grigor, Alexander, ■& Co., upholsterers and cabinet-makers, 29 Gordon st., works'
Rosehall, City road
M'Gregor, Alexander, painter, 102 Renfield street, and 34 Renfrew street
M'Gregor, Alexander, of Robert M'Gregor §• Co., 43 Brunswick street
M'Gregor, Andrew, at Sugar Sample Rooms, house 8 Bloomfield place, Hillhead
M'Grigor, Andrew, baker, 138J Cowcaddens street
M'Gregor, Andrew, chemist and druggist, 136 Cowcaddens street
M'Gregor, Archibald, & Co., spirit dealers and general agents, 206 Broomielaw st.
M'Gregor, A. & W., clothiers, 13 Crown street
M'Gregor, Brownrigg, & Co., East India merchants, 113 St. Vincent street
M'Gregor & Co., East India merchants, 113 St. Vincent street
M'Gregor, Coll, of R. M'Gregor ^ Co., 43 Brunswick place
M'Gregor, Daniel, coal agent, 6 Balmanno street
M'Gregor, D., grocer and tea dealer, 51 George street
M'Gregor, Daniel, & Co., calico printers, 82 Miller street
M'Gregor, Daniel, city-crier, 9 Steel street
M'Gregox', Duncan, nautical instrument maker, and chart seller, 24 Clyde
M'Gregor, Duncan, spirit dealer, 66 Rottenrow street
M'Grigor, Duncan, bootmaker; 4 Argyll arcade, house 43 Bridge street

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