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Leitcb, Archibald, tailor, 120 George street
Leitch, Charles, victualler, 27 Oswald street
Leitcb, John, keeper, Highland Society's School, 60 Montros street
Leitch, John, surgeon, 205 Gallowgate, house 194 do.
Leitch, Joseph, plasterer, 16 Douglas street
Leitch, Matthew, draper, hosier, and shirt manufacturer, 200 Gallowgate
Leitch, N., Publisher, Wellington court, 43 Argyll street
Leitch, Thomas, baker, 1 Richard street, Anderston
Leitch, Walter, beadle of Tron church, 49 Gallowgate
Leitch, Walter T., wine and spirit merchant, 39 Gordon street
Leitch, William, at Peter Buchai^an ^ Co.'s, 59 St. Vincent street
Lkith, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Shipping Co.'s Office, 101 Union street
LEITH, William, of Gilgour §• Leith, house 1 Fitzroy place, Sanchiehall street
LEMON, James, letter-carrier, Post-office, house Ann place. Parliamentary roac5
Lemon, William, letter-carrier, Post-office, house Ann place. Parliamentary r(^ad
LENNIE, Geo., teacher. Free St. George's school, 136 West Nile street, house IT
Holmhead street
LENNOX, D , at John Clark's, 39 Miller street, house 128 North John street
Lennox, Gavin, plasterer, 27 Hunter street, house 4 Claythorn street
Lennox, John, wine and spirit merchant, 194 Argyll street
Lennox, Peter, general grocer, 123 Argyll street, house 26 Robertson street
Lennox, William, slater, and asphalte agent, 66 Main street, Bridgeton
Lennox, William, victualler, 33 Orr street
LEPPER & Co., commision merchants, 22 Ann street
Lepper, Henry, of Lepper ^ Co., house Breadalbane terrace, GamethiU
LESLIE, David, baker, 'J'l Cadogan street
Leslie, D., 89 John street
Ticslie, Francis, plasterer, 75 Canning street, Calton
Leslie, James, mason, 122 Gallowgate
Leslie, John, accountant and life assurance agent, 63 Bellgrove place
Leslie, John, commercial agent, at John Morion, jun.'s, 2 John street
Leslie, Robert, of J. ^ C. Watt, house 9 Columbia place
Leslie, T. & J., stone merchants, Port-Dundas
Leslie, Mrs, lodgings, 14 Shuttle sti-eet
Leslie, Miss, 3 Windsor place, 87 Sauchiehall street
LESSER, Lehman, general merchant, 25 East Clyde street
LETHEM, Blyth, & Lethem, manufacturers, 49 Virginia street
Lethem, David, «fe Co., rag merchants, 141 Stockwell street
Lethem, James, 151 West Nile street
Lethem, M., sen.,'ai Lethem, Blyth, ^- Lethem's, house Shirva, near Kirkintilloch
Lethem, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, St. RoUox, and 2 Glebe street
LETTERS, John, grocer, 95 Green street, Calton
Letters, M., hosier and draper, 62 Great Hamilton street
LEVACK, William, at Anderson ^ Co.'s, house 30 Monteith row
LEVENSON, James, sealing-wax, wafer, and quill manufacturer, 90 Trongate, and
486 Gallowgate
LEVY, Woolf, manufacturing furrier, and dealer in Foreign and British skins, IS
Argyll street, house 49 Hutcheson street
LEWELLIN, John Henry Hill, surgeon-dentist, 86 West Regent street
LEWIS, John, teacher. Highland Society School, 69 Montrose street, house 26 South
Wellington place
Lewis, Wm., pattern-designer to calico printers, 38 Broomielaw
LEWTHWAITE, Miss, 264 Buchanan street
LIDDELL, Andrew, (late ironmonger), Plean House, by Falkirk. Letters, etc., left
at John Finlay's, ironmonger, 46 Buchanan street
Liddell, Archibald, & Co., oil and colour merchants and paintei-s, 192 Trongate,
works 43 Queen street
Liddell, Brownlee, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 153 Queen street
Liddell, Charles, surveyor. Gas Office, 42 Virginia street, house Rutland place
Liddell, H., & Co., fleshers, 5 Kinning place. Paisley road
Liddell, James, & Co., Scotch warehousemen, 17 John street
Liddell, James, of James Liddell ^ Co., house 36 Dalhousie street, Garnethill

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