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Jeffrey, James, merchant, 110 Brunswick street
Jeffrey, John, wine, and spirit merchant, 89 and 91 Union sti-eet, house 48 AVindsor
Jeffrey, John, janitor. Free church Normal Seminary, Cowcaddens street
Jeffray, John, writer, 72 St. George's place, house college
Jeffrey, John, jun., janitor. Normal Institution, City road
Jefirey, J. & J., boot and shoe makers, 210 Argyll street
Jeffrey, Michael, clothier, 71 Trohgate
Jeffrey, Robert, jun., & Co., spirit merchants and aerated-water manufacturers, 14.5
Trongate, house 78 StockweU street
Jeffi-ey, Robert, cotton and linen power-loom manufacturer, 110 Brunswick street
and Rose street, Kirkcaldy, residence Wyndford, Maryhill
Jaffray, Thomas George, writer, 52 West Nile street
Jaffray, "William, goldsmith and watchmaker, 329 Argyll street
Jeffrey, William, innkeeper, 61 Clyde street, Port-Dundas
Jeffrey, William, & Son, tailors, 114 Trongate
Jeffrey, W. <k A., cotton-spinners, BaUindalloeh works,, Balfron, 110 Brunswick st.
Jeffrey, Miss, brush, basket, and toy warehouse, 216 Argyll street
Jaffray, Mrs D., 32 Buccleuch street
Jaffray, Mrs. Robert, Burnbank, Town-mill road
JAMES, George, of Wilson, James, ^ Kay, house Hill street, Garnethill
James, Mrs. N., 1 Wellington place, ^auchiehall street
Jamieson & Dewar, wholesale haberdashers, hosiers, glovers, and button-factors,
62 Queen street
Jamieson, George, of Jamieson, How, §■ Co., house 186 St. A'^inccnt street
Jamieson, George, of Jamieson ^ Dewar, house 86 North Frederick street
Jamieson, George, grocer and A'ictualler, 70 Crown street
Jamieson, How, & Co., merchants, 106 Fife place
Jamieson, James, of M' Bean, Jamieson, ^ Co., house 199 Athole place
Jamieson, James F., of John Fife ^- Co., 63 Miller street
Jamieson, James, merchant, 112 Fife place, West George street
Jamieson, John, of Puterson, Jamieson, ^ Co., house 247 Brandon place
Jamieson, John, at WilliamWhyte ^ Co.'s, 76 St. Vincent street
Jamieson, John, -dyer and i-enovator, 10 East Campbell street
Jamieson, John, 41 Oswald street
Jamieson, Jonathan, cabinetmalicr, upholsterer, and venitian blind maker, 167
SauchiebaU street
Jamieson, J. P., & Co., pullicate and gingham manufact., 3 Royal Exchange square
Jamieson, J. P., of J. P. Jamieson §/■ Co., house 122 Hope street
Jamieson, Joseph, oil merchant and oil refiner, 82 Clyde street, Anderston, house
60 Garnet place, Hill street
Jamieson, Mathew, victualler, 265 Gallowgate
Jamieson, Peter, at A. §• A. M'Phail's, 62 Queen street
Jamieson, Robert, & Co.'s cooperage, 50 Robertson street
Jami«son, Robert, spirit dealer, 3 Mitchell street
Jamieson, Rev. Robert, of St. Paul's parish, 156 Randolph terrace, Garnethill
Jameson, Robert, writer, 19 South Hanover street, house 131 West Regent street
Jamieson, Wra, mer., 112 Fife place. West George st., house 15 Elmbank crescent
Jamieson, WiUiam, wright, trunk, and packing-bo.\ maker, 33 George square, house
18 South Portland street
Jamieson, Wm., house factor, al J. Laurie's, 1 Nicholson street
Jamieson, Wm., at MacEivan §■ Auld's, house Garthland place. Paisley
Jamieson, Wm., spirit dealer, 97 Rottenrow street
Jamieson, Wm., Union bank of Scotland, house 70 Great Hamilton street
Jamieson, Wm., cotton- waste dealer, 136 Gallowgate street
Jamieson, Wm. M., timber merchant, 41 Oswald street, house Inchview, Partick
Jamieson, Miss Ann, 68 West Regent street
Jamieson, Mrs. Alexander, furnishing shop, 50 Stevenson street
Jamieson, Mrs. John, grocer, 26 Balmanno street
JARDINE, James, accountant and stockbroker, 92 St. Vincent .street, house 115
Hope street
Jardine, John, janitor, of Andersonian University, 204 Geo)ge street
Jardine, J., fruiterer, 226 George street

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