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Hawkhead Baking Establishment, Thomas Glen, 26 Malta street
HAT, Andrew, warden of Calton buvying-ground, 6 Ritchie's lane, Caltosi
Hay, Charles, mason and smoke-doctor, 1 3 Wellington street
Hay, David, warehouseman, 396 Argyll street
Hay, George, boot and shoe maker, 186 West Nile street
Hay, James, of William Hay §/■ Co., house 80 Buccleuch street
Hay, James, jun., mason, smoke-doctor, and oven-builder, T7 Renfrew street
Hay, James, builder, 6 Gloucester street, Kingston
Hay, John, grocer, 60 Weaver street
Hay, John Barras, surgeon, 408 Argj'll street, house 16 Douglas street
Hay, John, victualler, 5 Mains' street
Hay, Matthew, spirit dealer, 32 Crown street
Hay, Merricks, & Co., Roslin gunjjowder mills. John Smith, agent, 85 St. 'N'^in-
cent street
Hay, Peter, silk dyer, 162 West Nile street
Hay, Robert, surgeon, 14 Great Clyde street
Hay, Thomas, vintner and stabler, 151 Gallowgate
Hay, Thomas, baker, 25 Finlay street
Hay, William, & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 38 Queen street
Hay, William, of William Hay ^ Co., house 9 Newton place
Hay, Miss Jane, straw-hat maker, 278 High street
Hay, Mrs. Robert, lodgings, 11 George street
Hay, Mrs. James, 13 Wellington street
HATES, Henry, fruiterer, 268 Buchanan street
Hatfield Foundry. John Goldie & Co., Hutchesontown
HATMAN, Thomas, carter, 52 Ingram street
HEALT, Joseph, ladies' boot and shoe maker, 109 Buchanan street, house Tl
Waterloo street
HE ANT, Mrs. A., Oyster vaults, 88 Trongate
HECTOR, John, bootmaker, 284 Argyll street, house 71 Waterloo street
Hector, Misses, millinei's and dressmakers, 6 Wellington street
HEDDERWICK, James, & Son, printers to the Queen, 22 St. Enoch square
Hedderwick, James, editor of the Glasyow Citizen, house 1 Rutland crescent
Hedderwick, John, & Co., Dundee warehouse, 16 and 18 Stirling street
Hedderwick, John, Citizen office, house 23 Carlton place
Hedderwick, J. W., & Co., distillers, Woodfoot distillery, Govan street
Hedderwick & Kyle, civil engineers and land surveyors, 57 West George street
Hedderwick, Robert, of James Hedderwick ^ Son, house 23 Roseland terrace
Hedderwick, Maitland, of John Hedderwick ^ Co., house 23 Nicholson street
Hedderwick, William, of Hedderwick §/• Kyle, house 23 Carlton place
HEGGIE, George, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 25 Ingram street, workshops and
warehouse 1 1 Stirling's road, house 8 Cornwall place, Stirling's road
Heggie, James, bookseller, 13 .Saltmarket street
Heggie, James, cabinetmaker and joiner, 3 Love loan, house 15 Tarbet street
HEITON, Thomas, wright, 48 Cadogan street, house 61 Waterloo street
HENDERSON, Alex., of Mitchell, Henderson, ^ Mitchell, ho. 4 Lynedoch crescent
Henderson, A. C, of the Post OflSce, house 93 Castlemilk place
Henderson, A. R., of Henderson ^ Gray, house 66 South Portland street
Henderson, Alex. P., solicitor, 77 Montrose street, office {ad interim), 27 Union st.
Henderson, Andrew, of R. ^ J. Henderson, house 1 India street, Somerset place
Henderson, Charles, upholsterer, 28 Renfield street
Henderson, Francis, grocer, 69 Ingram street, house 128 John street
Henderson, Geo., Post-office Receiving-Ho. and Commercial tavern, 54 Broomielaw
Henderson, George, of Patrick Henderson ^ Co., house 9 Richmond street
Henderson, Hector, distiller, 21 St. Enoch square, house 24 Warwick street, Lauries-
ton; distilleries at Camlachie and Islay
Henderson, Henry, grocer, 117 West George street
Henderson, Henry, of White ^ Henderson, house 261 Buchanan street
Henderson, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 162 Cowcaddcns street
Henderson, Hugh, commission agent, 59 King street
Henderson, Hugh, house agent and factor, 304 Gallowgate
Henderson & Innes, warehousemen, 127 Argyll street
Henderson, Rev. Dr. James, of Free St. Enoch's, ho. 4 Mansfield pi., W. Regent .st.

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