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Geddes & Co., flint-glass manufacturers, 41 Bisliop street, Port-Dundas road
Geddes, James, of John Geddes ^ Sons, house Elmbank, Little Govan
Geddes, James, keeper of Humane Society House, Green
Geddes, Jolin, & Sons, dyers and carpet manufacturers, 14 Gordon street, works
Govanbank, Little Govan
Geddes, John, of John Geddes §■ Sons, house Elmbank, Little Govan
Geddes, John, jun., of John Geddes §/■ Sons, house Elmbank, Little Govan
Geddes, John, agent for Stewart & Co., Alloa Bottle-work Company. Letters
addressed Flint Glass-works, Port-Dundas road
Geddes, John, of Geddes ^ Co., house 58 Rose street, Garnethill
Geddes, Robert, provision merchant, 164 Trongate
Geddes, William, of John Geddes §f Sons, house Govanbank, Little Govan
Geddes, Mrs John, 7 Sommerv'ille place
Geddes, Mrs, 20 North St. Mungo street
GEITNER, Francis F., at John Anderson Sf Co.'s, 22 Renfield street
GELLON, William, broker, 34 W. Milton street
GEMMELL, Alexander, surveyor, 121 Crown street
Gemmell, Alexander, baker, 159 Main street, Gorbals
Gemmell, Alexander, victualling house and spirit dealer, 2 Garscube road
Gemmill, Andrew, writer, 38 Queen street, house 5 Carlton place
Gemmell, Brothers, & Co., merchants, 54 St. Vincent street
Gemmill, George, at J. ^ W. Campbell's, house 21 Eglinton street
Gemmel, James B., 183 Renfrew street
Gemmel, James, writer, 49 Hutcheson street, house 111 Crown street
Gemmell, James, 71 South Portland street
Gemmill, John, warper, 100 Virginia place
Gemmill, John, grocer and spirit dealer, Finnieston
Gemmel, John, zebra-dress and muslin manufacturer, 111 Ingram street, house 1
Columbia place, Scotia street
Gemmell, Robert, baker, 149 Saltmarket street
Gemmel, Robert, at the Gartsherrie Cotton Co , house 1 Columbia place
Gemmell, Robert, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 21 South Portland street, work-
shop 6 Nelson street, Tradeston, house 26 South Portland sti-eet
Gemmell, William, of Gemmell, Brothers, ^ Co., house 8 Woodside terrace
Gemmell, William, baker, 115 Candleriggs street
Gemmell, William, tinsmith, 74 Canning street, Calton
General Terminus and Glasgow Harbour Railway Office, 124 St. Vincent street.
C. A. King, secretary
General Maritime Assurance Co. of London. Geo. Thomson, agent, 11 Royal Ex-
change square
GENTLE, James, letter-carrier, P.O., house 4 Frederick lane
Gentles, James, pastry-baker, 18 George street
Gentle, James S., baker, 272 George street
Gentle, William, baker, 88 High street
Gentle, William, at Peter M'Kenzie's, 229 High street
Gentles & Gillespie, carriers, Edinburgh Railway station, North Queen street
GENTLEMAN, William, flesher, 21 Adelphi street
George Hotel, 26 George square. Robert M'Naughton
GEORGE, John, eating-house and tavern keeper, 119 Bridgegate street
GERLETTI, Charles, looking-glass manufacturer, 10 Candleriggs street]
GIBB, Alexander, insurance broker and commission agent, 118 Union street, hous.
St. George's road
Gibb & Bruce, wine mei'chants, 57 Buchanan street
Gibb & Clark, ham-curers and wholesale provision merchants, 19 AVilson street
Gibb, Elias, of Gibb ^ Bruce, house, 10 Woodside terrace
Gibb, Francis, spirit dealer, 74 Green street, Calton
Gibb, Francis, coal agent, 39 Crown street
Gibb, James, grocer and spirit dealei", 66 Drygate street
Gibb, James, of C. Tennent ^- Co., house 47 Cochran street
Gibb, James, 73 West Nile street
Gibb, James, road-contractor and house-factor, East Miller street, Bluevaie
Gibb, John James, merchant, 226 St. Vincent street
Gibb, John, at William Dunn's, 62 George square

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