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Fulton, Thomas, spirit dealer, 33 St. Ninian street
Fulton, William, supervisor of excise, 3 Washington street
Fulton, William, tanner, currier, and leather merchant. Merchant lane, Bridt^efate
Fulton, William, ham-curer, 91 Candleriggs street, house Partickhill terrace" "
Fulton, William, bleacher and scourer, Glenfield, near Paisley. Letters left at J.
Miller's, 85 Ingi-am street
Fulton, Mrs. William, green-grocer, 449 Argyll street
Fulton, Mrs. Hugh, victualler, 89 High street, house 14 Stirling street
FURNESS, Mrs. Nicholas, tavern-keeper, 81 Trongate
FYFE, Alex., & Co., manufacturers, Y7 Queen street
Fyfe, Alexander, of Alexander Fyfe ^ Co., house 124 Douglas street
Fyfe, Archibald, grocer and spirit merchant, 62 Main street, Bridgeton
Fyfe, George, tin-plate worker, 114 Bridgegate
Fyfe, Henry, & Son, manufacturers, 62 Queen street
Fyfe, Henry, of Henry Fyfe ^ Son, house 19 Canning place
Fyfe, Hugh, victualler, 18 Calton- mouth
Fyfe, James, coal agent, 207 Cowcaddens street
Fyfe, James, stone merchant, 18 Crawford street, Port-Dundag
Fyfe, John, & Co., merchants, 63 Miller street
Fyfe, John, of John Fyfe §/■ Co., residence Dalmarnock House
Fyfe, John, of Henry Fyfe ^ Son, house 19 Canning place
Fyfe, John, ironmonger, ship-chandler, painter, oil and colourman, 1 Clyde place
2 Bridge street, and 162 Broomielaw '
Fyfe, Samuel H., 152 Broomielaw
Fyfe, William, clothier, 1 1 Norfolk street, Laurieston
Fj'fe, Mrs, lodgings, 50 North Albion street
Gaiedner. — See Gardiner.
GALBRAITH, Alexander, flesher, 41 Norfolk street
Galbraith, Andrew, of Johnstone, Galbraith, ^ Co., and Alexander Johnstone &■ Co.
house ] 63 St. George's road '
Galbreath, Archibald, of Galbreath ^ Carsivell, house 14 St. George's road
Galbraith, Archibald, of Johnstone, Galbraith, ^ Co., and Alexander Johnstone &■ Co
house 163 St. George's road '
Galbraith, Archibald, spirit dealer, 60 Rottenrow street
Galbraith & Cumming, merchants, 1 1 West Nile street
Galbreath <& Carswell, ship and insurance brokers. Prince's court, 48 Buchanan st.
Galbraith, David, porter, Clydesdale bank
Galbraith, James, insurance broker, 71 Queen st., house 2 Rutland pL, Govan rd.
Galbraith, James, of W. and J. Galbraith, house 171 West Nile street
Galbraith, James, grocer and coal agent, 23 West Russell street
Galbraith, James, Ayrshire inn, and carriers' quarters, 66 New wvnd
Galbraith, James Frazer, W. S., agent for the National Loan Fund Life Assurance
Society, 48 Queen street, house 64 Buccleuch street
Galbraith, John, City §f Suburban Gas Company, 42 Miller street
Galbraith, John, fruiterer and confectioner, 3 1 Adelphi street
Galbraith, John, gunmaker, 3 Main street, Gorbals
Galbraith, John, victualler and spirit dealer, 185 Eglinton street
Galbraith, Robert, letter-carrier, P. O., house 80 St. James's road
Galbraith, Robt., brazier, pewterer, and gas-fitter, 118 King st., and 59 (Jallowo-ate
Galbraith, Robert, cloth merchant, 23 Trongate, house 41 Charlotte street "
Galbraith, Robert, of Galbraith ^ Cumming, house Greenhead, Govan
Galbraith, R. preserver of birds, quadrupeds, etc., 80 St. James's road
Galbraith, AVilliam, marble-cutter, sculptor, and stone-engraver, 350 Argyll street.
works Kelvin street, house 202 St. George's road
Galbraith, WiUiam, & Co., warehousemen, 49 South Albion street
Galbi-aith William, at Charles Tenmnt §■ Co.'s, St. Rollox
Galbraith, W. & J., Milton grain-mills. Bishop street, Port-Dundas
Galbraith, William, sen., of W. ^ J. Galbraith, house 296 Buchanan street
Galbraith, William, of Croft-foot. Letters left at Galbraith ^ Cumming's, 1 1 West
Nile street
Galbraith, William, baker, 92 West Nile street, house 90 do.

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