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Donaldson, James, of Keppocb, of James Donaldson, jun., ^ Co., residence Keppoch,
Donaldson, James, 0/ James Donaldson ^ Co., house 100 George street
Donaldson, James, surveyor and assessor, 4 Police lane, ho. Elmfoot, Little Govan
Donaldson, James, at James Gri-.enshields^ Co.'s, 33 Virginia street
Donaldson, James, & Co., warehousemen, 45 Candleriggs street
Donaldson, John, watchmaker, goldsmith, and jeweller, 104 Trongate, ho. 4 Hope
street, Anderston
Donaldson, John, of James Donaldson ^ Sons, house 16 Cornwall place
Donaldson, Peter, at Jameson, How, ^ Co.'s, house 25 Florence place
Donaldson, Kobert, lYY St. Vincent street
Donaldson, Robert, letter-press printer, 62 Mitchell street
Donaldson, Kobert, of James Donaldson ^ Sons, house 115 North Montrose street
Donaldson, Thomas, sj)irit cellar, 50 Maitland street
Donaldson, 'I'homas, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 124 Gallowgate
Donaldson, William, cowfeeder, 107 John street
DONATE, Alexander J., stucco manufacturer, 55 High street
DONNELLY, James, wine and spirit merchant, and hat manufocturer, 88 Trongate
Donnelly, Jas., tobacconist and importer of Havannah cigars, 16 Royal Exchange sq.
DonncUj', John, smith and iron heel maker, 108 Main street, Gorbals
D'ORSEY, Rev. Alexander J. D., master of the English department. High school,
residence Dalbeth house
DOUGHERTY, Edward, clothier and tailor, 31 Kirk street, Calton, ho. 67 Aber-
cromby street
Dougherty, Philip, tailor, 22 Prince's street
DOTT, Mrs. John, 80 Lawmoor place
DOUGALL, Andrew, Post-Office receiving house, 227 Gallowgate, house 9 Mae-
farlane street
Dougall, Archibald F., 45 Union street
Dougall, James, house-factor and spirit dealer, 93 Kii-k street, Calton
Dougallj James D., fishing-tackle manufacturer and gunmaker, 52 Argyll Arcade,
house 1 do
Dougall, John, tinsmith and ironmonger, 19 South Portland street
Dougall, John, spirit dealer, 88 Carrick street
Dougall, Patrick, 45 Union street
Dougall, Patrick, jun., 45 Union street
Dougall, Robert, grocer and wine merchant, 70 Buchanan st-, house 128 Union st.
Dougall, Robert, spirit dealer, 40 John street, Bridgeton
Dougall, Miss, 109 Hope street
Dougall, Mrs. dressmaker, 34 Maxwell street
Dougall, Mrs. James, lodgings 8 Cornwall place, Stirling's road
DOUGAN, John, surgeon, 7 West Milton street, Cowcaddens
DOUGLAS, Alexander, 116 Renfrew street
Douglas, Alexander, jun., 0/ Douglas ^ Hill, 59 St. Vincent street
Douglas, Alexander, of A.Sf J. Douqlas, houfie 328 Renfrew street
Douglas, Archibald, of Law son ^ Douglas, house 29 Eglinton street
Douglas, Archibald, slaver, 95 Argyll street
Douglas, A. & J., Berlin repository and furnishing warehouse. 139 Buchanan st.'
Douglas, Archibald, power-loom cloth manufacturer, 16 Bothwell street, house 2
St. James's street, Paisley road
Douglas, C. A., agent, and shawl warehouseman, 28 Cochran street
Douglas, Edward, iiortloner, 85 New wynd
Douglas, George, merchant, 118 Argyll street, house 10 Brandon place
Douglas, George, reedmaker, 85 Candleriggs street
Douglas & Hill, metal brokers and commission merchants, 59 St. Vincent street
Douglas & Holmes, writers, 73 Ilutcheson street
Douglas, Hugh, surgeon, Douglas's buildings, 168 Main street, Bridget©
Douglas, J. T. & A., & Co., West India merchants, 85 St. Vincent street
Douglas, James, of A. §■ J. Dovglas, house 328 Renfrew street
Douglas, James, of J. T. 8r A. Doitglns ^ Co., house 234 St. Vincent street
Douglas, James, & Son, measurers,' 9 Prince's square, 48 Buchanan street, house
8 South Apsley place
Douglas, James, worldng jeweller and watchmaker, S9S Argyll street

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