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Corbett, William, of William Corbett ^ Co., house 25 Bath street
Gorbett, Miss, lodgings 128 Union street
Corbett, Mrs., furniture glazier, 24 Union street
CORNFORTH, William H., clergyman, 93 Green street, Calton
Cork. Steam-Packet Office, 101 Union street
Cork Steam-Packet Office, 28 St. Enoch square
CORKINDALE, C. S., at Brown §■ Co.'s, house 29 Oswald street
Corkindale, William, nail-maker, Ayton court, 62 Old vennel
Corkindale, Mrs. Dr., 49 Bath street
CORMIE, John, collector of police, Anderston, house 60 Main street, Anderston
CORSAIR, David, grocer, 107 Great Hamilton street
Corsar, James, civil engineer and surveyor, office 48 Queen street, house 20
Buccleuch street
CORSAN, James, dyer of silk, cotton, and woollen yarn, and finisher of piece goods,
34 Thistle street, Hutchesontown
CORRIE, William, tobacconist, 140 Coweaddens
Corse, Misses, 1 04 North Hanover street
COTTON'S Wellington hotel, 70 George square, north side
COUB ROUGH, Anthony P., calico printer, 82 Miller street, house Blanefield,
Coubrough, William, cowfeeder, 79 Coweaddens street
Condon, Rev. M., of St. Mary's Catholic church, 64 Abercromby street
COULSON & Gilmour, merchants, 34 Cochran street
Coulson, George, of Coulson§- Gilmour, house 51 Abbotsford place
COULTER, John F., grocer and spirit dealer, 164 Main street, Bridgeton
Coulter, John, brick-builder and tile-maker, 62 Tylefield street
Coulter, John, sheriff-officer and constable, 35 Findlay street, Coweaddens
Coulter, Thomas, spirit dealer, 40 M'Kechnie street
Coulter, William, tailor and clothier, 45 John street
County Fire Insurance Office. Robert Gow, jun., agent, 49 MiUer street
COUPEES, Mrs. F., tuscan and straw-hat manufacturer, 24 and 26 Brunswick pL
COUPER, Alexander, of Coiiper, Maitland, §f Co., house 193 Athole pL, Bath st.
Couper & Co., pawnbrokers, 43 High street
Couper, Henry R., of Ballindalloch, 11 South Hanover street
Couper, James, insurance broker. Royal Exchange, house 16 India street
Couper, James, of Murray §f Couper, house 45 Garngadhill
Couper, John, merchant, 1 North Wellington place
Couper, John, M.D., professor of materia medica, ho. 16 Moore place, West Geo. st.
Couper, John, spirit merchant, 17 M' Alpine street
Couper, John, confectioner, 115 Trongate
Couper, Maitland, & Co., cotton-spinners and manufacturers, 6 Springfield court,
69 Queen street, works 21 Garngad road, St. Rollox
Cooper, Robert, tobacconist, 183 Trongate
Couper, Robert, tambouring agent, 41 South Albion street, house 40 Weaver street
Cowper, Stephen, confectioner, 126^ Coweaddens street
Cooper, Thomas, sheriff and justice-of-peace officer, 11 Findlay st., Coweaddens
Couper, Thomas, brushmaker, 129 Main street, Gorbals
Couper, Thomas, spirit dealer, 6 William street, Greenhead
Cooper, Walker, & Co., cotton-spinners, US. Hanover st., works Mile-end, Calton
Couper & White, writers, 13 St. Vincent place
Couper, William, of Couper ^ White, writers, house 193 Athole place, Bath street
Cooper, William, boot maker, 39 Eglinton street
Courier Newspaper Office, 75 Argyll street
COUSIN, James, spirit dealer, 13 New street, Calton
Cousin, Peter, hosier and glover and shirt maker, 349 Argyll street
COUSLAND, Archd., wire worker and wire weaver, 3 Newwynd, Trongate
COUTTS, James, clothier, 56 Trongate
COVENTRY, Bogle, tin-plate worker, 69 Stevenson street
Coventry, Charles, spirit dealer, 76 Garscube road
Coventry, William, hairdresser, 32 Union street
COVERLY, Robert, hardware and toy merchant, 441 Argyll street
Coverly, William, glass and china warehouse, 85 Stockwell street, glass cutter, 28
St, Enoch wynd

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