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Cleghorn, Miss, seminary for young ladies, 85 Bath street
CLELAND, A. Stewart, 148 West Nile street
Cleland, Charles, 2 Carlton court, 13 Bridge street
Cleland Coal Office, 37 West George street
Cleland, Ham, tide surveyor of Customs, house 21 West street, Tradeston
Cleland, Robt., & Co., wholesale and retail wine merchts. and grocers, 265 Argyll st.
Cleland, Robert, of R. Cleland ^- Co., house 45 Robertson street
Cleland, William, spirit merchant, 78 Main sti'eet, Anderston
Cleland Mrs, 51 Renfield street
CLEMENTS, Robert, surgeon, 750 Gallowgate
CLIMIE, Robert, civil and mining engineer and land-surveyor, 36 Argyll arcade,
house 154 Hope street
CLOS, William, spirit dealer, 61 King street, Calton
CLOUGH, Robert, of J. §• M.P. Bell Sr Co., house 27 Port-Dundas road
CLOUSTON, Peter, of Bennett ^- Browne, house 9 Lyndoch crescent
CLOW, A. G., Citizen office, house Wellcroft place, Eglinton street
Clow, E. & A., wine and spirit merchants, SlStockwell st. and 70 Main st., Gorbals
Clow, Henry, clothier, 66 Queen street
Clow, Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 18 Main street, Gorbals
Clow, H., 72 Hospital sti*eet
Clow, James, at John Allen's, Madeira court, Argyll street
Clow, Misses, dressmakers and milliners, 58 Renfield street
Clow, Mrs James, 82 George street
CLUGSTON, James, 234 George street
Clugston, John, 5 Florence place, Stanley street
CLUBB & Sweet, painters and paper-hangers, 1 Queen arcade, Renfrew street
CLUNIE, Henry, warper, 9 South Hanover street, and 72 West George street
Clunie, R. A., corn factor, 38 Hope street, house 4 Somerset place
CLYDE, Andrew, letter-carrier, P. O., house 8 Steel street
Clyde, John, beadle of Free St. George's, house 37 West Russell street
Clyde, William, of Post-office, house 191 Thistle street, Hutchesontown
Clydebank Victualling Society. James Mackie, manager
COALET, James, victualler, 35 Main street, Calton
Clyde Bottle-work Co., Charles street, St. Rollox. John Watson & Son
Clyde Brewery, Commercial road, Hutchesontown
Clyde Commercial Journal office, 28 Glassford street
Clyde Grain Mills, Commercial road, Hutchesontown
Clyde Iron-works Office, 36 St. Vincent place
Clyde Police Office, 16 Robertson street
Clyde Sail Cloth Co., office, 222 Broomielaw
Clyde Shipping Co., 3 Robertson street. James Steel, manager, ho. 14 York st.
Clyde Smith-work Co., 56 Clyde place, Tradeston. D. Ritchie, manager, house 95
Nelson street, Tradeston
Clyde Towing Co., office 4 York street. Thomas Gibb, manager, ho. 37 Eglinton st.
Clyde Trustees' Chambers, 16 Robertson street
CLYDESDALE, Andrew, confectioner and baker, 191 Duke street
Clydesdale Bank, 1 3 Queen street. Henry Brock, manager
Clydesdale Inn, 1 5 East Nile street, M. Logan
Clydesdale Loan Co., 20 Brunswick street. Alexander Gardiner, manager
Clyne, John, teacher of juvenile department, Normal Institution, ho. Garscube rd,
COATS, Archibald, surgeon, 9 Dundas street, Kingston
Coats, Campbell, & Co., sewed muslin warehousemen, &c., 68 Glassford street
Coats, James, brassfounder, 13 and 15 Muirhead street, Gorbals
Coats, James, session-clerk for the Barony of Gorbals, 51 Adelphi street
Coats, Jervis, of Coats, Campbell, ^- Co., house 80 Maitland street
Coats, John, 4 College street
Coats, John, M. D., 225 Argyll street, house 52 Renfield sereet
Coats, Philip, victualler, 18 Laigh-kirk close
Coats, Thomas, sen., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 59 Hutcheson street
Coats, Thomas, sen., of Thomas Coats, sen., §f Co., house 16 Abbotsford place
COATES, Mrs. Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 146 Broomielaw
COCHRAN, Alexander, of A. ^ R. Cochran, house 225 Stirling's road, Barony pi.
Cochran, Alexander, spirit dealer, 43 Rutberglen loan

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