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Campbell, Mrs., portioner, 13 Rottenrow street
Campbelton Steam Packet Co., 22 Anderston quay. John M'Michael
Campbelton Distillery Duty-Free warehouse, Wilson's court, 57 Argyll street.
William Bain, agent
CANAL-Basin Foundry Co., engineers, millwrights, and founders, Bobbie's loan,
Canal Company's Office, Port-Dundas. William Crichton, superintendent
Canal Co. (Edinburgh and Glasgow Union), 35 George square
Canada Land Co.'s Office, 27 Gordon street. Alexander G. Gilkison, agent
CANDLISIT, Miss, lodgings, 95 George street
CANNON, Thomson, Royal bank,' house Rose street, Giai-nethill
CANSH, Alexander, grain and commission mer., Stourbridge court, 210 Argyll st.
Cansh, Robert, wholesale provision merchant, 8 and 16 Brunswick lane
Cansh, Maxwell, wine and spirit m«Tchant, 69 Bell street
CAPPO, Joseph, spirit proof and hydrometer maker, 75 Argyll street
CARATI, C. & Co., merchants, 86 MiUer street, and 91 Virginia street
Carati, C. A., of C. Carati §r Co., house Northbank, Garngadhill
Cakfin Colliery Office, Monkland canal basin, & 28 Miller st. J. M'Laren, agent
CARGILL, James, hat manufacturer, 65 Canning street, Calton
CARL AW, William, wood-turner, 79 Stockwell street
Carlaw, William, leather dj^esser, 29 West street
CARLIN, D., spirit dealer, 10 Marlborough street
Carlin, John, at Archibald Greenskields ^ Co.'s, house 35 Cleland street-
CARLILE, James, comb and spoon maker, 1 London street
CARMICHAEL, Alexander, spirit merchant, 89 Bridgegate street
Carmichael, D., at Pollock, Gilmour, §/■ Co.'s, house 23 Carlton place
Carmichael, Danielj spirit dealer, 27 Drygate
Carmichael, Duncan, -tailor and clothier, 315 Argyll street
Carmichael & Huttdn, accountants and stock-brokers, agents for the Yorkshire
Fire and Life Insurance Co., 49 West George itreet
Carmichael, James, spirit dealer, 35 King street
Carmichael, James, of Barton, Carmichael ^ Co., 69 Wilson street
Carmichael, John, of Carmichael ^ Hulton, house 23 Carlton place
Carmichael, Neil, spirit dealer, 22 East Russell street
Carmichael, Robert, asphalte manufacturer, works 206 Duke street
Cannichael, Mrs, Sandyford
Carnbroe Iron Co.'s Office, 105 St Vincent street
CARNACHAN, J. S., wholesale and retail druggist, UO Argyll street;
CARNIE, Charles, of Thomas Shiels ^ Co., house Carronvale, Denny
Carnie, James, spirit dealer, 83 New wynd
Carnie, Mrs, 320 Renfrew street
CARR, John, teller, bank of Scotland, house 15 Hill street, Garnethill
CARRACHER, John, spirit dealer, 74 Bridgegate street
CARRICK, D. M., of Carricks ^ Mackirdy, house 257 Brandon place
Carrick, Hutcheson, & Co. Letters left at J. Allan's, 120 Buchanan street
Carrick, James, merchant. Letters left at J. Allan's, 120 Buchanan street
Carrick, J. A. <fc R. Letters left at J. Allan's, 120 Buchanan street
Carrick, James, shuttle-maker and turner, 13 Kirk street, Townhead
Carrick, James, victualler, 47 Saltmarket street
Carrick, James, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Corn street, Port-Dundas
Carrick, John, architect and superintendent of streets and buildings, for Statute
Labour and Dean of Guild court. Police chambers, residence 121 N. Montrose st.
Carrick, John, public baths, 10 New Bridge street
Carrick, John, & Co., timber merchants, 23 Kent street, house 2 Monteith row
Carricks & Mackirdy, accountants and agents for Atlas Fire and Life Assurance
Company of London, and Family Endowment and Annuity Society cf London
Virginia buildings
Carrick, Richard, at London Boot Company, house 14 Oxford street
Carrick, Robert, teacher, 60 Barrack street
Carrick, Robert, provision merchant, 415 Argyll street
Carrick, William, of Carricks ^ Mackirdy, house 257 Brandon place
Carrick, WiUiam, Royal hotel, 66 George square
CARROL, Patrick, broker, 69 New vcnnel

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